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  1. Okies, so I trolled through some other threads and really didn't find many suggestions that fit me. School schedule has settled, and now I'm finding myself with the need to find something to watch. I went all over the net to see what came out recently, and good lord.. there is just too much to pick through. So, with that thought in mind, I'm looking for some suggestions on what to watch next. Also keep in mind, my preferences lie heavily with Slice of Life/Romantic Comedy, middle-range interest in Action/Drama, near none in Horror. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask
  2. Three Albums I couldn't live without.. Hrm. 1st: Timeless - UVERworld By far my favorite album by any band - ever. It shows an incredible range of modern music styles, performing top notch in each of the genres it explores. UVERworld is truly a band worthy of being called musicians in a time where many 'musicians' aren't. 2nd: Axis: Bold as Love - Jimi Hendrix This one is pretty self explanatory. Anyone who has heard Hendrix, particularly songs like "One Rainy Wish", "Castles Made of Sand", and "Bold As Love" knows why this album is one that I just can't be without.
  3. Whenever I do dream of anime, it typically involves a female character, and me not remembering the rest of the dream. Waking up, feeling more attached to the character than before, it's often how my addiction to certain series becomes solidified. Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo was the first I believe, and of the ones I can remember.. Asuka from Eva and Eureka from E7 are the most reoccuring. Though, lately I recall Hinata Hyuuga and Soifon being in the same one... Oddly enough, these 5 are easily my top 5 favorite characters of all time, maybe because of these dreams. No, these arent dirty dreams..
  4. There were of course dozens of others, but these ones in particular totally choked me up. Very few times in my life have I cried from deaths in any other media (tv, books, etc), heck.. the last time I remember coming to tears was when Michael Moorcock's "Corum" [spoiler] bit the dust to the woman he loved...or when Elric killed his best friend, and then was immediately killed by his own sword.. [/spoiler] Deaths that totally had me choked up: Mahoromatic - [spoiler] Mahoro dying, even though she eventually came back, not only had me in tears, but almost made it so I couldn't watch t
  5. Ok, I'm getting bored again.. break before fall classes is coming up, so I am looking for a few more suggestions. I've found myself stuck to romantic comedies more-so than before.. as well as teen-school comedy. Keep in mind, solid female characters are a plus. I've recently picked up watching Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu whenever fansubs are released, as well as Itazura na Kiss, both of which I enjoy quite a bit. I've also taken quite a bit to D.Gray-man. Chrno Crusade was interesting, but kind of... lacking... I've also found myself watching more and more Subs than Dubs. If you're
  6. The only problem is calling Funimation 'professionals', considering the general standpoint amongst the anime community on Dub scripts/Voice Actors.. I'm actually a fan of many dubs, but there is no denying the loss in translation that a lot of dubs offer. But the fact remains that both sides will have to provide valid points to convince the community or their opposition of their standpoint being the correct one.
  7. "OMG A FREAKIN' ZOMBIE WALL!!1" What he said. I saw the game play trailer when they announced it on the World of Warcraft website, and had to clean my pants (both front and back) moments later in pure nerdage bliss. The new game play is *EXACTLY* what Diablo needed to go from a stale remake of D2/D1 to a Unique game piece. The only thing I can forsee becoming an issue is devouting time to D3 AND WoW. With Wrath of the Lich King, Diablo 3, and Starcraft 2 all on the horizon, Blizzard is on the thresh hold of taking their dominance of the gaming world to a whole new level.
  8. She don't need porn to get her jollies... [IMG]http://usera.imagecave.com/Daldaren/Nel.JPG[/IMG]
  9. While trolling through my list of fansub sites checking for new releases, I ran across some interesting News from Dattebayo. "Join Dattebayo, along with Live-Evil and other fansubbers, as we engage in a new format panel at Otakon 2008 in Baltimore this weekend. This year, representatives of Dattebayo, along with staff from several other fansubbing groups, will engage in a live, moderated discussion with anime industry staff Lance Heiskell, Director of Marketing at FUNimation, and John Sirabella, CEO of Media Blasters, about fansubbing. This new format panel will be the one of t
  10. After seeing this thread I checked it out, definately have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised. Not only is the romantic atmosphere nearly perfect, but the comedy is both direct and subtle, keeping me laughing through each of the four episodes that are out at the moment. Who can say no to a show with 14-year old girl panty shots and chain-saw wielding maids? Does that sound as bad as I think it does? Oh well, I think I was already damned to hell after buying the Mahoromatic DVD set in all it's loli-sento glory.
  11. [quote name='Altorin'] ... Kamelot ... Nightwish (And No, Nightwish Without Tarja IS NOT NIGHTWISH!) ... [/QUOTE] Two notes before my list. One, Kamelot rules... Youngblood and Khan can have me. Maybe Casey too. Second, Nightwish *was* great with Tarja.. however, I've found myself questioning whether she was that great. For example.. The Poet and the Pendulum is by far my favorite Nightwish song, with Nemo as a second. While - YES - the new singer is not the same style.. Tarja's vocals always agitated me in one way or another... and while her replacement isn't totally pe
  12. [quote name='CrimsonKnight'][COLOR="Red"]*sighs* I'm biting my tounge so hard not to say something smart. I'm going to be [I]very [/I]upfront: 1)Don't call me "squirt." 2) I'm smarter than you think. 3)I know what "dude" means, okay? 4) I'm not being a dweeb, provided I don't even know what a "dweeb" is. 5) Don't talk to me like that, if you please. Again, I'm not trying to be a smartmouth, but I really don't like being talked to like that. :animeswea I'm scared out of my wits right now. Leave me be.:animedepr[/COLOR][/QUOTE] I feel like I've died and gone to world of w
  13. A couple short ones that come to mind.. that are still very solid.. : Basilisk - Touching ninja story, incredible ending, and solid action. Worth much more than the time invested watching it. Trinity Blood - Ultimate in catho-fanatic holy-war nut fantasy-fiction. Vampires and the church, with futuristic weapons. Huzzah. Samurai Deeper Kyo - I find very few reasons to recommend this, but still do. Decent story line - if not a little jumpy/space-y - but still worth watching I guess. Elfen Lied - Very good action/story, touching and gruesome at the same time. BECK - Words
  14. Particular songs.. Hrm. The ones in particular that dragged me into total and complete fan-dom would be... Edit: LOL@Wall-of-text, sorry. :p [B]March of Mephisto - by Kamelot[/B] Reason: This song provides all the sinister feeling of death/goth metal, with the sophistication of true storytelling. It's easy to find yourself drawn into it, expressing *perfectly* the scene the band was trying to convey. Info: Before this song, I really had no interest in music produced internationally. While Kamelot is originally a U.S. band, and english speaking at that, I'd never heard of them. I
  15. oh, aren't you tough.. selling yourself to little girls. [IMG]http://usera.imagecave.com/Daldaren/kagami.JPG[/IMG]
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