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    Nomad got a reaction from Boo in So, i have an idea....(OtakuBoards Day)   
    Hmmm. All these folks. This sounds fun. I'll be up for it. It's been, what, 13 years since I've joined? I never really ventured too far outside of the Art area, but I always enjoyed spending my afternoons and evenings with a lot of you folks. 
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    Nomad got a reaction from Stuart in Anyone here from 2001-ish?   
    Hm. I just had my 11 year anniversary back in July. I'm rarely ever around any more, and hadn't even seen the new boards until just today. I stop by every now and again to check up on the place where I spent so much time years ago. Mostly lurking because I have very little to nothing to say. lol. It seems the activity around this place is very low now-a-days, and the place seems to have downsized considerably. Ah well, just figured I'd through a cent or two into the hat and say hello to anyone who remembers me. :)
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    Nomad reacted to Allamorph in I remember back OB when.....   
    I like my name.
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