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    Known to some as kid of all anime/manga knowledge (which is almost impossible) which i'm not i just konw more than them. A nice and cool all around guy. Also a great information gatherer which has given me the title ninja.
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  1. Wolves I don't know why there just so cool and powerful. but then theres the monkeys because there funny.
  2. Only if the seem intresting when I'm scrolling down. Otherwise no.
  3. Fire is good it burns all that stands before it and turns water into steam.
  4. I was thinking you could maybe have a fan fiction page. I sure the members have interesting stories that they've writen. So they should be able to share them right? Well anyway I'm just saying. It's just an idea.
  5. I'd have to say Ruroni kenshin, Inuyasha, Vandread, And Full Metal Alchemist
  6. [QUOTE=Hazencruz]Your ideas will grow as you reach true Manga Writer stages. And eventually, you may give up this one for something better you think of later, or this may be your first one that doesn't do so great and then you amke something cool and up under your name it says "The Creator of King of Kenod" and everyones all like, "Whats king of kendo?" Trust me, I speak from experience, writing stories is like drawing, you suck when you start, but you'll get better, and eventually become great if you stick with it.[/QUOTE] So far i've let one person read some of the chapter ideas and
  7. [quote name='hentai#1']To be honest I havent even heard of it (sorry :animeswea ). I'll hvae to look it up next time I'm in Borders.[/quote] you never heard of it because it doesn't exist yet. There are only 2 people that know how it's going to go and I'm one of them.
  8. I'm the writer and also artist(not that good but will get better). It's called King of kendo(yes thats also my name). It's about a kid who must compete in a series of tornaments to be come King of kendo but he's facd with proble for example finding a mysterious girl that left him with a memory and not even a name at a past tournament. He is also constantley being stalked by fellow fighters either to make sure he neve fights again, get his autograph, or get close enough to become a loved one. But there a girl who he has his eye on but hates him yet slightly adors him. I've been told it's
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