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So, i have an idea....(OtakuBoards Day)


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Hey all,

Before this place dried up, it was the only Internet forum I frequently posted at (still don't use forums to this day). The collection of people, topics, talent, and overall vibe was fun and exciting. I loved the meaningful discussions, the RPGs, and the culture unique to this place.  Sometimes we still fondly look back upon our previous days here and there, but we're rarely all here at the same time because of time zones, schedules, life. 

Having said that...

Perhaps we could set a date aside in the upcoming months where for one day, (Call it OtakuBoards Day, Otakuboards Con, whatever) we all visit the forums like the old days and try to contribute something of value.  We could celebrate this forum that we've all enjoyed so much at one time or another.  I'm not saying that you have to sit at the computer and stare at the boards all day. Just check back throughout the day when time allows.

Make a thread.  Respond to a thread. Post some artwork.  Write and share a story. We could try to be as active as our lives allow on that one day and party like it's 2001!  

I'll just pull a tentative date out of the air and say, January 17th (U.S).  If anyone is on board (get the pun?) with the idea, we can alter that date and after we all agree, we can reflect the change either in the OP, an announcement, etc.   I know it'll take a while before people see this thread--so tell your friends and direct them here. I wonder if we can spread the word and attract members who haven't posted in years. Even if you're new, it could be a good chance to have some fun.  Let's set up something special!


RSVP List (Jan 17th, 2016)

  • Moi (Charles)
  • Japan
  • Petie
  • Boo
  • Allamorph
  • JCBaggee
  • Dragon Warrior
  • Melty Cat
  • Shy
  • Gavin
  • Queen Asuka
  • Brasil
  • Heaven's Cloud
  • The Vampire: Ed
  • Deathknight
  • Annie
  • Braidless Baka
  • Sara
  • Endymion
  • John 
  • Magus
  • Syk3
  • Shwa
  • SaiyaPrincessX
  • Roxie Faye aka MistressRoxie
  • Desbreko
  • James
  • TheShinje
  • Leh
  • Shinmaru



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I'm running out the door and can't respond to this as thoroughly as I want to right now but I do want to at least quickly throw in my support for the idea. I've always wanted to do a "reunion" of sorts. I'd love to see this evolve into a yearly thing or wherever it goes from there but I'm getting ahead of myself - let's see how this first one goes and move from there.

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Yay! I'm pumped that you saw, Laura! Sorry about being a recluse; I have about 100 students this year and it's a full time job keeping up.  

Hopefully we can get some more participants; we all deserve a good reunion. :)

Also, thank you for offering to help, Allamorph. 

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I, too, have only been known to have a love for this particular forum; hell, it was a large portion of my life at one time, and on occasion I mourn the lack of such a community of fun-loving, artistic and fascinating individuals from around the world. This place was home away from home.

It's time to go home, guys!

You make it sound like we're being put out to pasture, man. :P

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Good work, Laura! I can probably bug Vampire Ed and Poison Tongue. 

Also, if people want to hang around after the reunion, weellllll no obligation but nothing against it either. 

No need to "bug", my friend. I am here.


I last visited here in 2013, made a single post and that's about. Before that I think I made a post back in 2009.

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