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  1. [size=1]I'm pretty satisfied with my current car [Lexus IS300] BUUUTTT If I had to choose a dream car, I've always wanted an Aston Martin. Preferably, this one: [drools] [img]http://www.astonmartin.com/content/allsites/images/rear_3_4_80b7dcf6-772b-4130-be3c-866ed8e6ab55.jpg[/img] Of course, I would need to rob like ten banks to be able to afford it. LOL. [/size]
  2. [size=1]CLAIMCLAIMCLAIM. :D Haven't done one in a while too...kinda. lol. ---------[b]EDIT[/b]--------------- DONE! :D [URL=http://img33.imageshack.us/my.php?image=skylinew.jpg][IMG]http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/9277/skylinew.th.jpg[/IMG][/URL] NEXT! :][/size]
  3. [size=1]Since it seems Munky isn't going to be turning in her piece soon, I would say skip her. If anyone wants to go next, please do so. I would go next but I have done so many that I feel bad. It would be the jigglyness worm not the otkuboards worm. LOL. SO someone, GO!!![/size]
  4. [size=1]Did you have certain style that you want the banner to be in? I'm not too sure what 'funky' really is to you. lol. ^_^[/size]
  5. If you have a larger picture for me to use, I can probably get this done for you :]
  6. [size=1]I think I'm gonna try to continue it without the hand. lol. I'll take the challenge :D Thanks for the offer though. ------------------------ If anyone wants to go, my piece is already up in the graphic worm entry thread. :][/size]
  7. [size=1]Alrighteys. Since no one has claimed, I will claim next again. I feel like a hog D: Oh wells. [indent][color=green][b]Boo:[/b] At least you're a hog who adds pretty stuffs. :whoops:[/color][/indent][/size] ---------------------------------------------------------- LOLS. I guess that makes it not as bad. Ok I kind of had a hard time getting it to go smoothly. ughhh. But I think it turned out well. [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/dxxzqv.jpg[/IMG] GO!!!
  8. [size=1]I technicall can claim right now but I feel like a butt for doing so many pieces of the worm. haha. I feel like a ball hog...yeah. Someone should go! :D This forum needs a little rejuvination. Badly. [/size]
  9. [size=1]Is it just me, or am I the only one that thinks that its very difficult to follow Haku's piece?? I want to go, but at the same I don't because of how Haku's ended. D:[/size]
  10. [size=1]Alrightey. Since the forum has been dead for the past few weeks, I will post stuff. I've been experimenting a little so I would like some FEEDBACK. :] Crit/Comments APPRECIATED. [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2441kxh.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/nqpjdc.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/2vkme4i.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/102qsd2.jpg[/IMG] GO CRAZY![/size]
  11. [size=1]I really like the first one. For the third and fourth sig, I think there is a little too much going on. My eyes tend to focus on the c4d renders more than the actual stock image. But overall I like the direction that they are going to. :][/size]
  12. [size=1]next spot is now CLAIMED!!! [b]EDIT[/b]--------- Sorry for the wait. :] [img]http://i40.tinypic.com/rba3no.jpg[/img] btw, the font used is called "arriere garde" :D[/size]
  13. [size=1]haha someone should break the chain hmm?[/size]
  14. [size=1]RAWR. I feel like doing another one. CLAIMCLAIMCLAIM!!!!!!!! [b]EDIT[/b]---- DONE! :] [img]http://i39.tinypic.com/2j316og.jpg[/img][/size]
  15. [size=1]I will be claiming next!!! :D [b]EDIT[/b]--------------- Okie Dokie. Done. :D [img]http://i43.tinypic.com/33jnx46.jpg[/img] Art by CLAMP from Code Geass[/size]
  16. [size=1]Maybe crediting the original artist and having a link to their website would do. [shrug] I dunno. '.'[/size]
  17. [size=1]It's a good idea, but how its going to be executed is going to be difficult. =.= And also what if the person doesn't know where the art is from or which anime its from? Oh SNAP. [/size]
  18. [size=1]Sorry it took so long. This week is finals week for me so I didn't have too much time to be on and work on it. heh. well anyways. I finally found time so yeah. [img]http://i39.tinypic.com/16ay26e.jpg[/img] I made two versions of the sig since I didn't know which one was better, so I'll let you choose...since it IS your sig at the end. haha [img]http://i43.tinypic.com/33nxqo9.jpg[/img] [img]http://i44.tinypic.com/2vba9w8.jpg[/img] zeke - hush you. >.
  19. [size=1]I don't mean to sound stupid or anything, but what exactly is [b]occult[/b]?[/size]
  20. [size=1]I can probably do this request for you. :] I'll update this post when I have it up. [/size]
  21. [size=1]Got that right, buddy! :D[/size]
  22. [size=1]I would like to claim after DRIFTALOT. :D [b]EDIT[/b]--------- DONE. :D [img]http://i40.tinypic.com/15dxnjq.jpg[/img][/size]
  23. [size=1]wow. I feel really stupid. I automatically thought this wasn't the discussion thread and claimed without even reading the title =.=. yeah I feel dumb as hell right now. So sorry about the claiming. [quote=Kimmeh] A good number I'd say is like 3 or 4 pieces. Unless the worm gets slow and no one posts for a week.. Then maybe it wouldn't matter. That happened to me last worm when I posted and then almost a month later only one person had gone after me so I claimed again to try and keep the worm alive. Otherwise 3-4. Or maybe just wait to make sure other people aren't going to claim because as far as I can tell, there are other people wanting in.[/quote] I think you and I were probably the most active in the past couple of worms. I feel a little bad but yeah. I only did so many because no one else will. Hopefully it won't be like that again. Anyways. I will visit the ACTUAL thread and claim there. :][/size]
  24. I would like to claim after KIMMEH. :] Be nice to me!!! :D
  25. [size=1]hmm The borders didn't really bother me too much until you pointed it out. O.O I tend to put a border on EVERYTHING. When I first started out, it was drilled into my head that everything needed a border. Even the people in the forum I visited constantly complained that I didn't have a border. =.= Guess...it just kinda stuck. [quote name='Citric']4. Again with the borders! :P Overall I don't really like it, but simply because I've never been a fan of this kind of thing.[/quote] It's funny because that's what the majorty of my sigs are. haha. Only recently have I been trying to get better at different types of stock. I am thankful for your critique. It really pointed out the things that I couldn't see. I will be sure to post up more stuff when I stop being so lazy. :D[/size]
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