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  1. LegendaryLeader

    Anime Favorite Card to Use in Play...

    I like to use my trios of Dark Magicians and Blue-eyes White Dragons
  2. LegendaryLeader

    Anime Made-up cards

    Ulitmate Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon Master (just a little long) Fusion Dark Dragon/Legend (Legend a new type) Atk/7000 Def/7000 Red Eyes/Red Eyes/Red Eyes/Lord of Dragons/Metalmorph Flavor Text The ultimate power of the world are wielded with in his crystal
  3. LegendaryLeader

    Anime Do you trust japenese duelests?

    An american duelist at my school told me that a card gave his "Dragon Zombie" the power to regenrate every time it went to the graveyard,but I did resarch and load&behold it olny gave his Zombie 300 Attack & Defense points. Now I do trust all american duelist with japaneses card because I own A few Japan card myself.
  4. LegendaryLeader

    Anime New Egyptian God Cards: Are they coming out?

    Hey thanks Domon for clearing up my confusion. I still can't wait to get my hands on Slipher the Sky Dragon
  5. LegendaryLeader

    Anime New Egyptian God Cards: Are they coming out?

    I done a little research my self. First My friend @ school said that his cousin got his @ a Tornament(sp) Second I thought that they are coming in "mass production" in the Leagacy of Darkness set (the next expan.) Third Now the coming in game, But wouldn't that decrease the value I'm as confused as you guys are :confuse2:.
  6. LegendaryLeader

    Anime Dark Magian Girl

    Dose any one know about the Americian Dark Magian Girl Card I just can't Find it
  7. LegendaryLeader

    Northren Lights

    I was watching the news on the Local T.V. the reported the the Northren lights were spotted in Southren Missouri???????????? My main question is , is that possible, I really want to see them i wish they were around my area.
  8. LegendaryLeader

    Northren Lights

    I have a question for people in the mid U.S.(from Oregon to Maryland) has any one seen the Northren Lights(arua borlie alas) in the klast few night . the reaason I am asking pepole around my area have spotted the light in the last few nights??????
  9. LegendaryLeader

    Sig Contests

    I really like my Sig. (one in the red) I know It's not the best
  10. LegendaryLeader

    Anime list you're 5 favorite anime shows.

    1.[b]DIGIMON[/b] 2.Transformers 3.Escaflowna (sp) 4.Medabots(if I ever watch another show) 5.???????????????????????
  11. LegendaryLeader

    Anime Which is the most Emotional/shocking scene in any anime?

    my opipion(sp) the most Emotional/shocking scene is when Optimus Prime died in Transformers the Movie :bawl: :bawl:
  12. LegendaryLeader

    Anime Otaku Anime Awards

    Digimon I am a total Digi- fanic Look at my posts 95% of them are in the Digi Board
  13. LegendaryLeader

    Anime Transformers Generation ?

    What is your Fav. Transformers Generation
  14. LegendaryLeader


    Bike not nike. Bike are cheap and the last a long time I hd one pair that lasted juntil my feet grew
  15. LegendaryLeader

    when does everyone go back to school?

    I started the 22nd of August 9th grade isn't that bad