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    I dedicate this thread to the final fantasy fan in all of us..we have been torn apart by square enix's crazy anticipation agenda. they also did this the time when FFIX was released, they claimed it was going to be the last of the series. Then they bombarded us with FFX with its new style and look to make fans beg for mercy. (including the new summon command which really caught fans attention) They are bound to do it again with FFXII. If you want a taste of FFXII, FF Advent Children, and the like head over to: [URL=http://www.ffshrine.org][COLOR=Navy]www.ffshrine.org[/COLOR][/URL] ...and experience the trailer (with subtitles) So far the story line for twelve looks awsome. As it takes place in Ivalice where Tactics reigned. For the Record, i have beaten FF 1-x2 (excluding 3) how many FF games have you beaten so far and which games and characters do you like the best? As for me, I like FFX because of the way Tidus connected with his father and Jecht still saw im as his son. My favorite character is (obviously) Auron. The story line wasn't too bad either and the music is also, in my opinion, the best in the series. EDIT: [B][U]My Final Fantasy experience[/U][/B]: 1. FF 1: defeated the game through Origins. Obtained all items, but not all monsters in Bestiary. 2. FF 2: scrubbed the game. Took me forever to level up spells. At least upgraded fire, ice, and fire on each character to level five. Got all items with an incomplete Beastiary. I disliked the fact that every character that joins your party dies off. Must have bad luck. 3. FF 3: See FF6 4. FF 4: Whipped the game, but still need items to summon stupid monsters like goblin and bomb. Need adament armour. More leveling up. 5. FF 5: Smoked the game. Still need to master all jobs for each character and defeat Omega Weapon along with Shinryu. I let l out the werewolf from prison and he repayed his debt by stealing my treasure hindering my chance to obtain all the items. 6. FF 6: Depleated this game. Gau's blue magic was too overwhelming to complete. I left Mog's water dance behind in the first world. I did enjoy the way espers flowed nicely with the gameplay as well as the storyline. Nice game. 7. FF 7: Decapatated Sephiroth. Story was awsome as well as the few mini games. There was a plethora of summons, magic, and gameplay. Like espers in VI, materia flowed in nicely with gameplay and storyline. Still need to obtain more materia and defeat the weapons. Music was influential. 8. FF 8: Ultimecia could shove herself. This game was prolific with the unique draw ability as well as the new junctioning effect. Storyline was fantastic, and boss battles were spectacular. I've done eveything imaginable in this game except max out each character's stats. Obtained every possible item and card. 9. FF 9: The amount of mini games in this game is overwhelming. It is nearly impossible to obtain Excalibur II, but the story line wasn't the best, but was at least decent. Animation in cut scenes were ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR and gave definition to what true FF fans want to see. Music was decent as well. 10. FF 10: My favorite FF in the series. The summons and ability to level up were taken to a new level and this game (along with Zelda) influenced me to study video game production\programming in college. I enjoyed the story line immensely and the music was purely inspirational. Still need to complete the Monster Arena, obtain each character's Ultimate weapon, get through the Omega Ruins, and get each character around the sphere grid. ---- FF 10-2: Unleashed unevitable wrath upon this game and have 182 hours of gameplay on this game. I have completed every aspect of this game. I have also obtained all dress spheres, every character mastered everything, mastered the Al Bhed language, have all items (even duplicates of the best item, Iron Duke), destroyed blitzball, sacrificed Trema in the Bevelle Underground, and of course gained 100%. The music and animation was awesome. The best part of this game was starting over with all your weapons, items, and mastered abilities. I also enjoyed using Random Reels' 777 (CONGRATS) to obtain 32 Dark Matter from Ultima Weapon as well as experience and a ton of money (about 50,000 gil). Awsome. 11. Only played a very little bit (hardly even sampled the game.) I do plan on picking this game up sometime soon. Heard it is very difficult, especially when leveling up. 12. Played the demo version. Seems pretty kick a** so far (especially the summon); cant wait to play the official game.
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    what has it been.. 11 years since my original post and I keep coming back to revive. The phoenix is strong here.. this may be my last post but call it a personal journal, still I'm creating this post to commemorate a FF title that has been 10 yrs in the making; which released today. FFXV .. got the deluxe edition since the collectors edition has been on wait list for months. I preordered this game twice once with gamestop to get A King's Tale which is savage, then on SE online store to get SE points. In any case so far its amazing.. the open world, detail, also being able to play old school FF tracks while in the Regalia is a neat touch to the original. Getting used to the gameplay since this is an action RPG. As seen, the entire industry is getting rid of RPG origins ie turn based, which is disappointing... but these new school gamers have minimal appreciation for the old due to what I believe is saturation. But perhaps adaptation is necessary and since it's so... SE is pulling it into their own arena, as they do spectacularly without fail for years. Going backwards a bit but as in my previous post I did purchase FFXIV, killed it (got months time on it) and got through A Realm Reborn 100 percent platinum trophy, maxed out classes and beat all content pre-Heavensward. Everything after Heavensward, although purchased (for both PC and PS4) I barely got through the content. I know its an awesome game though, and with the new expansion for 2017 Stormblood, I most likely will not get back. But the time I spent on ARR was amazing, my main was a scholar - I enjoyed playing ALOT highly recommend. And yet another update.. I beat FF11 main story. This year I purchased the game and all expansions and got through as a Red Mage main second Dancer, which is all I really wanted it for. Pretty easy to level up. I played some expansions too ie Chains of Promathia but got it mainly to beat the story. I also beat FF1 and FF2 again. Didn't know FF2 had a side story called Soul of Rebirth, beat that too. Pretty fun to play - pretty much killed FF2 100+ hrs on the smartphone, heh. FFXII is getting an HD remake next year. It's about time it was remade HD, been 10 years - 11 when it comes out. When I think about it that was about the same amount of time it took 10 10-2 to be remade so I suppose ntb. Speaking of 10 been hearing rumors of FF10-3 in the making.. and where is my Auron default pic for this forum? lol. In any case, there you have it - I beat FF 1-14 count 15 in. Gotta go play.. 'til next time, perhaps....
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      Im about 6 years too late but I was rummiging through these posts.. came across this and said to myself why this guy even bother posting. Are you serious - FFX has epic art, graphics, storyline, gameplay, music among other and this is the only reason a game was stopped - Tidus's voice? He sounds intact to me and you would probably want to stay away from other FF games such as XIII b/c forbid you hear what Hope sounds like. Point is give a valid reason like maybe the gameplay wasn't your style, you didn't hav time to get to the controls and figure out the battle system, or simply the game was just too hard for you to play. Cuz this reason, honestly, is hanus. Even with these reasons and Tidus's "voice" the game is still worth playing through again and again (HD Remaster).
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    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will also feature cross-play, which is dope!!
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    **Raise** This is great! I'm here to update the world on my FF experience. Since 2005 I have kept everyone updated about my progression in the series. I would have posted yesterday when I got all the trophies but complications with my login and all this delayed things (thanks Petie [Mod] for your help). Right now I just beten FFXIII-2. I know I'm late its been a rough year. Truth is I put gaming on hold for school and well, right now it's all about gaming. So - without further ado..   FFXIII-2 - Annihilated the game. Taught Caius whos the true keeper of time (not you Link, at least here). But if you saw the secret ending   /spoilers you would know that Sarah and Noel correcting the timeline was actually part of his plan   I put approx. 240+ hours in the game (thats more then I had in FFX-2, WOW) and got every trophy. My next assignment is to get all titles in chocobo racing and purchase all th DLC for the game - no wonder why the game was only $20. Dam cheap for a dam good game. But then the fanboy (or girl) in all of us has to get EVERYTHING so there it goes with the DLC.   Current:   I just purchased FFXIV: A Realm Reborn and haven't even opened it yet. My situation calls for it. I have to be good and ready before taking on this badboy.   Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster - I want this.There is no such thing as a "budget" for this game. I need it on Vita and PS3. Must have it now but so much untold about the release its starting to get to me. This will be good.   Expect me to be around to give you an update of FFXIII Lightning's Return : the last of the Fabula Nova Crystal...somethin series.. and also FFXV in the future.   Keep on gaming!
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    UPDATE: Beat FFXIII [no fools joke] -excellent game awsome story but def. not as indepth as some other FFs -extremely fantastical from beginning to end mos def. lived up to its name -Orphan slayed, saved cacoon, fullfilled my focus -need I do more?
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    **phoenix down** lol GREAT to see how this turned out! Looking back this was before FFXII I posted lol!Been awhile posting (obviously) and now as you would have guessed Im playing XIII. Im near the end and didn't own a PS3 before the game. XBOX jacked it up.. if it was a PS3 exclusive imagine how much more power could have gone into the game to make it better *already stunning. Amazing to see how much work went into this game what I heard made game history as the longest game to go into production. I have to say it shows as XIII definately puts the "fantasy" in the title more than any other in the series thus far. As stated Im coming toward the end and it is getting UBER (can I say that?) difficult but as with the other in the series Ill get this one down as well. UPDATE: Beat FFIII for DS in '08 then someone stole it. Beat XII last year. Got all summons and Zodiac Spear. Two Zodiac Shields as well -they are hidden in a cave I forget which one but if I remember it is the one with the Zodiac summon in it.. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: **FF makes history within its own series to have a dark skinned character since Barrett (Wakka don't count) lol. But I question cuz he calls red-head vanilla and paradigms shifts to diversity *also both Barrett and Sazh have guns one of which has a hand for a gun **dance flick lol** -where is SE gettin at with this?**
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    The best spyware\trojan removal I have ever received is with a program call Counterspy. Rated #1 in spyware protection in PC World Magazine. This program works so well it would be sin not to have it. And at $20 a year u really cant go wrong, give it a try with this free trial. Not only will it scan ur computer, but also rid it of its problem where most "free trials" only allow u to scan and u must purchase the product to rid urself of the problem. Counterspy got my system running smoothly with detection of bugs and even hidden trojans Norton and other spyware programs consistantly overlooked.. [URL=http://www.sunbelt-software.com/CounterSpy.cfm][COLOR=RoyalBlue][I]Counterspy Download[/I][/COLOR][/URL] Enjoy!! :animesmil
  9. Up here in the Northeast, Connecicut got hit with almost 1.5 feet of snow. Im probbly a little inaccurate, but it was enough to cancel school.. ;)
  10. I think a good solution to the off topic problem in threads is to sticky the first post on each page of the thread. Due to the fact that some people dont read the first post.
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    [quote name='EVA Unit 100']Dragonball Z's dub got rid of ALL of the original music, had awful voice acting, removed entire episodes, and had lots of edits for blood and "detail" (the last 2 things don't count if you're talking about the "Ultimate Uncut" DVDs and the recent run on CN, but the Naruto DVDs aren't even out yet and are going to be uncut with all of the "detail" left in). And you think THAT hackjob is better than Naruto's dub (and the UNCUT DVDs with ALL of the blood and the kiss scene intact will be DUBBED, so really your crusade against the DUB doesn't count)!?![/quote] I was thinking about making the switch from the American DBZ to the Japanese subbed and with this being said I may as well have made my decition. Thanx for pointing that out EVA Unit 100. I am seriosly surprized so far of how many people like the dubbed version of Naruto. Once the 'uncut' english Naruto comes out i may favorite it better than the japanese version if they keep the original music from the japanese version with better english voice overs. Now let me ask this. Do you like the dubbed version of Naruto better than the Japanese version?
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    [quote name='r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed']It really seems like this thread was created just to bash the Dub of Naruto or dubs in general.[/COLOR][/quote] Ouch, dont be so hasty now. I love some dubs, such as the Full metal Alchemist and Dragonball Z serires. I just truely despise the Naruto dub. [QUOTE=r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed]Just background info on me. I started with the Naruto Japanese Anime. I downloaded every episode and kept the highest quality ones on my harddrive, eventually filling up 30 Gigs of Naruto. Eventually I learned the Manga was ahead so I started reading that. I now read Naruto every week on the [b]day[/b] it comes out. I paid Fifty Dollars for a Konoha Forehead Protector because it was official. I paid Forty Five Dollars for Naruto Manga even though it was Japanese. I have Naruto posters on my door, and my friends call me a Narutard. I made avatars of myself with BYAKUGAN eyes.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] Wow. Its OK to be a fan but...WOW...-_-; [quote name='r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed']I read the English Naruto MANGA and I hated it.[/COLOR][/quote] I like the English Manga. Shows more detail than the Englsh dubbed Naruto. And its authentic. [QUOTE=r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed]How come we can't vote for English Manga? This is the main reason that it seems like you just want to bash the American show. You put English and Japanese, but you didn't do so for the Manga.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] First off, by manga i mean in general (English or Japanese, if you like the manga at all). I cant read japanese, so how could i understand japanese manga with no english text? I dont want to bash the show, its..decent. Im making comparisons, sorry if i offended you,#1 fan. [quote name='r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed']Oh, so you mean they removed episodes?[/COLOR][/quote] Never said that, they removed detail, the bases of anime. [quote name='r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed']They changed genders?[/COLOR][/quote] Not to my knowledge [quote name='r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed']They removed vital relationships and events from the series?[/COLOR][/quote] Events such as detail; 'High Powered' fight scenes. [quote name='r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed']Did they change the personality of any characters?[/COLOR][/quote] No. Only some voice acting takes away from personality. [quote name='r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed']Did they ruin the names?[/COLOR][/quote] They killed Naruto's name. [QUOTE=r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed]Problem here is that Naruto isn't for adults. It was intended for kids in Japan, and it's intended for kids in the United States. Like I said, I love Naruto, but the series doesn't have that much plot depth. The "plot twists" can often be guessed in advance because they're overly hinted at, and the characters are extremely exagerated. Even their names are puns so that Japanese children can remember them easily. The show being on Adult Swim may have allowed them to show a gush of blood here, and a certain scratch there, but it wouldn't have changed much. It would also have been the death of the series here. If the show was on Adult Swim, very few children would have access to it. Naruto is a powerhorse, it was already very popular and there must have been a lot of competition to be the licensing company for something so popular. The main purpose for bringing a powerhorse over to the states would be for it to make money and if they don't sell it to the right audience, nobody will buy it. Finally, even if it WAS on Adult Swim, you wouldn't get your precious kiss scene. Even on Adult Swim, things are editted for content. In such a time where homsexuality and gay marraiges are such a sensitive topic, no licensee in their right mind would keep that picture in. (And I say picture because that scene had pretty much no animation in it.) Parents, soccer-moms, would be calling the show evil instantaniously. Cartoon Network wouldn't be able to keep the show for a week.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] You are correct as far as that goes. Naruto is a giant 'powerhouse' and it is all about marketing because before you know it they will have naruto trading cards, video games; another fad for America. And who are going to be the 'populace' that would buty these things, yes, children. In a buisness sense they made a brilliant choice by putting the series on Toonami. But for fans it would have been better on adult swim. (the kiss scene would be shown if it was on adult swim as i said more detail, even unwanted detail) [QUOTE=r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed]Here's the thing. You a) don't speak Japanese, and b) heard the Japanese version first. Since you don't speak Japanese, it's harder for you to catch those little nuances that Japanese people have and don't have. If nobody told you that a certain character had a Tokyo Accent, would you have known? Since you've spoken English your entire life, you can tell that the dub characters don't speak the same way you do and seem fake. Since the Japanese have spoken Japanese their entire lives, they can tell the same things. I'm not saying the Japanese cast is better or worse than the English Cast. I'm saying you can't say anything unless you're fluent in Japanese.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] Yes this is true, but it still doesnt take away from the fact that the way they say Naruto is annoying, and they made Kakashi and Iruka sound like adolecents. [QUOTE=r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed]True. The Anime has more detail in fights, as well as character development. It goes into big character stories that the Manga doesn't. Though, because it passes over these sections, the manga goes by really fast, which is a plus for me. Sometimes the detail in the anime can be annoying because it goes sooo slow.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] It depends on how fast you read manga, then. [QUOTE=r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed]I could say the same thing about you and the Naruto Subs you've wase. There's a big difference with comparing "the English Official, and the Japatched. Unless you've seen the raws and translated the show yourself, of cournese Official" and comparing "the English Official, and the FANSUB of the Japanese Official". Like I said, it seems like this topic is just an excuse to bash the dub. Personally, I love the dub. It really is a good dub. Unless you've been watching Anime for a long enough time, you wouldn't know what real censorship and bad dubbing is.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] Alright, I watched the Japanese version of Naruto than the English. When I saw the English, i could say it was a bad dubbing. You could see for yourself, the emotion in the characters are hardly there. [quote name='r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed']If you don't like dubs in general, and you're against dubbing, say so. Don't bring down the name of the Naruto franchise just because you think that listening to the Japanese DUB is better than the English.[/COLOR][/quote] Im just bringing the name of the American Naruto francise down. They already sadly mocked the series by bringing this kind of dubbed version out. They could have done better. I woud love to see a better English version of Naruto with the same japanese theme songs. [quote name='r2vq][COLOR=DarkRed']I vote for the English.[/COLOR][/quote] They could have at least kept the theme songs.
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    This thread is to see what style is best of Naruto. Do you like the manga style of Naruto, the Japanese anime, or the Enlish subbed version of the anime series. In my opinion I enjoy the japanese anime the best, the manga second, and English version dead [U][B]LAST[/B][/U]. After reading the manga, i checked out the japanese anime myself and i really enjoyed it. Foolishly thinking that when the American version comes out it would be equal to the japanese anime. Little did i know they edited detail such as blood and some very inspiring scenes that give DEFINITION to the series because they show it on 'Toonami'. They could have at least depicted more detail if they played it on Adult Swim. Why couldnt they show it on adult swim :mad: ? I am EXTREMELY disappointed as far as the English version goes. I think the English version is going to help the series die, if anything will. Also, the theme songs are WAY BETTER than the English Naruto. The characters also have better voice casting, and the way they say Naruto in English makes me twitch. Reason i dont like the manga better than the episodes is because it is more fast paced and the battle scenes are more realistic instead of scene by scene. Color and music also set a dominant enviornment that you cant get from Manga. I understand that the Manga is original, but if you want true original Manga, learn to read Japanese and read Japanese manga straight from a Tokyo bookstore. With that being said, what are others opinion on this topic?
  14. Ive been working as a paperboy for six years. Im a senior now so i started when i was in 6th grade. And i had a job interview a toys R Us and they never got back to me and now im going to start pursueing them more for the job. Because in my interview group at least three people i know recieved the job and i know that im more acceptable for the position than some of the people who were hired. :mad: Has anybody else experienced similar feelings. I am still upset they didnt hire me *damn* :grumble: , oh well let life be what it is... :nope:
  15. Mine roots from the fact that I love video games (mainly RPGs) you have to use strategy in 'Tactics' and one of the friendliest characters from Sonic 'Tails'. Or the name itself TailTactics means Ill stay close like tail and use strategy you never heard of. But of course I stay as silent as an assassin. This name is mainly strategy based. Interesting.
  16. Gaming

    Has anybody previewed FFXII yet? I am very curious as to how the gameplay and style is.
  17. Gaming

    [QUOTE=Zane Truesdale]I just got myself a PSP a couple staurdays ago. It's like a handheld computer! Anyways, what game do you think I should get? :cool:[/QUOTE] I suggest Lumines. Go here if you want any extra info. [URL=http://www.pspcrazy.com]PSP advice[/URL] (clicky!!!) Hope this helps.
  18. Gaming

    ...People who would like to share inspiring memories of video games that they wish they could relive... During, you know, the N64 era...is where i had my fun... Wave Race, Mario 64, Pokemon Red and Blue for gameboy (before all that new crap came out), Ocarina of Time, and lets not forget..Donkey Kong 64..and..Quest 64 WOW.. talk about a few years back. For seventeen i could go oldschool at least to the NES, though i am sure there are people who can go farther. if you can tell, i was predominately Nintendo (at least before high school). I also remember Mario RPG (SNES), that game was ill...I didnt get into FF until my sophomore year of high school. I also loved Harvest Moon 64 and it was really time-consuming not to mention trying to build a relationship with animated characters and preparing for festival contests while mantaining a farm...but i somehow i managed my farm animals and upgraded my equipment and house into oblivion... Its hard to imagine how fast things change. I mean i could have sworn it was just yesterday that i have been talking with Pikachu (Hey You Pikachu) and crashing cars in San Francisco Rush, though it was years back. i also recall being very antcipated for games (such as Pokemon Gold and Silver and Majora's Mask) to come out and now here it is years (..which only seemed like moments..) later..hmm..
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    [quote name='BurnerMan']Dude, the old video games are teh best. They last forever as long as they don't break and have limitless fun.[/quote] Even if they do break there are always emulators...and E-bay.
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    What do yall think of that playable demo for FF XII on the new Dragon Quest VII game. At one point I thought of buying the game so that I could play the demo. I am extremely jealous of the people who are going to play the demo :flaming: ...but soon enough I will have FF XII in my possession :devil:, and not on any demo disk. What do you think about this?
  21. Incidents which ghosts were present. I dont know if they're true, its possible though. They could have made up these stories. What do u think? Get spooked \/ [URL=http://paranormal.about.com/library/blstory_december01_21.htm][B][I][COLOR=Red]...Click Here... if u dare.... :sweat: [/COLOR][/I][/B][/URL] ...And then some... /\
  22. So from what i hear people are actually dating inside the boarder of the OB and some serious relationships such as an individual to flying halfway across the country to visit him/her result of it? Huh, would have never guessed.
  23. Gaming

    [QUOTE=Kura-Chan][COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]well thats given me a lot to think about lol I would prefer it on ps1 but im not sure what emulators are and i dont wanna risk blowing anything up (a very high probability with me lmao) and i cant seem to find the actual games anywhere. Me and SNES (im pretty sure thats wot i had) really dont get on, my saved games never stayed saved :mad: so i think ill pass on that idea lol[/FONT][/COLOR] [QUOTE][COLOR=Navy]Or, if you have a GBA, there's FFI & II: Dawn of Souls, which are remakes of the first two games. (You should still be able to find this one new.) FFIII is being remade for the DS, though there's no release date set for it yet. And then FFIV, FFV, and FFVI are also going to be brought to the GBA soon.[/[/COLOR]QUOTE] [COLOR=Indigo] [FONT=Comic Sans MS]I do like this idea though, even though i dont actually own a GBA, but i can always buy 1 lol :catgirl: and i can get them on playstation as well? Im still a bit confused over FF3, is it harder to find because it was only released in japan? and can i still get it? (sorry i have so MANY questions! i just dont have a clue lol) [/FONT] [/COLOR][/QUOTE] Dont be so rashional, emulators run very smoothly depending on ur CPU. If you are running Pentium 3 or higher, or any AMD CPUs you should be fine. Just plug in a computer controller via USB and you have a whole collection of FF games costing u $0.
  24. Gaming

    [QUOTE=Kura-Chan][COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]im still hazy on how i did that but hey its my opinion (which i think is a kinda unfair reason to get annoyed at me but hey thats ur opinion) and we all have the right to our own opinion . I didnt no that lol but im glad Hironobu Sakaguchi did come up with the final fantasy idea! I cant imagine a world where the RPG's are as basic as the one/s described in [COLOR=Magenta]Rescuing Square Enix [/COLOR] (posted by [COLOR=Magenta]TailTactics[/COLOR] a couple posts bck :) ) I mean if i find the very idea of a really really basic and easy rpg mindnumbingly boring i cant even begin to imagine how people who are any good at them would feel lol :catgirl: Also where can i get FF1-6 from? I cant find them in any shops and im a bit unsure bout buying off the net. And i heard they'r really expensive to, is this true? [/FONT] [/COLOR][/QUOTE] Im not angry at anybody, its just that you never [B][I]played[/I][/B] the games. u only watched others play it then state ur opinion of the genre (saying they'll never be as good as seven) Im glad you enjoy seven, but please dont be so close-minded. PLAY THE GAMES FIRST....state opinion second. Thats the only way youll be fair. Anyway, I suggest that if you dont want to buy any games, just download NES, SNES, or if ur computer could handle it, Playstation emulators for the PC. Once you do that download the ROM of each game. ALL IS FOR FREE. I recommend you doing this. Here is a RPG ROM site, ibelive they have suggested emulators on there too. [color=#4B0082]Google: Final Fantasy ROMS.[/color] Theyll show you how to go about it step by step. If you want an official collection, i suggest you use Debrasko's idea and purchase Final Fantasy Origins (FF1 and 2), Chronicles (FF 4 and Chrono Trigger), and Anthology (FF 5 and 6). All on playstation one. FF 3 is the same as FFVI, but the true FF 3 was ONLY released in japan. I do know that some group hacked into it and added English subtitles, though. I am currently playing that game. Not only do Origins, Chronicles, and Anthology give you the original games, but they come with fully rendered computer animated cutscenes. Chrono Trigger has japenese anime as its cutscenes. It is truly awsome and is definetly a MUST HAVE for fans. [color=#4B0082]Linking to illegal content (i.e. video game ROMs) is against the rules. Please refrain from doing so. - [i]Desbreko[/i][/color]
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    [QUOTE=Arekkusu]That's alright. If you're referring to Kura-Chan then she didn't really put an opinion. She said they looked ok and only really commented on the one she plays. But, then again if you weren't talking about Kura-Chan then that's ok then lol. :animesmil Just trying to clear things up ^^[/QUOTE] No, what Kura-Chan did was state her opinion without playing the game. I am only referrng to you. Lets not get off topic, so PM me if you have anything else to say.