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  1. what kind of store would it be and why? I would choose to have an icecream store, not only for the business but also for being able to stop in at any given time and have a free scoop or two :animesmil :animeswea
  2. animeaddict2

    Orange Range - Orenji Renji

    [QUOTE=Lindus]What cute music they make! XD I think I first heard them a couple years ago, with their songs Locolotion and Zung Zung Funky Music. It's very light, silly sounding stuff that I enjoy. I thought Hana was pretty too. I really liked Asterisk after first seeing Bleach, but the effect wasn't the same for Viva Rock after seeing Naruto. The song's okay I suppose, it's just not my favorite. I think my favorite's continued to be Locolotion. It's just so...XD I don't know. It was the first song of theirs that I heard, so maybe it's the nostalgic feeling.[/QUOTE] lol yeah, i find that the music they make is fairly cute :animesmil although i really like Locolotion, I think Hana is my favourite song by them, followed closely by Locolotion
  3. animeaddict2

    Orange Range - Orenji Renji

    yeah, i noticed that. At first i thought i downloaded something different and i was all "oh great now i have to go out and re-find the song again" but then after listening to the song for a few more minutes i realised oh wait, no. This is Orange Range. :animesmil
  4. animeaddict2

    Manga I LOVE CLAMP! ANYONE AGREE? (you know you do!)

    yeah, I find that CLAMP worls are really neat too, infact, I have just finished up my French Summative on CLAMP. I really like them because they're artwork is so nice and pretty -- and detailed :animesmil but then again most anime that's in the market is fairly detailed... :animestun -- I Still Like CLAMP best!~~ :animeswea :animesmil
  5. animeaddict2

    Meaning of Life..?

    [QUOTE=Tatsubei Yagyu][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS] :animesigh *sigh* I guess I'll try to save this thread from destruction. :animeswea Ok, My thoughts are that there really is [I][B]NO[/B][/I] meaning of life. It's like food, pretty much. Everyone has different tastes, and the like. But if you were to ask me what my meaning of life was, I'd say it was to make the best of the time I have. You have to live by your own code, but hopefully your code doesn't involve death and pollution... I really want to by a great artist so that in the future, people will see something I drew and be like, "Man I want to draw that, good too." In a way, becoming a renown artist is my way of life as well, proving farther my point that there is no one. I'm gonna stop now cuz I kinda confused myself a little... :animestun [/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] That's another neat way of seeing things, and great goal too, i haven't thought of mine yet.. :animeswea anyways, and also in reply to dot. i think that eating, breathing, staying healthy are WAYS to stay alive, not the actual meaning to life. But nonetheless, thanks for replying to this thread. ... oh yeah, and i do somewhat agree to your there is NO meaning to life theory, it works with what i'm thinking of :animesmil
  6. animeaddict2

    Anime Naruto!

    well umm this has nothing to do with anything thatyou earlier people were talking about but.. has anyone ever wondered how people like Rock Lee and Gai-sensei got into their clothes? :animestun and that one time while Sasuke was competing in the Chuunin exams, him in that umm.. one piece black outfit..? How did that happen?? :animestun
  7. animeaddict2

    Meaning of Life..?

    [quote name='Stuart][FONT=Trebuchet MS']This thread started out strong with quality, and discussion. Let's try to rebuild it back up to that point, and avoid the one setence posting that is somewhat irrelevant to the topic at hand. If this thread continues to spawn these poor quality post, It will be locked. So, let's not let that happen ;D[/FONT][/quote] ugh yeah, this did start out as a fairly good thread. But i guess after receiving different POV's i think this mystery is umm not quite but almost solved?? what am I saying -- there still isn't a definite answer to the meaning of life and I'm almost sure that the people on this forum and I are not going to be able to completely solve this. Hopefully though, we can come as close as we can? So any other views on this other than - Meaning of Life is to Die - I think life is there so we can answer all the questions that are givin to us - Just live life the way you want to - Live life to the fullest - Meaning of life is 42 :animesmil - Meaning of life.. umm.. something to do with a universal numbey and a joke that deals with pancake, icecream and dog houses.. :animeswea
  8. animeaddict2

    Meaning of Life..?

    [quote name='WarAngel']Live Life The Way You Feel It Should Be Lived.[/quote] ^-^ thats a nice and easy moral-type way to live by :animesmil
  9. animeaddict2

    Orange Range - Orenji Renji

    lol so do you have a fav. song .?
  10. animeaddict2

    Meaning of Life..?

    [quote name='Ryoko Lita'] Okaaaaaay, I'm just confusing myself.... :animesigh[/quote] lol :animeswea don't worry about it - this topic on its own is really confusing to start with...
  11. animeaddict2

    Manga Kamichama Karin..?

    I've read this Manga too~ i found it to be fairly interesting because of what the characters deal with. And besides~ i've never really seen any manga around that deals with gr 7's changing into Gods/Godesses! nope i haven't :animesmil I find Kamichama Karin to be so very original and i enjoy that.. only.. Why do most(i that all) of Koge-Donbo's artwork and comics have to be set in the age catergory of 10-13? No Highschool 15-20 stuff? :( I find Highschool stuff a lot more fun ^^
  12. animeaddict2

    Art Deviant Art..?

    I have a DA account! :animesmil :animesmil hopeless-addict yup yup that's me!! :animesmil
  13. animeaddict2

    Meaning of Life..?

    [QUOTE=Petie][font=Verdana][color=blue]Hehe, interestingly enough, my friend and I decided to come up with a meaning ourselves one day a couple of years ago. Be aware though that this was just for fun and we had no intention of being serious. We were just bored in math class when we had a sub so we started drawing on the white board.[/color][/font] [font=Verdana][color=blue]Really though, I don't have a serious answer to this question. I honestly don't really know where to begin. Then again, I've never really given it extensive thought.[/color][/font] [font=Verdana][color=blue]Anyway, just check out the attachment if you'd like to see what my friend and I did that day. You'll need [url="http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html"]Adobe Acrobat Reader[/url] to open it though. And if it doesn't make any sense, don't worry - it's not supposed to. I originally wasn't even going to post this but I figured, seeing this topic and how most of the responses resulted in death, I had to.[/color][/font][/QUOTE] lol thanks for the reply, it really added a brighter view to things- despite the fact that it made no sense XD lol anyways, great.. joke? :animestun lmao how many pancakes does it take to cover a dog house :animeknow
  14. animeaddict2

    Meaning of Life..?

    [quote name='WarAngel']I think the meaning of life is for life to keep giving you questions so you can answer then to the fullest of your abilities, with out ever finding the answer at all just basicly to give you and understanding to go with.[/quote] huh thats a pretty neat POV. Never though of that one yet... :animeknow >> i think that might be another main point to this besides the "Meaning of Life is to Die."
  15. animeaddict2

    Meaning of Life..?

    [quote name='IceRose']The meaning of life is 42, just kidding, I've been reading the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy way too much. To tell you the truth I believe the meaning of life is to live and do something productive with your life, to leave a mark on people to remember you by when its your time to leave this world. Also to find your soul mate, I know it sound cheesy but I guess if its not for hope, love and future, why else is there life for?[/quote] lol i've never read that book before (or seen the movie..it was made into a movie right?) lol anyways, so i started reading your reply and ... "The meaning of life is 42" i was like.. :animedepr :O anyways, thanks for your reply, i hope to see more replies to this thread.. ^_^