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    Finally people who think like i do i hated the movie!!That movie was so boring!And nick cannot rap at all i dont even know why he even tries!The only reason i watched this movie was because they showed it in class!This movie gets a big zero from me!And is band really all that serious!lol:D
  2. I watched reloaded yesterday and i got to say damn tha was a good movie!It was way better than the first one i personally think.I enjoyed the fights and storyline even if i got lost a few times.And the sfx were just awsome!And i was so stuck on the movie that when the end came up and said to be concluded i was extremely mad!!:mad: I guess i'll have to wait :( so the next one comes out. In november right?
  3. Well i have seen this movie about 2 weeks ago at a free showing.I dont wanna spoil anything so all ima say is that it was good.It was better than i taught i personally taught it was gonna be crap but i was provin wrong.It is a good movie compared to the horrible horror flicks we've had lately.
  4. It's ovious that bouncer only knows about what he hears on the radio.He is young so ofcourse he would think old school hip hop is weak.He only listen's to stuff that other people listen too.I bet he hasn't even heard any old school albums to be judging them.Bouncer check out some of tha old run dmc albums.Be your own person dont try to be like everyone else.Ask all your older friends about old school rap and i bet they will till u that it is tight.With out tha classics there would be no hip hop.:D
  5. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Transtic Nerve [/i] [B]It's fair to say you know nothing about music, because you like hip hop. Hip hop isn't even music. It's a form of poem basically. I dunno why people continue to call hip-hop music, Endymion even said "they should start paying attention to the lyrics of their favorite songs instead of just rocking back and forth to the music"... rap is based on lyrics, not music, which makes it a form of poem, and not a genre of music. So to answer your question, no, Rap is not the popular form of music, it's not even music. It's some ugly guy with 9 of hi
  6. I dont like when someone doesn't know about hip hip and talk about it.If u dont like hip hop keep it to your self you might not understand it just as we might not understand your type of music.And alot of people like rap aint it the most popular genre of music?And it's not fair to say that rappers have no talent or are stupid.And you say people listen to rap just for disses that is not true maybe thats what you think but that is not true.But i understand you know nothing about hip hop because if u did u wouldn't call it crap. :D
  7. I watched and i taught it was a good movie.I only smoke herb and i dont do any other type of drug for the fact that it can really mess up your life and body.Anyways i liked the movie it was weird and scary and shows what hard drugs can do to you.:DI would recommend this movie to everyone.
  8. Mc disses are battles and are a part of hip hop.It's too see who is a better mc!Some of you guys make it seem like a big problem.And always using big and pac as a example.But there death didn't have nothing to do with hip hop.Mc's use hip hop battles as a way of fighting would you rather have them shooting and fighting each other on the streets personally i like battles and disses we get to see how much skills a real mc has.And if you dont know everything about the hip hop culture and only know what u hear and see on tv.Then i think you shouldn't speak up on hip hop.:D
  9. Yeah blue gender you can find the latest eminem,50 cent and busta rhymes diss on this site [url]www.dashadyspot.com[/url] it's a quick download.Ive just downloaded all the d-12 royce da 5'9 disses i didn't even know they were beefing yo!Royce da 5'9 comes hard on that track "malcom x" but on all the other disses i personally tought they were weak but i heard all the d-12 and proof disses to royce and they were preety ill.And i din't know that proof was realesing his album on his own label.That new d-12 is dou to come out in july yo!I know its gonna be iller than the first one!:DOh yeah you can
  10. Have you heard tha shady/aftermath comeback diss to that ja rule b/s.It's eminem and 50 cent and busta rhymes flowing over 2 pac's heil mary.That track is cool yo!Proof from d-12 is coming out with a solo album in july i've heard a couple of tracks and all i can say yo is that he's album is gonna be ill son!!And i haven't seen tha whole video of reign when ever it comes on i cut it off!Did he really say hip hop is dying?That B***H is killing it yo!I cant stand when fake mc's claim to know and be real hip hop!Septagon do u got yahoo messenger?I can send you some of my tracks on there!
  11. So was tuesday's episode of buffy a new episode??I couldn't watch it i had things to do!:mad: Does anyone mind felling me in?:DI would really appreciate it.:D
  12. Im from los angeles,california septagon!So how is tha hip hop scene out in london?And yeah i spit fly-t i got my own little studio well 3 actually me and my homies have been rapping for more than 7 years now.We produce our own beats and produce our own tracks.We put down our own cd's and pass em out!We get alot of feedback and alot of people seem to like our style we are goofy lyricst our lyrics well make u laugh and think.:DWe run 2 hip hop crews which if we ever get signed to a label will become the names of our labels.they are called L.O.L=laughing out loud and troublesome.Right now we are
  13. Septagon check out these sites yo [url]www.undergroundhiphop.com ,and[/url] [url]www.hiphopinfinity.com[/url] this is where i find out about new underground artists!:D Check out this one fine white girl named penny she got mad flows yo!:D Where you from septagon?
  14. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by dr.septagon [/i] [B]WHAT IS TRUE HIP-HOP (A THREAD FOR PPL WHO LIKE HIP-HOP AND HATE HIP-POP):mrt: I particularly dont like mainstream/industry rappers anymore cause all they rap about is who they've killed, how much money or drugs they have and how thugged out they are... oh yeah and their cadillac trucks and chromed out rides.. boooring I also hate 'rappers' like Nelly, Ja Rule etc...:flaming: What is true hip hop to you? Who do you like/hate? :therock: any interesting news/rumours? A list of rappers I like: Compa
  15. I really enjoyed ninja scrolled i downloaded it last week.I lik the action and animation and the story line is real cool if u havent seen it i recommend you do!:D
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