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  1. When it comes to watching, its ALL about Soul Eater and Naruto Shippuden. Definetly the 2 best animes out in Japan right now(other than Bleach, but their fillers are getting a bit annoying.) As far as reading, I'm def stuck on Naruto and InuYasha(especially with InuYasha about to come to an end. :()
  2. So none of ya have read this weeks edition of Naruto. BOY, this is quite possibly the most interesting one yet. Its like the ENTIRE story of Naruto has just changed within a matter of pages. So Itachi was a Konoha spy ordered to kill the entire Uchiha clan. And basically, Sasuke knows that Konoha was the true enemy and not his brother. I'm tellin ya, I have a feeling that Sasuke is gonna end up joining the Akatsuki and then we're gonna see the true final battle. Sasuke Vs Naruto to see who truly is better. Konoha or the Uchiha's. Things are about to get veeeeery interesting.
  3. [quote name='TwistedChick']I step away for two weeks and the thread hardly moves... sad. Chapter 397 - Madara is a lying bastard. If not, uber-WTF?! And simply [I]touching[/I] Sasuke allowed Itachi to transfer his techniques...isn't that a bit of a stretch? I think Kishi's seriously groping in the dark right now. Apparently he isn't listening to the fans, at least fans like us, who were [I]happy[/I] that Sasuke appeared to have been weakened by this battle. But, [B][I]nooooo[/I][/B]. He actually achieved mangekyou. [I][B][U]Yay.[/U][/B][/I] *dripping with sarcasm*[/QUOTE] Well, who's to say that he's gonna be able to have the Mangekyou from now on. Maybe he was just able to use that Mangekyou that one time, thus is why he didnt realize what had happened. But regardless though, it was a pretty interesting episode. I thought Itachi was still alive to begin with when Amaterasu came out and engulfed Tobi/Madara. I bet thats what Kishi was thinkin about doing at the beginning to throw the fans off. Atleast it worked on me. But now I'm PISSED! No Naruto next week? :( So we gotta wait 2 weeks before the next issue. They better be glad theres a new ep of the anime next week.
  4. AMAZING CHAPTER TODAY! Although all of it was just talking, but man. The ending was just beyond spectacular. Tobi is finally about to show his true self and about to tell Sasuke the truth about Itachi. So maybe Gavin(I think thats who said it)was right and he's gonna say Madara killed his parents and not Itachi. Looks like we'll have to find out next week. The last few pages were great though. Had me on the edge of my seat while readin it.
  5. This chapter definetly had the line of the moment. Tobi: Well? Zetsu: Sasuke won. Uchiha Itachi is dead. Tobi: Whooooa, didnt see that coming. Please tell me I'm not the only one that almost died laughing when I saw that. I just recently started reading the manga(beginning when Jiraiya died.) Has Tobi/Madara always been this goofy? I cant wait until they start usin him more in the anime. Dude is a bonafied fool.
  6. [quote name='Gavin'][SIZE="1"]Secondly, no, just no. I assume you're referring to the clips at the end of the latest Shippuden episodes featuring "sasuxnaru" pictures. I don't get it myself, as nothing in the manga or anime has ever hinted about that kind of relationship between the two,[/SIZE][/QUOTE] I know you gotta be either joking or being sarcastic about that. You do realize that all of those pics are fan drawings right and they just picked the best ones to put into the ending. Guess somewhat of a shout out to the fans of Naruto Shippuden. I'm sure you probably already knew that, thus is why I'm leaning towards you being sarcastic about it. But just incase....yeah. Anyway on the subject of the manga....todays issue was pretty good. They went straight back to the fight between the Konoha Elite(guess thats what you can call em)against Tobi/Madara. Looks like we're about to get to see Shino use his new ability in the next issue. Should be interesting. And on the subject of the anime...GOOD LORD it was hot. Definetly cant wait til nex...well, APRIL FRIGGEN 3RD! Gotta wait 2 more weeks to watch some new Naruto. :(
  7. Man, I hate to sound sucka-fied but I honestly almost started crying on the last 2 pages. Probably because I was listening to "Sengunbanba" from the Naruto Shippuden soundtrack while reading them last 3 pages(one thing I try to do is play the music from the OST to see if the music would fit a page like it would fit the anime. Almost makes me feel like I'm actually watching the anime.). But man, them last few pages when it showed Itachi doin to his little brother like he used to when he was a kid for the final blow just almost made me start floodin out tears. Its almost like Itachi said "Thank you and goodbye baby brother." when he did that. I'm definetly ready to see what they're going to have instore for us next week.
  8. If I were to hook up with any Naruto character....I'd have to choose Karin from the manga. I just love the way she looks. Now out of the anime itself...gotta go with Tsunade for obvious reasons. ^_^
  9. [quote name='Solo Tremaine'][COLOR=#503f86]More to the point, where does Sasuke's story go after this? Let's say he kills Itachi. His character journey is complete, essentially, unless he decides that he does want to go after Madara. If he doesn't, then he has very little left to do except be all-powerful. Orochimaru's gone too, so it's not as if that storyline can go anywhere else until Kabuto comes back. And even then, there's not a great deal either of them can do to each other. Well, Sasuke could cough and destroy half the world (including Kabuto) whilst simultaneously rebuilding it as a giant tribute to his own face, still leaving himself one hand free to do the crossword at the rate he's going now.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] I too was actually wonderin about this. Somethin that made me wonder is doesnt he have Orochimaru's powers to take someones body? If so, maybe after he comes close to killing Itachi, he can have him merge with him like he did to Orochimaru. Then Sasuke could pretty much be the ultimate killing machine with not only Orochimaru's powers but Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan.
  10. Man, I cant wait until this is actually animated. Although these chapters more than likely wont be animated until this time next year(or VERY LATE this year), the animation of this thing is gonna be INSANE! But as far as the story goes, I thought that was it for Itachi. When he got blasted and was laid out face down, I thought that was it. And next thing you know, friggen Sasuke transforms and makes you wonder "Why in the world did he do that?" and boom...Itachi is still friggen alive. ITS CRAZY!! Well, atleast we know it'll definetly end next week.
  11. Man, this weeks issue was enough to piss a man OFF! I was like "Itachi is pretty much gonna kill himself just to take out Sasuke", but now. Sasuke's gonna bust out with a replacement jutsu. But I'll admit, I was on the edge of my seat for a minute. I thought Sasuke was gonna use Orochimaru's powers and switch bodies with Itachi...then I realized that would be pointless since Itachi is fully blind in 1 eye now. But yeah this issue was really good, but man I thought this was gonna be the end of the battle. I'm not even gonna say next weeks is gonna be the end because it'll probably end up goin on longer than that. But it should be a good one. Definetly ready to see what Sasuke's final attack is gonna be.
  12. Yes, todays chapter was BEYOND amazing. Sasuke pretty much proved that he has surpassed Itachi in every shape and form. The only thing Itachi has going for him now is that Mangekyo Sharigan but like we all know, its making him go blind. Or as I can see in this chapter, he's already COMPLETELY blind. His last ditch effort is gonna be that Amaterasu and if that doesnt work in the next chapter, Itachi is gonna be the next in a line of dead Akatsuki. So I guess now the question is, once Itachi is finished, where does that leave Sasuke? Think they'll have him go back to Konoha to defeat the rest of the Akatsuki? I still think it'd be a wild twist if he ended up joining the Akatsuki after Itachi is dead.
  13. I honestly dont know where I should put this at. Whether it be in the anime section, or this section. So of course, I chose this one since it technically is art. I mean, I did make the video, so uuuh yeah. I guess it could be classified as art. But anyway, yeah. I've just recently gotten back into makin AMVs, and this is my first AMV using Vegas Video 8 Professional Edition. I was filled with alot of creative juices on this one, especially since I just got my hands on Vegas 8. But anyway, this video pretty much tells the events that caused Naruto to get so angry that the Kyuubi started being released from inside of him. Also shows a bit why Sasuke technically sold his soul to Orochimaru. Well, here it is. Hope you like it and if you could, please give me your thoughts. Any tips and what not would be much appreciated. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3fQhoiBQLA[/url] Side Note: For those that have not seen any episodes of Naruto Shippuden, this video contains some spoilers, so if you dont want to be spoiled...I'd say try not to watch it. But if you're like me, and spoilers dont really matter...then check it out. ^_^
  14. Man, why no one has talked about the past 2 episodes of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is BEYOND me. These past 2 episodes would definetly have to be classified as 2 of the greatest episodes in ANY anime HISTORY. The complete randomness in the first half of episode 3 was NUTS. Dont want to go into detail, but basically its a chick(I'm guessing supposed to be one of the animators in the series)was listening to the show on the radio while trying to figure out somethin about Pine X Napple. Basically, it gets a little disturbing towards the end. But its friggen HILARIOUS! And the second half....oh my God. They way they just started talkin about life situations like it means nothing had me DYING! I'm tellin ya, grab these most recent episodes. They are BEYOND amazing.
  15. Alright, I know alot of ya say that you really dont like the English dub, and I'll admit at first I didnt care for it. BUT GOOD LORD, this past season was friggen amazing. They pretty much did the entire Rescue Sasuke Saga the way it needed to be. The exact same quotes and everything. I officially love the English dub now. Honestly I gotta admit that the dubs have gotten really good since the battle between Gaara and Sasuke during the Chuunin exams. Everything since then has been simply phenomenal. And I have definetly got to say that tonights episode with the final battle between CS2 Sasuke Vs Fox Naruto was probably one of the best done dubs I've seen in quite a while. Maybe I'm biased to this since it was my favorite episode in the original Japanese version aswell, but still. They did a great job on this one. Well, I guess for the next few months I wont be recording it since the fillers begin. Honestly if they're smart, they'll go ahead and start Shippuden next week and keep the fillers for DVD release ONLY. About like they did with Dragonball GT. Keeping the first few episodes for DVD release only and starting with the Bebi saga. But I highly doubt that'll happen.
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