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  1. [SIZE="1"]I've been thinking about dressing up for Halloween but I don't know yet. If I did, it would have to be school appropiate because I'd most likely wear it during the day because I don't go out at night often. I've been thinking of something different. I'm thinking of getting some light foundation and makeup and being a caucasian. I can already pass the voice and actions because I'm the "whitest person" my friends know. And it'll be fun I guess. Either that or dress up as a huge Wal-Mart smiley face and walk around giving people stickers of myself.[/SIZE]
  2. [quote name='Lunox'][font="trebuchet ms"] That court case was won because it was brought about by a recording industry that probably has clout and good lawyers. Same with rich people. They're rich. I'm not cheerleading for our justice system, but there are some criticisms of it that they can't take responsibility for. Who judged if OJ Simpson was guilty? A jury. What about Robert Blake? A jury. If there's something that's actually stupid here, it's people.[/font][/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"]Yes, I have no problem with the decision reached by the court. The reasoning is fine. The actual stupidity is the way because decided to describe it: the comments. Thomas had a horrible lawyer who merely said there was no proof that she was the one at the computer, sharing the files. Which was true but her having a Kazaa account ruined that bit of info. She made it which meant she had the intent of downloading anyway.[/SIZE]
  3. [SIZE="1"]I don't like calling others stupid. I think it's a rude word. I wouldn't appreciate it if someone called me that. I know that some of the things I do aren't that bright but I try not to say anything if I can't make it count. But sometimes, it's hard to find another word to describe some people and comments. I've tried so hard, until I just give up and choose not to say anything. These are my examples of why I think so. [B]Court Case:[/B] DULUTH, Minn. (Oct. 4) - The recording industry won a key fight Thursday against illegal music downloading when a federal jury found a Minnesota woman liable for damages for sharing copyrighted music online. She was sued for $220,00 in damages. [B]Comments:[/B] [QUOTE]REPUBLICANS GET AWAY WITH LEADING THIS COUNTRY TO WAR OJ GETS AWAY WITH DOUBLE MURDER, AND ARMED ROBBERY P.SPECTOR GETS AWAY WITH MURDER.. ROBERT BLAKE GETS AWAY WITH MURDER... THE DUMB BLONDE TRIO- SPEARS LILO AND HILTON CONSTANTLY BREAK THE LAW AND GET AWAY WITH DWI AND CHILD CARE ISSUES, AND DRUG CHARGES A WOMAN DOWNLOADS MUSIC AND GETS SLAMMED THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN THIS COUNTRY SUCKS TO HIGH HEAVENS[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]This is insane! I think we should all start downloading and sharing. What will the legal system do if we all stand up and refuse to pay?? I can't see them locking up millions of people. I think we all need to unite and bring the corrupt system to its knees. screw the riaa!! lets take our country back[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]Looks like a fairly simple case of white trash trying to get away with theft. She lied about her Kazaa account, so she lied about everything else. She got what she deserved.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]Is what the woman did OK? This is a complex moral-legal question and part of the complexity is that morals and the law do not always agree. True, it is moral to obey the law but there are limits to that. Here, the law is designed to protect enterpreneurship. Is it protecting enterpreneurship in this particular case or is it just permitting the rich and powerful recording industry to get richer and more powerful? But the law must be applied uniformly? Two objections to that. First what does it mean to apply it uniformly and, also, literally. What happened to the old tradition, even part of the Bible, of applying the law wisely? The woman herself-a one time downloader or habitual? And, otherwise, of good moral character or habitually immoral? I don't know the answer to these questions but they are relevant even if not relevant under the 'law.' These concerns would backlog the courts? The courts are backlogged because of people using the law for ends that are not in the spirit of the la[/QUOTE] The last one being my favorite. Attempting to sound so smart but yet having no effect at all. I don't know the charcter limit for AOL comments, but I can see that he didn't even finish what he was trying to say. Maybe it would have made more sense when there was more. Hopefully. What do you think of the case? You can look it up yourself on AOL news or any other American news source. Then, what do you think of comments that are so amazingly "ugh!" that it makes you want to shoot yourself in the head after seeing how simple some can be.[/SIZE]
  4. [SIZE="1"]Hm, well I can definitely say I've had some bad babysitters. Sadly enough, most of them were related to me. The worst probably being my grandmother who is possibly senile and insane in my opinion. One thing she did, I know that I will never forget. Since we arrived at her house 6am and didn't leave until 6pm, we got a long day to spend with her. One morning around 9am, I had just woken up not too long ago and I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my brother and cousins. I made some kind of remark that was completely innocent for someone 7-years-old. My grandmother didn't see it that way and then told me to take a three hour nap on the lounge chair and I wasn't allowed to get up until she said so. I slept for maybe 5 minutes and rolled over and by God, I've never felt a switch like that before. Every time I moved, I would get beat. And my cousins and brother got to go eat breakfast and have ice cream. And I know I've had plenty of bad children. Only two weeks ago I believe, I had 3. The 6-year-old got hooked on playing Vice City and wouldn't give the controller back so I just left him there. The 4-year-old was actually being pretty good. The 1-year-old who is nearly as big as his 6-year-old brother ate everything. And I mean everything. After he left and I managed to find everything they ripped off of my table, I realized that half of my candle was missing. Which is very odd because everytime I looked at him, he was sitting there with nothing in his hand. And then they all ate my pizza and my chicken. It's hard to keep track of all of them. Especially when I'm trying to clean my house at the same time.[/SIZE]
  5. [SIZE="1"]I don't believe that most animes put these sort of things in, just to have a different message or special meaning. Some creators have the need to want to share something they've known, seen, or heard before but rephrase it into their own words and characters. It's not strange to see Japanese gods or legends added into a storyline or used to base a character on. You don't even have to know much about anything to even realize it. I don't know nearly anything outside of Roman history or my town's history but I could tell when the names of cities, characters, machines, etc. were all connected in some way. Even when it was as simple as seeing DBZ for the first time and then years later reading a Saiyuki manga and immediately knowing that Goku, big monkey, and long pole hooked up in some way.[/SIZE]
  6. [quote name='taperson'][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]I tolerate most music. I grew up around classic rock until my best friend started liking rap/pop and my brother started liking country. So I'm exposed to a lot of stuff. The one artist that I simply don't understand is Fergie. I mean... she spells. EVERYTHING. "D to the E to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S"? "F to the E, R, G the I the E"? "G, L, A, M, O, R, O-U, S"? But the worst one... sweet Jesus... "T to the A to the S-T-E-Y". How do you spell "tasty" incorrectly? I just don't get it.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"]I actually like some of Fergie's songs but I agree with you at the same time. I never got how she spelled so much. My color guard coach actually looked at me and asked what she was spelling. I nearly slapped her but then stopped since she was the one with the huge pole in her hand. I was internally pissed every time I heard "tasty" spelled wrong. She's ruining the minds of children who are already failing English![/SIZE]
  7. [SIZE="1"]Well I can't give much criticism seeing if that had any meaning behind it at all, I didn't know it. In terms of grammar etc., I'm not too hot at that myself either. But that was a refreshing change from what I've been stuck reading for the summer. I liked it more as I went along but it felt like you went from no dialogue or monologue at all to nothing but. Not complaining because it fit fine. I got more into it because of that. :][/SIZE]
  8. [SIZE="1"]I've had two favorites books probably so far in my life. Even though one of them I still love. Between ages 2-7, it was [B]Little Duck and the New Baby[/B]. About a cute little boy duck who's baby sister is born, and when his grandpa comes to visit, thinks he's forgotten all about him because of the baby. So cute. I would ask my daddy to read it to me almost every night. Ages 11-15, [B]There's a Dragon In My Backpack[/B]. Adorable book about a boy about to start kindergar(t/d)en but he couldn't go since his best friend, Bumps the Dragon, was afraid to go. Then that night his father read them their favorite story about a knight and a dragon who went to kindergar(t/d)en because of a mishap at the castle with the children. It's a fun book. The beginning of children fantasy reads. I'm horrible at looking up authors. I never do. I could go now but I don't feel like it. There is a little space there between ages but I can't remember the name of the series I read in elementary school. Something about a young boy detective who solved simple cases with his dog. I remember a girl with a lot of cats...Big Paws, etc.[/SIZE]
  9. [quote name='Retribution'][size=1]Specifically, I'd like to talk about rap vs hip-hop. It's a saddening trend that everyone considers them equivalent, and thus hate them both. It bothers me that people lump them all together, consider the artists untalented, and the music as a whole garbage. Granted, you don't have to like it, but at least see the artistry involved? Hip-hop doesn't really glorify anything. I consider it more a chronicling of life. Usually this life is an impoverished, inner-city life, and the music exposes all those blemishes. It's thoughtful and much more pensive than its belligerent counterpart [rap].[/size][/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"]I've had conversations with people my age about this constantly and for some reason, they always claim that hip hop is the greatest and will never die. And that rap is about real life "things" and "problems" that they see everyday and it's wrong for me to say that it's what I think; trash. Mid 90's is when most urban music begin to just decline horribly. More stereotypical black people coming from the same areas all with the same message about hood life, their new found money, and how they enjoy to have their women. You heard less and less about real life events and trauma that most, now considered "old school" rappers, used to rap about. For the most, hip hop and rap are two entirely different things. I've heard "No! Hip hop is a part of rap. It's still the same!" which made me want to scratch my brain out. Rap now is just noise to me. When I stop to listen, words don't even actually rhyme most of the time and the context with the song doesn't resemble the original stuff at all. Hip hop is full more of rhythm and sounds which makes it easier to dance to which is somewhat it's only reason. Now music industries are meshing the two together and all focusing it on "rap" which makes me want to scratch and tear my brain out. Nowadays, people can't even tell the difference. There are few groups or individuals who atleast can keep the two separated.[/SIZE]
  10. [quote name='Starfire0567']Well then that being said I'm giving my opinion on your opinion. Unintelligent? Dearie,you are the unintelligent one. You know what? You are indeed the stereo-typical metalhead. Way to go proving we're different. And for one thing,emo isn't screamo. They're two different things. Learn the difference. I'm the ignorant one? Haha funny! You're one who's getting all ***** about this.[/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"]Hun, I think you're getting a bit too worked up over things. You can't judge someone as a metalhead because they like music and for the most part, you're going off topic. This isn't about you. This isn't about them. This is about music. So if you don't like it you're wasting my reading time with your useless rambling. Go somewhere else like a PM or IM maybe, and stop adding unneccessary things to other people's threads. And for the plus, he's still right. [quote name='Premonition'][COLOR="Navy"]I used to like rap music, but now, it's just a waste of talent. All they do is scrutiize blacks and black women. It's our word? Screw that, if you can say that we can too. But the thing is most of us don't because we're not racist. And hen white eople dress "gangsta"... bouy I'd like to rip off their pants and reveal how shameful they look.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] That'd be lovely.[/SIZE]
  11. [SIZE="1"]Oh. Where to begin? Let's take out the media player shall we? Most of this is due to my rap obsessed brother who blasts music 14 hours a day. Probably the most hated, [B]Lil Wayne[/B]. I'll admit, his rapping is a little more original and something more of what I actually consider "rap" but I can't stand the way that he sounds. It's like he's still going through puberty or something. He matches his music really well but I can't stand listening to any of his songs but one. And I'll rarely listen to that. Next, [B]Snoop Dogg[/B]. Somewhat the same. I don't like his voice. It's scratchy and not very deep. But his freestyle is ok with me. Nothing that's been recorded though catches my ear. [B]Kanye West[/B].....He tries too hard, he's too determined to give himself all the credit, and I've never heard a rapper talk about himself so much. Even if that's all they ever talk about. He takes it to the next level. And to change up some genre, [B]Hinder[/B]. I've heard them. I can't say I want to again. Their music composer doesn't do too well of a job putting his work together. Especially "Lips of an Angel." Someone told me about this song so I listened to it as soon as I could to see if it was anything. I turned it off because I was barely halfway through. It's just not worth my wasted time.[/SIZE]
  12. [SIZE=1]Alyssa watched the crowded room as some of the others admired their new wings that came sprouting from their backs. [B]Wings, powers, and weapons[/B], she thought. "Are you kidding me?" She said, mumbling to herself in a low voice. "I had other things to do with my life before this." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a young man looking at her suspiciously. "Hi," she said and turned away walking over to man who seemed to be handing out swords and such to people. "Is there anything in particular that you need?" he asked. Giving her a quick eye up he suggested, "You look like a like more a long range type of person." "You're right," she agreed giving him one of her good smiles. " Can I get eight ammo clips. Four glock and four CZ-17's please. That's all I think that I'll need." "Are you sure that'll be enough?" "Yeah, I'm sure," she said smiling even bigger when he handed them over to her. She slipped them down into her belt to hold and then gasped when she thought she felt someone pull on her shoulder. Turning around she saw no one. Then realized the pulling was still happening. The feeling moved down toward her shoulders blades and yanked back until a pair of periwinkle colored wings popped from her back. She looked over her shoulder at them admiringly and reached out to stroke one. "Ok then," she said. "Maybe I do like this afterall."[/SIZE]
  13. [SIZE=1]Alyssa stared blankly in front of her deciding whether she wanted to enter into this room or not. There was no one forcing her through it, nor was there anyone telling her that doing so would change every way that she thought about life. Of course it was a hard decision. But without doing so, her afterlife would be mindless wandering while others did what she was unable to. Heaving a heavy sigh and driving her body forward, Alyssa gripped the handle loosely and opened her fated door. Inside, she peered quickly around to the number of people, lounging around. Some stood near the walls, others found comfortable seats to rest on. Few people mingled while others who supposedly preferred to be alone, stayed away from groups and sulked by themselves. [b]This was who she was supposed to get along with? Some of them look like they want to kill me,[/b] she thought to herself while glancing away from some of the more hard-faced persona. [b]This is definitely uncomfortable.[/b] She quickly made her way over to a long counter in the corner avoiding direct eye contact from the many strangers. When she got there, she hopped up onto it and sat facing out into the room. [b]What a crowd.[/b][/SIZE]
  14. [SIZE=1]I love Charlie! I've watched that video countless times. [B]Real Name:[/B] Melissa Taylor [B]Screen name:[/B] WirlySwirly14 [B]Nickname:[/B] Swirl [B]Location:[/B] Pennsylvania [B]Age:[/B] 15 [B]Personality:[/B] Melissa is very average in her real life. She is very laid back and open to different things and ideas that her friends have for her. She's not one to get into fits of any sort over small reasons. Online, her unused energy is released and she's this outspoken, hyper, and enthusiastic person. She's very helpful to online friends and likes to be supportive of everyone. [B]Appearance:[/B] A very pale caramel color covers most of her body besides her face which darkerens to a mere light caramel because of its exposure. A bit taller than most people her age, she is five foot ten and a half inches. Her hair is a short shag of hazelnut strands that stops short just above her ears. Her dark brown eyes are wide and questioning with interest of what is going on around her. Because of her height, she thinks her body would look disgusting if she were skinny so her waist and abdomen have a healthy thickness to them. The rest of her body follows suit to this. [B]Bio:[/B] Throughout her entire life, Melissa has lived in the suburbs. Throughout most of that life, she lived the stereotypical American life; a working father, a stay at home mom, two young children, and the family dog. A horribly blunt family with not much adventure inside of it. When she was thirteen, Melissa's parents divorced and her household was split into two. She nows lives with her full-time working mother and part-time working aunt but still resides in the same house. Her younger sister, her father, and the family dog moved away but only to a house two streets down so there wasn't a problem with the children having relationships with both of their parents.[/SIZE]
  15. [SIZE=1]It's just fine. Thanks, I love 'em. Plus you picked Haku is probably my favorite out of the list.[/SIZE]
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