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  1. Thanks for sharing! You sound like you have had lots of fun.

  2. bracing for the holidays

  3. Haha! Great profile! Your brother does well. Although I am curious as to what the fireworks tales involve

  4. Don't worry you aren't on my 'pray' list. lol

    It's a very exclusive list.............

  5. What?!?!?! No friends?!?!?! Let's fix that.....

    Oh by the way, Hello!

  6. Thanks I am glad that you like the song! I have it stukc in my head all the time! It really works 'cause I just know so many people who I'd 'ahem' "Pray" for.

  7. are, sorry BAD grammar

  8. What?! There is only one comment?! Well, I guess now there is two

  9. Saw your latest thread. Got any more good recipies????

  10. So, is there anything I should know about? *Evil grin*

  11. @ Petie


  12. I love your picture of Vash!

  13. Although it may be a low blow it is still funny. (Sorry Botar)

    Anyways, since you guys are robots will you tell me where your main memory chip is located? lol

  14. Hello and Happy Birthday! Welcome to the Otaku Boards!

  15. Hey! Saw that you left me a comment so I thought that I would return the favor.

  16. Thank you! I always enjoy metting new people!