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  1. I watched the first and second season... I attempted to watch the third but I just found that they were all too similar for me... It got really old really fast ^^; ... Plus I think the end votes are rigged :animesigh Dunno why, just a thought.
  2. "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo" by the Bloodhound Gang bugged me for a while... But only because I couldn't figure out what foxtrot uniform charlie kilo meant ^^: At least I know now. Phew That and anything from Britney Spears; she can dance... But I'm sorry, SHE CAN'T SING... She sounds like a goat! :animesigh
  3. My Chemical Romance is one of my favourite bands right now... Though the lead singer is a little creepy in the Helena music video o_O (He's so frick'n pale!). My favourite songs are Helena, To The End, and I'm Not Okay (I Promise).
  4. Kenshin vs. Saitou is one of my favourite fights... The mood completely turns the series around and prepares it for the Kyoto arc. Edward vs. Roy was just hilarious... I love how Roy was exploiting all of Ed's weaknesses, yet Ed [SPOILER]won in the end [/SPOILER] :D Any fight that can mix humor and action is good on my list :D (Dub ver.) Al: "So what's your strategy?" Ed: "I TOLD YOU: A FIST TO HIS FACE!" :catgirl:
  5. If I could be any anime character I would be: Ban Midou (Getbackers), because: 1. I would have some great friends that I could rely on 2. I'd have the kickass hair/appearance :D 3. I'd have a v. beetle lol or I'd be: Tsuzuki Asato (Yami no Matsuei) because: 1. I wouldn't have to worry about dieing; I'd already be dead :P 2. Again with the appearance 3. I could eat so many sweets and not have to worry about my weight :D 4. I could have yaoi thoughts about Hisoka :animenose 5. I could summon the animal gods (forgot what they're actually called) 6. My job would take me to many different areas (er... of Japan :D )
  6. [QUOTE]I've seen the anime of Gravitation and read FAKE a couple of times, but Vol. 6 leaves me hanging since they don't sell the final volume of FAKE in bookstores..waa... [/QUOTE] It took me FOREVER to find vol. 7 here... Almost 5 monthes ^^; Try looking on ebay or ordering it off of a website like Rightstuf.com On that note; Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness and Fake are my favourite shounen-ai's/yaoi's. YnM and Fake are absolutly hilarious and beautiful... Each has their own unique art styles suited for their story and period. I do hope that when YnM finishes there is some "progress" between Tsuzuki and Hisoka, if you know what I mean :animenose :D "I've seen whores with more shame than you, Dee!" -Ryo (Fake) :P
  7. My very first manga was Ranma 1/2... I don't care very much for it now but at the time it was the only anime I knew of (I was... probably 9 years old when I bought it). Weird thing was the first volume I bought was volume 10... I was just so happy to see something Ranma 1/2 related I picked it up :animesmil At the time the humor sufficed, but now that I look back on the manga I really don't think it was all THAT amusing... After that I started collecting Fushigi Yuugi and then Tenchi Muyo... :catgirl:
  8. I'm not into a lot of J-pop... Mostly J-rock... But I do enjoy Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru... I'm not sure what catagory they would fall under but I also like L'arc En Ciel a LOT! :animenose [QUOTE]Oh yeah is HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi Considered rock or j-pop? [/QUOTE] Personally... I would consider them J-pop :animeswea Just my opinion though
  9. I am pretty computer illiterate... I've never really had to worry about the computer jargon since my parents paid for my computer and made all the decisions... But now that our household is getting a little bigger I'm thinking of getting a laptop for myself... I'm not sure what to look for (I know ---GB refers to the space, but that's about it).. Can anyone give me the definitions of like... What the speed of the comp is called and etc?
  10. I *LOVE* L'arc En Ciel... They're my favourite j-band right now ^^ My favourite song is Lost Heaven... It's featured in the FullMetal Alchemist movie ^^ They've done lots of other good anime songs too. *cries* I wish they would come over to BC... I would pay so much to see them in concert ;_;
  11. Full Metal Alchemist would make a awesome live movie... Simply because the animation of Ed's transmutations and of Al's suit would kick butt!!! (it'd also be a cool challenge to pick a worthy actor to play Ed :D ) [I]Could you imagine the detail of Ed's arm? (*drools*)[/I]
  12. I used to love Gwen Stefani/No Doubt... Now I can't stand her... Every one of her songs is "Harajuku" this and has her japanese backup dancers... It's anoying after a while.. (We get it... You have a thing for the japanese, but... GIVE IT A REST) "Cool", her latest hit, pisses the hell out of me... >< The old band songs, like "Different People" and "Ex-girlfriend" are so much better than the stuff she's producing now... Apparently she's gonna create another solo-cd with the stuff that she didn't want to use on her first solo-cd... Great... So we're gonna get a cd of the stuff that she thinks weren't good enough for the first cd :animeangr
  13. I love Shinesman... To be honest it scared me at first but now I love it ^^ (It reminded me TOO much of Power Rangers ^^) It's a shame it was never truely completed... Even though it was a parody it still would have been nice to see an ending ^^: (I love Sheena :D ) "Ahhh, giant fish RIGHT in my face!" :animeswea
  14. When [spoiler]Tsuzuki wanted to kill himself at Muraki's lab[/spoiler] at the end of Yami no Matsuei, I'm almost cried (and I don't easily cry o_O ). That poor guy can't catch a break. I also thought that episode 8 of Fullmetal Alchemist was very sad... Poor [spoiler]Nina... And Ed... I felt so bad for Ed when he started crying for her in the alleyway.[/spoiler] :animecry:
  15. [B]1. Kingdom Hearts 2:[/B] I want to play this soooooo badly!!! My poor Riku :animecry: I want to see the Mulan world ^^ I hope they get better voice actors this time around *shudders at the thought of Lance Bass* [B]2. FullMetal Alchemist 2:[/B] I wasn't too keen on the first game, but I'm a big FMA fan so I'll play whatever they bring out ^^ Plus I heard the second one has much more improvements. [B]3.[/B] Nothing else... Not much has really grabbed my attention this year. I guess I could always go for Zelda ^^
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