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  1. Name: Zerodyme Syn Age: 16 Codename: Psycho Power: Telekinesis and Telepathy Personality: Usually shy and quiet until he gets to know someone. Once he does he'll be open and really giddy, half the time talking about things that no one understands besides him and the people in his imagination. Can be a bit immature at times (90% of the time) Style of Combat: Kendo, also knows how to use some light firearms History: Zerodyme's original was born in japan some time ago to a wealthy family. His parents ran a very successful business that covered various fields of technological
  2. Well in that case Abel works as the animal trainer in the circus, and actually does acts w/ the lions. Also as for his Specialty Components... I should probably mention that he has more than just the PTS Drive but those systems are currently locked and unknown to the unfinished Abel.
  3. Android model type: ES-Series Name: Abel Age: 15 Specialty components: Mainly his Phase Transfer System (PTS) Drive that allows him to materialize various non-organic items that he has pre-programed into his system or he gathers along the way History: Abel is a prototype ES-Series android. He was developed to be the ultimate killing machine, but his development was halted before he was even half way finished. During this halted time Abel was stolen by one of his developers who was able to finish him to atleast the minimal requirements to make him functional, even though mo
  4. Name: Mithos Yggdrasill Appearance: [URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2a/Mithos_Angelic_Form.jpg]Click Me[/URL] Age: Human Form - 12 Angelic Form - 20 Gender: Male Past: Mithos was born an Angel but isn't well liked in the angelic community mainly because of his mothers abandonment of him to live among the humans. The war has prompted Mithos to descend upon the world of humans to try and find someone who he believes can stop the war and protect them at all costs for the sake of his mother and his rumored half-sibling Dreams: Mithos dreams to be
  5. Name: Nephilim Zarathustra Age: 22 Demon Age: 128 Gender: Female Personality: Both as a human and demon she's gentler than the rest. She hates killing but will if its necessary. Though she's not talkative she will at times develop an attachment onto various people... rather they like it or not. Human Appearance: [URL=http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/images13/MTS2_469579_steamed-pepsi_little_miss_massacre2.jpg]Click Me[/URL] Demon Appearance: Same as her human except her eyes turn to a blood red color, her fingers from the knuckles down turn into metallic like claws
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