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  1. Oh "The Wallflower" is beautiful XD. I love when she transforms to prove other people talking bad about her wrong, it's badass and hilarious XD. The manga is also excellent (poor girl would rather be in her room with her awesome skulls and gothic stuff than at a ball, for instance~).
  2. Yeah, yeah it is :D. We also used to invent attacks, using splashing motions to indicate the "battlechip in" part XD. We also made up our own ridiculous Megaman-centered games that were pretty hilarious. AND IT'S OVER 9000!!!! Bet you and your cousin have fond childhood LARPing memories of DBZ too, then x3.
  3. Ga ha ha, that's awesome XD. My friends and I used to LARP MegaMan, pretending to be net navis and having net battles, especially in the pool X3. Good times ^^. I miss when MegaMan used to air on kids WB too...
  4. Game's I've been playing or should have finished by now XD: Transistor (amazing story, art, music, fun and unique gameplay :D). Sam & Max season 2 episode 3: Night of the Raving Dead (this series is ridiculous, it's amazing!! XD. But I haven't played since winter break XD). Hatoful Boyfriend (why the sad endings! WHY?!!!) and of course League of Legends XD;
  5. I have played Terraria once, it's fun X3. HMU on Steam if you want to play that sometime, I'm Lippy on there ^^;.
  6. MegaMan NT Warrior....lol. Ended up getting obsessed with it. My brother and I would both pretend like we thought it was dumb, but then one day my brother was imitating a commercial and was like "wanna watch MegaMan" me: "yeah" *is sheepish*. Yeaaah, so ended up loving that one, and never expecting it to happen either! The majority of animes I'm really into, ie Chrono Crusade, Nagi no Asukara: are ones I found randomly while searching for something to watch xD.
  7. Been watching Kobato and Sailor Moon Crystal recently x3 (yeah Crunchyroll >D~!)    Very emotional series with beautiful art ^_^.
  8. Oh, I love Fullmetal Alchemist~~  the weird thing about getting into the series for me was that I wasn't as interested in it in Middle School when I first picked it up... then, 6-7 years later, saw it on Netflix and decided to give it a shot again. Ended up watching the entire original anime and brotherhood as well as both movies/even the OVAs (the Brotherhood OVAs are really worth checking out for anyone that's really into the series~).  Ended up getting obsessed and cosplaying as Ed XD.  I like both the Original and Brotherhood, though it seems Brotherhood tied up a lot of
  9. you're joining a band?! awesome X3

    what instrument do you play? or do ya sing?

    oh and happy holidays too :D

  10. that's very true. my fault D:. sorry about that ^^;. anyway, what are you up to lately?

  11. oh yeah!! :D!!

    shall we continue it?

  12. across the world? awesome~~

    My summer actually has been pretty eventful ^^. a couple vacations, some work, a lot of relaxation time X3.

  13. [quote name='CaNz' timestamp='1313561132' post='708955'] I am sad because all my reality TV shows are ending. It is true that I only watch Master Chef, Hells Kitchen. Something about people cooking bad food must make me happier about my own culinary abilities. Plus Chef Ramsey is kinda my hero. [/quote] Chef Ramsey's insulting remarks are sometimes amusing XD. "they call it a non-stick pan because it's not supposed to stick!! that's why it's called -beeep- NON- STICK!!" Hell's Kitchen is good stuff. and aww D:. ra
  14. here comes school! again! in the mean time *jumps into pool*

  15. thanks~~ here the first semester comes! AHH *hides*. XD anyway hope your summer is going awesomely

  16. yup :). that's all right. and a lot. college is coming up ^^;;

  17. awesome :D! so how have you been?

  18. hi!! haven't seen you in a while

    sorry I've been absent for so long D:

  19. This semester is gonna be tiring ^^;. oh well! at least some of my classes are fun :D.

  20. yes they are ^_^!

    so, are ya up to anything new lately? :)

  21. good :D

    and that's great to hear!

    lol i'm a little tired though XD

  22. Our school has had like two snow days and about 4 2-hour delays so far. And we might even have yet another snow day tommorow. What is this awesome madness?! i do hope we get one more snow day, though, because then I can sleep and then play children's card games (particularly yugioh) with my friend >D
  23. ^_^

    so how are you doing? <3

  24. [quote name='CaNz' timestamp='1296275025' post='704494'] The only good thing about a new Yu-Gi-Oh movie would be a new Yu-Gi-Oh abridged.... Which would end up being worth watching the movie just to get all the jokes. [/quote] that too XDD. LOL I love yugioh the abridged. also the dub of the anime is good for a thousand laughs :D
  25. yes indeedy D:

    but they're gone! GONE! MU HA HA >D

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