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  1. Kitell

    Sign Up Neopets:Battle for Neopia

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Krillen [/i] [B] I've decided that i will use a Bee of some sort as a NeoPet. Not a tiny little Bumblebee though, I want a mean looking one. Mean as in Beedrill from Pokemon, that kind of look. if you could just show me the pictures of all of the Bee Neopets that owuld be great. [/B][/QUOTE] You want the Buzz than. He is the only bee on neopets plus he looks cool. Sorry I don't have a pic. of one.
  2. Kitell

    Sign Up Neopets:Battle for Neopia

    Name: Kevin J Ross Age:11 Neopet: Justicechamp8 the Golden Wocky Perso: Kevin is smart and loves to play Neopets. His user name for neopets is neocoolj8. He has two pets Justicechamp8 and Dnik8. Kevin's Dnik8 is a very kind, cheerful, happy, freandly, playful neopet. Wich got lastat same time Sloth returned. Kevin hopes Dnik8 is safe. Kevin,s Justicechamp8 is the champion of justice. He is trying his hadest to find and stop Sloth's plan. Dis.: Kevin is 5'0 tall, Shot brown hair, blue eyes. wears tech pants and T-Shirts. Sorry if the dis. is no good becase I'm no good at des.
  3. Kitell

    Anime Digistory: Entrance of Nightmare

    You have done a great job of making the RPG's storyline clear and esay to understand:D.
  4. Kitell

    Anime Digistory: Entrance of Nightmare

    My character(Obtok) had a cool scane. Oh ya once agan great job. By the way sorry to get you so ticked with the remake:o. Just to clear stuff up. What I meant with the remake is we would Make 100% new character, digimon and story.
  5. Kitell

    Anime Digistory: Entrance of Nightmare

    Who agrees that we shourd make a remake digistory.
  6. Kitell

    Anime Digistory: Entrance of Nightmare

    You are doing a good job of retelling our story. Keep up the good work:).
  7. Kitell

    Anime The Real Tamers part0-par5

    So far so good. I can't wait tail my character comes up.
  8. Kitell


    I think Doctor Octopus shoud be the vallin in the second move. The second Green Goblin(Harry Osborn) shoud be in the third move. They shoud also fit someone small like The Vulture in one of the two like moves.
  9. Kitell

    RPG Star Wars:Rogue Squadron(play!)

    Kitell steps out of the flight simulator. Impressived with how realistic it was but still no simulator can capture the true heat of battle. "If I do as good on the battlefield as in the simulator then the imperials should be running for there life." Said kitell
  10. Kitell

    RPG Star Wars: Rogue Squadron(sign up)

    Name: Kitell Age: 28 Description: Tall, short brown hair, brown eyes, mustach Rank: Colonel Wing #: 11( I really wanted 8 or 12 Home Planet: Corellia R2 or R5 Name: R5-J8 Bio: He is a great pilot
  11. Kitell

    RPG Sonic Adventure (sign up)

    Can I be chaos 0
  12. Kitell

    alternatives to napster

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SSJGoten [/i] [B][url]www.kazaa.com[/url] [/B][/QUOTE] You took mine. Kazaa is very good.
  13. Kitell

    RPG Dragonial

    Name: Kital Element: Water Dragon's name: Krongo the black dragon Weapon: poison sword Age: 19 Personality: Don't know yet Hair: black Eye color: blue Clothes: Don't know yet
  14. Kitell

    RPG Digistory Chapter 4:World Of Chaos.

    They see Cyclonmon Cyclonmon: Now you die! Greymon: Nova blast! Garurumon:Howling Blaster! Angemon: Hand of fate! They beat Cyclonmon. Oreta: I am here to save the day. but then from the wall that exploded comes out and they see....
  15. Kitell

    The 100 Post Club!

    Not thir yet but soon.