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  1. [color="#4169E1"] I'm sorry if this is already made! Basically post external contact information ^^ If you add me on skype tell me who you are, if you add me on MSN PM me here! [b] [color="#9932CC"]MSN:[/color][/b] Miykirin@live.com [color="#9932CC"][b]Skype[/b][/color]: ghost.droplet [color="#9932CC"][b]Tumblr:[/b][/color] miykirin.tumblr.com [b] Edit: I know that's what profiles are for but some people may have a blog or something! Honestly, if I try to add someone from their profile I usually never get accepted :c Plus I tr
  2. [color="#00BFFF"]I draw mostly original work, I've only drawn about 9 fanarts my entire life ^^ [/color]
  3. [color="#00BFFF"]Sorry I haven't been on! I haven't gotten around to drawing her. ;_; It's just that I can't seem to make a pose for her. [/color]
  4. Drawing fanart then will work on requests.

  5. Anyone here RP? Or have original characters? Just curious.

  6. [font="Book Antiqua"][color="#00BFFF"]Alrighty, that's awesome~ I understand, because even I get too busy for the internet sometimes. [/color][/font]
  7. [font="Book Antiqua"][color="#00BFFF"]Thank you c: It seems this place isn't all that post active? o.o I've been stalking the posts all day... Is it just because of the week? Is the weekend going to have more posts? :3[/color] [/font]
  8. [quote name='Petie' timestamp='1321632318' post='710275'] [color="#0000ff"]Welcome, Remii! :)[/color] [/quote] Thank you kind person~
  9. [font="Book Antiqua"][color="#00bfff"]I do turn off my computer, because I get paranoid that if I don't something bad might happen to it. Plus, when I leave it on all day, my drawing program starts running slower, so I be sure to turn it off before I go to school, before I go to sleep, or before I leave the house. [/color][/font]
  10. [font="Book Antiqua"][color="#00bfff"]I don't have much uploaded, but click the image below to go to my Tumblr. I draw as a hobby. [url="http://remiidrop.tumblr.com/"][img]http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lur5p9O5ni1qk5v8no1_500.png[/img][/url] I also have a forum for role-playing. I wonder if it's considered a personal project... -she shrugs- [/color][/font]
  11. [font="Book Antiqua"][color="#00bfff"]I've had a complicated situation involving art, but otherwise I have to say that I have not been [i]stolen from[/i]. I have, however, seen many people's works used without permission. I personally think, that unless the person is out of reach and you [u]credit with a link[/u] [i](However, still drop them a message! If they feel that they don't want you to use their art, they'll tell you), [/i]you shouldn't use another person's art at all, not even for signatures. Now, there are exceptions, but yeah. [i]I h
  12. [font="Book Antiqua"][color="#00bfff"]Alright, I'm going to take requests. They'll look somewhat like this:[/color][/font] [center][font="Book Antiqua"][img]http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lut2ewGCPR1qk5v8no1_500.png[/img][/font] [/center][font="Book Antiqua"][color="#ffa500"][b] Caution!! I have the right to refuse or... "change up" the request as I please~[/b][/color][/font] [font="Book Antiqua"][color="#00bfff"]This means I can deny the request, but normally I won't do so, or, the male ch
  13. Wondering what to draw for my avvie

  14. [font="Book Antiqua"][color="#00bfff"] Wow, umm hello. I'm [b]Remii[/b], though I have many names., just call me[b] Remii[/b]. I'm your friendly neighborhood ghost.~ I'm normally really energetic in my posts, and I abuse tildes and happy faces. I [color="#ff00ff"][u]draw[/u][/color], like [color="#ff00ff"][u]cute things[/u][/color] [i](typical)[/i], and I [color="#ff00ff"][u]role-play[/u][/color] [i](I have a forum for that)[/i]. [i][s]I'm currently posting from my iPod at school, sorry this post seems to have little feel
  15. Uhh, hello. This seems to be the only way I can talk to you. I haven't gotten a validation e-mail and I've sent it twice.

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