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  1. Anime

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by kakkarot ssj4 [/i] [B]i think the most emotional is in dbz when vegeta was bout to blow himself up to kill buu. he finally showed his sorrow. [/B][/QUOTE] yea, difinitely a strong emotional time, but dont ask why, i felt bad when i thought piccolo dies against cell, i dont know why
  2. my dad gets the news paper by going to the store and buying it for $2.00
  3. i lvoe sports, skateboarding is my fav, i think swimming is kool, but i hate legal enhancers, even coke or any caffeine drink that gives you false energy and you learn to realy on that energy, peace out
  4. Anime

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lady Macaiodh [/i] [B]yeah, gohan went oozaru a few times, remember? that's how they defeated vegeta when he first came to earth. anyway, i personally don't agree w/ the topic theory. here's my two cents: goku & vegeta trained hard their whole lives but didn't make ssj until their 30's or something. trunks & goten trained hard and made ssj by age 6 or so. as for gohan, he doesn't really train unless he has to, so he didn't make ssj until age 11, even so it only took him a few years to do it. so my theory is that the human blood gives them some sort of advantage. it's the only explaination. about trunks & goten turning ssj so early b/c their fathers were ssj... it doesn't hold up b/c vegeta was not ssj when trunks was conceived, & trunks is still more powerful than goten. one more point--gohan turning ssj so young was unprecidented. imo, he still went ssj really damn early. if he had trained like trunks & goten from the beginning, he would probably have made ssj at a younger age than they did. [/B][/QUOTE] this is some awsome stuff she's writin, great theorys, i think very simular, but what im shooting for is that the saiyan genes are perhaps always dominant over human genes, but the more they mix then an effect of multiplication occurs, perhaps, and maybe then a power behond both human and saiyan is created possible, i also have theorys as too that during evolution there was a time where there were neaderthals and cromagnons, and theneanderthal humans were sent to vegeta planet, and perhaps thats why they're so strong and eventually they wanted revenge on the cromagnons, so they stole technology from tsurfrians and by then had become so wrapped up in technology that they forgot the plan, and just changed, over all this means that all saiyans and humans would be the same, and just be adapted differently
  5. Anime

    king kamehameha is an actual hawaiian king like a few hundred years ago, and is well known,the only reason kamehameha is refered to dragonball is because its a move in it, well thats all
  6. Anime

    i love bulma, chi chi has alot in secret, pan has nice curves for an 11 yr. old, heh heh, and videls got it all
  7. Anime

    either just for the card game or some secret character, or some pokemon er something, lol
  8. RPG

    well im tired to man, i jsut need more people so that there are 12 so far i have: kileone_s_n deathknight gold_angewomon forte ss trunks noodlez zero supersaiyan4444 duogod of death
  9. Anime

    who is the all around best anime babe, please post a pic of her
  10. RPG

    c'mon where are posts, at least complain a little
  11. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by MysticalShawty [/i] [B]alright me and my b.f split up and i am really depressed and it has been 10 days since we have been done, and now i cant stop thinking about him, so i wrote a poem and gave it to him.,...he Crumpled it up without reading it, and i dont know HOW AM I SUPOSSED TO GET THREW TO HIM , that i still L...O....V...E... him,?? Please can anyone tell me, i have called him up and i tell him alot but he just ignores it, and then chanages the Subject. [/B][/QUOTE] well, sorry to say, but thats the way life is, and he isnt worth if he wont listen to ya
  12. i like punk rock, my favs are linkin park and smashing pumpkins
  13. Anime

    i like it, but i dont think that how she'd really feel
  14. Anime

    c'mon, i know some people collect pics, send 'em in, all well heres one, old too
  15. Anime

    any site that is notable for info