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  1. You were a cheater, IS? For shame! Shame! Anyways, I am beginning to think why Blizzard North didn't put a hotbar into Diablo 2. I would of have made things so much easier, in my opinion. At least it is in Diablo 3.
  2. For those of you who would be interested, I got a copy of the main theme of the game, as it was performed at the IWi. If interested, send me a PM.
  3. I would much rather go for being smart. Why should I settle with being satisfied with stupid things? Why should I set my standards so low that I can only be enchanted by the mediocre in mediums? Why can't I be inspired by true art? I would much rather die today and intelligent than to live until I was 70 being an idiot and a fool.
  4. Well, I personally want to do a D2-athon once I go through my first run, so that I can play as a different class. The fact that I would have an idea of what to expect would put me on a somewhat more equal footing as well is a bonus.
  5. [quote name='Indi'][COLOR="Indigo"]We should, seeing the trailer for Diablo III has me wanting to start playing my game again. Those graphics and such just look totally awesome. I know I'll be getting this game the moment it's released. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] Same. If SC2 won't be my first collector's edition, D3 definitely will.
  6. How weird is it that just a few days before this game was announced, I decided to buy Diablo II and Lord of Destruction? Anyways, it's never been a better time to be a Blizzard fan. With Starcraft II and Diablo III to be eventually released, Blizzard is back in the non-MMO spotlight! One of these days, we should do a Diablo2-athon.
  7. Well, I personally have no problem with long cutscenes. I am a big fan of the Xenosaga games, all three of which had cutscenes up to an hour long (with a break to save at the 30 minute interval). The story was told quite well, with excellent cinematography and voice acting, so it was no complaint in my book. Heck, it was an excuse for me to bring out the popcorn! And yes, I would pause a cinematic to get a bag of popcorn. So, as soon as I get a PS3, you can bet this will be one of, if not [I]the[/I], first game that I will play.
  8. I love my cinnamon toast. Takes only a minute to make, and it is delicious. Doesn't have the cringe inducing sugary taste of cereal, and neither is it the struggle with pancakes. It's the perfect medium of laziness and pure loveliness on the tongue.
  9. So, here's the deal. With each thread, we will have a certain theme. Such as, for this one, the best cast for a Metal Gear Solid movie. Each participant must either A) say who should play as each character and why, or B)if you don't know any actor for such a role, what you THINK the perfect actor would look and act like. A week or so later, submissions will end, and we will have a poll. The winner makes the next thread, and the battle continues! P.S. - Not every round needs to be based on a licenses property. You could have "Greek Myth Movie" thread, or a "Ultimate Cop" thread, or whatever you want. Since this is for the adaption of Metal Gear Solid, you MUST cast these characters: Solid Snake Campbell Naomi Hunter Meryl Silverbrugh Cyborg Ninja ([SPOILER]Gray Fox[/SPOILER]) Hal Emmerich (Otacon) Liquid Snake Revolver Ocelot Sniper Wolf Psycho Mantis Vulcan Raven Decoy Octapus ([SPOILER]The guy who impersonated President Baker but was killed by FOXDIE.[/SPOILER]) I'll post mine later, but I will tell you who is my Solid Snake. Clancy Brown [IMG]http://www.clancybrown.com/gallery/albums/Laramie/normal_Image1.jpg[/IMG]
  10. So, while I was jobhunting at the mall Saturday, I noticed that there was some sort of commotion at the GameStop. So, I decided to take a look, and to my pleasure I found that GS was apparently having a 50% off sale. On everything. Yes, on [I]everything![/I] I have been wanting to buy [B]F.E.A.R.[/B] for the longest time (that being two days), so I bought a used copy that might as well be new, for 10 dollars. Yes, life is good when you play videogames. Moving on. So, [B]F.E.A.R.[/B] is an absolute blast. Amazing AI, graphics that give a wondrous atmosphere. A physics engine that makes every room look like a scene from an action movie after a gunfight. And it scares the living crap out of me. I'm on level 8 out of 10, and I am loving every minute of it. Project Origin (AKA FEAR 2) will be a definite buy this fall.
  11. This is pure genius. I prefer cheese and pepperoni myself. I never could like any other type of pizza. The best pizza around is Pizza Hut, but as you said, it is way too expensive. There is a local pizza place 10 minutes away that my mom likes to order from, and it's not too bad.
  12. OK, we are getting REALLY off-topic here. So, discussion #1: what is your most favorite Alan Moore work, and why? I'll go into detail as to why it's Watchmen when it isn't 3 in the morning. ;)
  13. [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]Novels in graphic format are still novels, and therefore under the jurisdiction of The Basement. Also, manga is much more episodic, and is more like a collection than a unified work.[/FONT][/QUOTE] True, but Moore isn't exclusive to Graphic Novels. His latest work, Promethea, is a basically just like every other comic book in terms of how the plot slowly unravels. So, I consider that a comic book, and not a graphic novel, in that it was meant to be read with some time difference. Same goes for Watchmen, but From Hell is an excellent example of a graphic novel, in that you [I]could[/I] read it all in one sitting...if a normal human's brain wouldn't explode from it all. Maybe we should have a comic book forum?
  14. [quote name='Kei'][color=darkblue][size=1]Gonna go ahead and move this to Anthology. I have a feeling more people would be looking for it there. ^^[/color][/size][/QUOTE] Alan Moore does comic books...and Manga ARE comic books. They are just different enough in style that we give them another name. [QUOTE]Also, how did you read Miracleman? It's been out of print and tied up in legal battles for like, decades. [/QUOTE] It's called the internet. Do a search on Mininova.org for it, and you'll find it there. :)
  15. That's funny, because I found that all of the English and Creative Writing classes I have taken hasn't improved me at all. I just read all of works (especially Alan Moore ;) ) and had people comment on me. I swear, I have gotten several criticisms that were more valuable to my improvement as a writer than all of my hours in an English class.
  16. Genius. Madman. Self proclaimed sorcerer. Nihilist. British. Alan Moore is a man that is all these things...and so much more. Plainly put, Alan Moore is literally genius given human form. After you read his works, such as [I]The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen[/I], [I]Watchmen[/I], [I]V for Vendetta[/I], [I]From Hell[/I], [I]Swamp Thing[/I], and most recently, [I]Promethea[/I], you know that Moore is something beyond the normal comic book writer. He is a mad genius, and you can't help but be enchanted by his works. Moore is every writer's worst nightmare - after reading just a single issue of any of his works, you can't compare. Your stuff if child lit compared to his mad genius. Heck, I was lucky - I couldn't write anything for 4 months after reading Watchman. I know some people who were in a writing depression for a year...and more. Who else but Alan Moore could turn [I]Miracleman[/I], a campy super hero from the 60's, into a commentary on the relationship of superheroes and humanity? Superheroes are Gods in human form, and in the end, we humans are nothing to them. Miracleman shows us how superheroes would destroy everything of this world that we cherish...and what we hate. Before Moore, [I]Swamp Thing[/I] was a failing series. He turned it into a master piece that is still going on today, 20 years after he had left. So, this is just a place to discuss his works. And if you haven't read any of his stuff, what the hell are you waiting for?
  17. Sauske versus The Batman. Yes, you heard me. Sasuke versus the God Damn Batman. What, are you retarded or something? Batman would rip out Sasuke's guts out before he had a chance to perform any jutsu. Dr. Manhatten versus Aizen would be an interesting fight as well. How could Aizen destroy a man whose first "trick" was reconstructing his particles from a primitive level? We are talking about an entity that can disassemble a gun just by looking at it. He can make himself a giant with just a thought. He was the one being that made the Soviet Union trully afraid of the United States. Yeah, Dr. Manhatten would win, no question. It would be a cool fight to see nonetheless. :D
  18. [B]My headphones broke. Chaos ensued then.[/B]
  19. I know. Because in the end, you know it describes people perfectly. And when Goodkind got into detail of how the the First Rule was applied to that village that allied with Rhal, you truly began to understand what the Rule meant. Seriously, the First and Second rule should be in every "Best Quote" thread.
  20. Woah, what a coincidence! I read Wizard's First Rule back in fall, and I am now also reading Stone of Tears. We must be kindred spirits. :p Just how far are you into the book? I am at the point where Khalan visits a ruin.
  21. Jeez guys, if you are reciting these titles from memory alone, I must give my props to you. But then again, if you are just copying it from GameFAQS, then you can just ignore this. :p
  22. I have to disagree on that. I think each Final Fantasy deserves its own thread - they are that different apart. It's not like the forums are overcrowded with new threads.
  23. [quote]Oh pishposh, Petie and other naysayers, [spoiler]the interdimensional aliens fit in just as well as the destructive Ark of Covenant, the glowing stones of Shiva and the healing powers of the Holy Grail from the earlier movies. If you're looking for realism, you've obviously watched the wrong movie. The whole alien-theme was supposed to be a nod to the B-class sci-fi movies of the old days, anyway.[/spoiler][/quote] That's what I've been saying all along! Thanks Sandy for bringing a little bit of common sense to this discussion. Indiana Jones is a big love letter from Lucas and Spielberg to the campy adventure novels they would read as a kid. KotCS was a nod to the B Science Fiction movies. You know, those movies with pretty bad acting and weird plots like the Killer Teenagers from Mars. [FONT=Verdana][COLOR=blue]I added spoiler tags to your quote. Please make sure you use them in the future as there are still plenty of people who haven't seen the movie yet.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][COLOR=blue]- Petie[/COLOR][/FONT]
  24. Personally, I think each Indiana Jones movie should have it's own thread. It's not like Star Wars, where it is a connected story. Each Indiana Jones is a story unto itself. Thus, separate discussions for each.
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