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  1. Midnightscar

    Manga The Artist & Writer Recruiting Thread

    Greetings fellow Otaku! XD I'm looking for an artist who can draw Mecha for a submission for "Rising Star Of Manga." The story is as follows:A supreme robot named Omnicon created a world known as "Mechrion." Shortly afterwards Omnicon felt a virus developing inside his centeral core, and disspelled it. Once disspelled, the virus then created a body of its own, and became "Destructus." After Omnicon created "The Battalirons," to protect him, from Destructus, he created the "Destructons", who tricked Omnicon, and nearly took him back to Destructus. So as the Battalirons battled the Destruuctons, Omnicon split himself into five segments, and fled to earth, where he then fused himself with five newborn children... Now fifteen years later these children have to work with the robotic partners residing in their bodies, and the Batallrons to defeat the Destructons, and Destructus from ruling the universe. Each child has a mechanical partner, and once they fuse together, is given a unique suit of armor, as well, as acceptional fighting skills, and the ability to conjure light vechiles from their own auras. Somewhat like what you might see in Tron,( For those of you who saw the movie in 1982, or perhaps a later date, or maybe played Kingdom Hearts II.) The Destructon Leader can create miniature drones from the earth, and use them as Armor that would increase his power, or to attack his foes. But he wishes to use Omnicron to reshape the universe. And I know some of the names need work, as well as the overall story... I'm in the process of dealing with that...
  2. Midnightscar

    Anime Bleach

    [QUOTE=Dan Rugh]Bleach started in Japan today. This is an anime that I've been looking forward to since they announced it was coming to TV. I think the manga is in Shounen Jump so I was surprised that there aren't any threads about it here. Well, Bleach is about a 15 year-old boy named Ichigo that can see ghosts. He meets Kuchiki Rukia, a shinigami, one day and her powers are accidentally transferred to Ichigo. Then the two of them begin their journey. I just downloaded the promo on BitTorrent and the animation, done by Studio Pierrot, looks pretty good, but the music they have playing is horrendous. Most of you probably know where you can find this... This anime reminds me of Yu Yu Hakusho and The Sixth Sense wrapped up in one. A lot of people are saying it's better than Naruto also, which could be a big plus for me since I love Naruto. Anyone plan on checking out Bleach when it gets subbed? By the way, does anyone know of any groups that are going to sub it? [COLOR=DarkRed][B]Useful Links: [/B][URL=http://www.j-bleach.com/]Official Bleach Site[/URL][B] | [/B] [URL=http://pierrot.jp/title/bleach/]Studio Pierrot's Bleach Site[/URL][B] | [/B] [URL=http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/bleach/]TV Tokyo's Bleach Site[/URL] [/COLOR][/QUOTE] I love Bleach, and I wouldn't say it's better than Naruto, well maybe it is. I don't know I don't do comparisons. But anyway, let me know about anything new if you've already seen the episode past 21.......I take that back don't tell me anything.
  3. Midnightscar

    Sign Up A Perfect Circle

    Hi it's me again and this is a new rp I just came up with. It's a rp based on my Novel Princess Of The Damned, So there's gonna be some weirdness going on. Story: The Princess Of Demons, Luciami has traveled to Israel to free herself from Lucifers will over her, and during her travels she encounters a coven of black magicians who call themselves A Perfect Circle. They Summon a very powerful beast from Hell and unleash it on the world. The beast ravaged the land and we are few of the survivors who want to take revenge on what the beast and its masters for what they have done to our domains, so we agree to help Luciami in destroying this beast before it harms anyone else. Anyway here are the rules andd guidelines to this Rpg: You can be anything ranging from, Human, mutant, angel, demon or a hybrid of any of the three choices. You have to create your own origin and it doesn't have to tie in with the background story. You'll need weapons of course and powers( optional, really it depends on the category of your character) As always the profile looks at such: Name: Vergus age: 24 Race: Demon/ human hybrid abilities: fire/ negative energy manipulation Appearance: White hair, purple eyes, a black drench coat and pants, brown boots and a sword at the side. Bio: Appointed as watcher of Luciami by Queen Mandra, Vergus knew that one day he would have to assist her on whatever path she chose, and never though he'd be facing the servant of Satan himself. Location: My character's location will start in a city, (Where the story first begins.) When you start your scenario you may begin whatever location fits your interests. You can partner up with a friend of course and as always you can even create your own enemies to fit your scenario. Is everyone clear on the rules and guidline to this thread? if not ask me. In anycase please sign up down here if you wish to join. Registration:
  4. Midnightscar

    Sign Up Dragon Heart[ E-T]

    Okay the story is thus: The characters who join, visit the home of a young sorcerer and get stuck in a universe threatened by an evil dragon god. what we have to do is stop him from finding a few special items called relic Stones, and slay him before he awakens his army of dragon soldiers. The time and place is earth in the present century, and players have to find a way to the dragon's lair and destroy the dragon king,( or any minion that you created who is associated with the dragon king). Rules: Once you get past the entrance into the scorcers game, You are allowed to create a character of your own design. His/her race, weapon choice, occupation, and abilities. You must also create your characters origin. (Place of birth, relations with others, if they have a special destiny...etc.) Here is how the description shall be written. Name: Napal age: 14 Race: human(Character race: demon) Abilities: Manipulation of fire, and darkness Weapons: Chaos blades character Occupation: Bounty hunter character Origin: Napal is an aspiring bounty hunter who journeyed from the nether region to hunt down the dragon king for the destruction of his village. (of course is doesn't have to revolve around the dragon king, but rather a minion of his that you happened to create if you want to do so.) Okay does everyone understand? If so good. Sign in here. (sigh....I don't think I'll ever get this right) Registrations:
  5. Midnightscar

    Sign Up Dragon Heart

    Okay everyone here's my second shot at this if you want to join this thread, the plot is thus: we have to stop an evil dragon from ruling the universe. You may create any character of your choosing and weapon usage, and origin scenario.
  6. Midnightscar

    Sign Up Dragon Heart

    Okay people this is my first shot at creating an Rpg on this website so if it doesn't fit the needed quality ask me or the moderators or administrators to delete it. It's based on a comic that I'm working on, but haven't written yet.) Hello everyone, my name is Cody, and I am the chosen successor of wielding the Dragon Saber. It has been a year since our last battle in The realm of games. We defeated The Game Masters and restored peace to the earth. Now there is a new evil threatens the multi-verse. An evil dragon has awakened and plots to resurrect his army and conquer the mulit-verse after he finds all seven of thr relic stones. So, I have to find Redman, Russel, and Tao-lin so that we can rid the multi-verse of The Paragon of Darkness.