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    Just trying to live on to fulfill my dreams.
  1. DaOnly

    Anime How did YOU start watching anime?

    Well the first anime I have seen is Speed Racer, but at the time I didn't know it was an anime. I didn't get into anime until I saw DBZ and Sailormoon on Toonami when I was in third grade. The first anime movie I saw was Princess Mononoke which was on the action channel when I was 12 years old. I watched Cowboy Bebop and Yu Yu Hakusho on Adult Swim when I was 12 also.
  2. DaOnly

    Favorite Childhood Toys.

    There were many toys I played with, but my favorite were the Legos. I loved playing with Legos. I use to build everything. During daycare my friend and I would sit there building huge walls before my dad came to pick me up. In elementary school there were these different shape blocks you can use to create different patterns. When we have freetime I would sit there creating so many patterns and other shapes. That was fun. I also had little toys I have gotten from kids' meals and would sit there and play with them. I even played with hairbows as if they were toys while my grandmother or mother did my hair which takes a long time. My grandma also had these small mini statues on her television too that I played around with. Those were good times. ^_^
  3. DaOnly

    Anime Isolated By Anime

    I never been isolated because of anime or manga. Now thinking about it, I brought a Death Note manga to school with me because it was getting close to the end of my senior year and I wanted something to read. No one didn't say anything rude and my teacher didn't care either. She asked me what I was reading and I told her. She just said okay. Most of the isolation came from when I don't talk much and how nervous I get in front of people during projects. ^_^ But I am opening up very slowly, but surely. Even those I know who doesn't like anime is not mean to me because of it. They have their opinions and I have mines.
  4. DaOnly

    Anime What kind of Anime do you prefer?

    I like watching anime that makes me think, but to be honest I can't really decide on a specific genre. As long as it got a creative story that grasp my interest, I'll watch it.
  5. DaOnly

    Your Birthday

    [B]1. Do you have any birthday traditions?[/B] If everyone is up at midnight. My mom, little sister, and big brother would come in my room singing happy birthday. If they don't do that at midnight then they wake up in the morning singing happy birthday. [B]2.What was your best birthday present ever? (if you say 'life' I'll slap you!) [/B] I can't really think of one at the moment, but I usually get video games on my birthday. Actually my father calling me on my 17th birthday was cool. [B]3.Has knowing your age ever given you a certain mindset? Did you ever feel like you'd passed a certain rung or like you had to change?[/B] No, when I turned 16 there was nothing sweet about it. That wasn't a good time for me. Too much was going on. Plus it was that same year someone close to the family died and no one was in a celebrating mood. I am turning 18 on August 20 (Monday). I might feel a little different. [B]4. What was your favorite birthday?[/B] I don't have a favorite birthday, but I have a good feeling that my birthday this year is going to be my favorite.
  6. DaOnly

    Music What Are You Listening To?

    I have many songs I am listening to currently. To List a few... Kanye West's Albums College Dropout and Late Registration. Also his two singles from his new album Graduation. Common Biber-Passagalia (a 10 min. Violin Solo) Linkin Park UVERworld Asian Kung-Fu Generation Gackt Orange Range- Thank You!! Nobuo Uematsu Yoko Kanno Vivaldi Outkast Gorillaz John Legend's Album Get Lifted My Chemical Romance And there are much more. [FONT=Verdana][COLOR=blue]Welcome to OtakuBoards. When replying to threads like this, please be sure to add a little more to each song you choose so you're not just posting a list. For example, explain why you like the song or artist (or if it's on random and you don't like it, what it is that you don't like about it). This helps to promote further discussion. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any other staff member.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][COLOR=blue]- Petie[/COLOR][/FONT]
  7. DaOnly

    Anime What are You Watching/Reading Now?

    I'm watching Bleach and Blood+ on Adult Swim Saturdays. I finished watching Petshop of Horrors not too long ago. I am currently reading Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist.