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  1. Luc bugs me everytime we run into each other to go to GAnime. I hate going across the river, so I still haven't gone to either of them. =[ For those who did go, how did it turn out?
  2. Okay, so. I joined in 02 and kind of totally forgot about this place. Don't look back at my posts; I don't want to know what I used to talk about, either.
  3. I hate the people at school that judge everything before they even know what they're talking about. I remember when they used to say "Go catch your pokeemons and f*** your Pikachu". They would say "First off, It's Pokémon, Pikachu isn't tangible, so I can't very well f*** ink. And if I could, it would hurt. Get it straight before you get you get tae kwon *** kicked by someone." It's funny when they try to explain something that they don't even know about.
  4. Makoto/Lita - Sailor Moon (My heroine, and it won't hold up in a high school class either)
  5. All my friends are the ones that everyone else avoids, cause they seem stupid. Best friends I've ever had. I only talk in school when I'm with someone that I actually know. If it's someone that I don't know, I hardly say anything. Maybe one or two words.
  6. Is it just me, or does he ramble and prattle about every little insignificant detail? What do you think about him and his writings?
  7. The only one I made was a claymation for a project for school. Twas pretty cool too :D
  8. There's been a report about West Nile a couple towns over. But, I don't go outside, so I don't have to worry :D Nerds are safe here
  9. I'm pretty much the same irl on on the net... and..um...yeah.
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lauren [/i] [B]Man do I feel Stupid.HALF the Animes you guys are talking about I've never Even heard of.Whats up with that?The only Animes I know are Pokemon,Digimon,DBZ,and Beyblades.o.OMan i'm annoyed of this;) :) :D [/B][/QUOTE] You don't happen to be Canadian, are you? We don't get many anime shows at all, unless you have satellite. :(
  11. Never heard of it before.... sounds funny though
  12. I know 40 year olds that love it. I kicked them with my decks and team :D My amazing mewtwo... *laughs*
  13. Super Mario 3 for NES... the minicastle in Ice Land... damn, I hate that place...
  14. Sometimes, I watch it. It's pretty funny, but there's always something else on when it's on.
  15. In fact, I found this in a pawn shop, next to FFVII and some others. They'r epretty common around here in pawn shops, but not many actually have it.
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