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  1. This thread is about those anime series that have the most obtuse and nonsensical titles you've ever heard. Â These are titles that not only have little to do with the series they're tacked onto but make very little sense in general. Â I can think of two off the top of my head: 1. Â [b]Kiddy Grade[/b] - Kiddy Grade sounds like a slice-of-life series based on the lives of elementary school children. Â That would make sense at least. Â But it's not. Â It's a sci-fi action series set in the distant future. Â Unless you're counting the two female loli characters there is no
  2. Due to work, the gf, and the dog I had to cut back on watching anime... I used to keep up with Bleach, Naruto and One Piece but I cut back to one due to well life. (when with One Piece still love that show to death) Anyway I'm trying to find where I left off in Naruto. I don't have time to just go through a bunch of episodes trying to figure it out. So I come here looking for help. The last few things that I remember happening the big fight with Sausake and Itachi just happened and Sauske found out the whole back story about his brother. Honestly even if someone could get m
  3. [center][size="5"][b]The Dragon Warrior Challenge[/b][/size][/center] So, here's the dealio... basically I'm not that big into anime, but the anime I do like I like A LOT. I have a lot of friends who are into anime, and my college campus hoasts a big anime convention every summer, so I get to explore that when it comes around. My friends even try to get me to go to other anime cons in Michigan, but I don't because I really don't fit in. I don't know jack about anime unless it's mainstream in the US like Hayao Miyazaki or Dragonball. [b]My challenge to you[/
  4. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Oi. This is now the official and apparently final Favorites thread, soon to be easily accessible through the Anime Lounge directory. I stress that you take my example to heart when you write your favorites out. [B]Top Tier[/B] [B]1. NHK ni Youkuso (Welcome to the NHK)[/B] - Utterly dark humor spliced with harsh reality and drama that really accentuates the horrors of society and the brutality of social awkwardness. For someone like me, it?s not only a bit reflective, but almost an outlook onto my future. The show creates the perfect atmosphere of madness to
  5. Okay, this is likely a volatile topic so before I even begin this discussion I'll ask that everyone keep things civil and respect one another's opinions. Â Debate is to be expected but no flamewars please. Now then, onto the subject of fansubbing. Â This has always been an issue with certain people but a recent argument between the denizens of [b]2ch[/b] and [b]Sankaku Complex[/b] has stirred my interest in the debate. Â What do the rest of you think about it and where do you stand? Rather than link to either site (due to offensive content) I'll sum up the argument. Â 2ch cla
  6. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLYjywXyyDI&NR=1&feature=fvwp[/media] It's an old trailer but I figured I'd post it regardless. Anyway, I'll say that I'm quite disappointed so far. Mainly because of the animation. The Wolverine model looks decent I suppose, but I hate how Madhouse uses the black screen with flashes of swipes to make for the action. It ruined the experience for me in Devil May Cry and it just might do the same here. I will check the series out still, but I have no high hopes for it. [strike]Oh Madhouse, you used to be so great when it comes t
  7. A friend of mine showed me an amusing website, [url="http://tubedubber.com/"]Tube Dubber[/url], in which YouTube videos can be dubbed over with the audio from other videos. Being crazy anime fans, the best use of this site, of course, is to combine anime OPs. Let's see how many fun ones we can come up with! [url="http://tubedubber.com/#eZ5MDA9BKeg:8I9HNrwxbJU:0:100:0:0:true"]This is the one my buddy came up with[/url], a combination of [i]Code Geass[/i]' first OP animation with the OP from [i]Hare+Guu Final[/i]. It's scary how well it fits. And my cont
  8. So, me and my friend ( username: Anavel Gato) just skipped our senior prom to have a Mobile Suit Gundam marathon. It took us about 17 hours (from 7:40 AM to 12:50 AM the next day), but we actually managed to pull it off. We only left the room during the opening/ending themes (To use the restroom and get snacks.). In fact, we didn't pause once in the course of the marathon :animeknow . Moral of the story: Gundam>Prom :D :D So... does anyone have any marathon stories? Failures or successes...
  9. Has anyone actually seen everything? Not only the series but also the movie? I have and this anime is AWESOME! The characters, the plot twists, and the way there are so many allusions interwoven in NGE! :D
  10. [url="http://i.imgur.com/SQYvo.gif"]My link[/url] [mildly NSFW] this is all i have to offer [color="#9932CC"][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]I've edited your post and turned the image into a URL. Next time, please link out and provide a warning for content such as...well, that. :[i][/i]P ~Sangome[/font][/color]
  11. Ever since it was first released in North America (sometime last spring), ROD has been one of my favorite anime titles. For those of you who don't know, Read or Die is a three-episode OAV that revolves around bizarre superpowers, secret agents, and a couple of surprisingly powerful rare manuscripts. Although it's fairly violent and features quite a bit of fan service, ROD is no more inappropriate than, say, a Bond film. And despite its oddities--for example, the main character is a bookworm who fights solely by using her ability to manipulate paper--the OAV has a lighthearted, almost
  12. Just to throw this one in the game, [b]Shinryaku! Ika Musume[/b] is probably one of my favourite anime this year, not 'cause it would be outstanding in any way but simply because it's so damn funny! Plot: [i] The story revolves around Ika Musume, a humanoid squid who came from the sea to conquer humanity, because of the natural disasters caused in the sea. However, as she destroys the wall of a beach bar, the owners make her work off the costs of the damage and as such a quite interesting plot unfolds. [/i] Here's a pic: [img]http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x24
  13. xaos


    I'm curious about a certain anime that was released recently in Japan. An anime about racing called Redline. I saw this trailer for it and it certainly looks pretty. I'm wondering if anybody can fill me in about this anime. This is the trailer: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9fhQVMzlC0[/media]
  14. This is the anime I am most excited about these days: .hack//Quantum! (Me? Excited about a .hack anime? NO!) So rather than try and come up with my own original description, I'll just steal this one from [url=http://www.dothackers.net/quantum.php]dothackers.net[/url]: [quote]"The World" once again flourishes, with over 10 million players playing "The World R:X", set in 2022. In a special Christmas event, three players set out to conquer an "unbeatable" quest: "The One Sin." .hack//Quantum tells the story of a party of adventurers: Tobias
  15. rotlung


    I just finished watching the first episode of HOTD (Highschool of the Dead) . First off I'm a huge zombie fan so this anime was right up my alley. I can't say there is a lot of depth with the chararters yet. However I really liked the weapons used so far to fight off the zombies. Baseball bats, wooden swords and broom handles are pretty good weapons as long as they don't break. The other main thing is they are in a good location for this outbreak. A school has food, things that can be used as weapons, and is fenced in. As long as they are able to kill off the few hundred st
  16. Um, I hope no one has used this topic... This is my first thread I've done. If it sucks, sorry! Just jot down sad anime deaths and why they're sad! Mine was with Naruto's Haku because he was my fave character. I hate the fact that he had to die so greusomely!
  17. I've closed the [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/43941-vote-for-a-new-anime-forum-round-2/"]Vote for a New Anime Forum (Round 2)[/url] poll. One Piece and Bleach got roughly the same amount of votes, which put them way ahead of the other candidates. But there are still a couple of issues I'd love to have your input on. [list] [*][b]Should subforums continue to be anime-only, leaving the related manga thread(s) in Manga Alley?[/b] [/list] This is how we've managed the FMA forum--all FMA anime discussions go there, but the FMA manga topic is in
  18. Wish I could take credit for this idea, but I nicked it from [url="http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/someguy/view/174417/anime_summed_up_in_five_words%3A/"]SomeGuy at theOtaku[/url]. Basically you distill the plot/premise of an anime (or simply something recognizable from that series) into exactly five words. I've had quite a bit of fun with this; let's see what everyone else can conjure up! My contributions on SomeGuy's site ... [i]Air[/i]: Everybody has some mommy issues. [i]Akagi[/i]: Mahjong: The sport of sociopaths. [i]Alien Nine[/i]: Little girls fight [S]c
  19. This thread is devoted to anime that we might have seen during our childhood and can't quite remember now. Â If you have such a memory post what you can recall here and maybe someone on the OB has seen or heard about it. Mine comes from.....,well probably before some of you were born. Â I remember seeing an anime movie about a pair of chipmunks from the city trying to find their way back to the forest. Â I can't recall may details other than their names. The male chipmunk was called Glicko and the female was No-no. Â There was also a movie called Voltus 5 that I remember watchin
  20. You know since I've decided to actually stick around here on OB, I figured I start some sort of a thread going. So I thought, "how about we talk about our favorite anime that may not have gotten a lot of exposure, that not many other people have would know about?" I guess I'll get the ball rolling my favorite anime that I don't believe many know about or gave a chance is Fantastic Children, beautiful series. I did try to get more exposure for it on theO with a contest but with no success. Oh well, at least I helped it get it's own category on theO.
  21. so, i just started watching high school of the dead and can't help but looooove all the blood! XD hahaha, i wish there were more zombie anime series out there. ...anyone know of any others that're good? been in a morbid kind o' mood lately >.> must be the approaching deadlines of some papers x_x fml..
  22. I would like to get more titles to read and to watch. I just watched clannad vol. 1 and really liked it. I am also beginning to like reading and watching Rumiko Takahashi. Any suggestions?
  23. [url="http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-08-24/award-winning-director-satoshi-kon-passes-away"]Link to the story.[/url] Absolutely awful news. Satoshi Kon was a fantastic director and screenwriter, maybe the best working today. [b]Perfect Blue[/b], [b]Millennium Actress[/b], [b]Tokyo Godfathers[/b] and [b]Paprika[/b] are a great group of pictures, and his one TV series, [b]Paranoia Agent[/b], is likewise wonderful. What impressed me most about Kon was that he really got the delicate balance between telling a solid, entertaining story and simultaneously making his works inte
  24. Characters often make a special connection with fans. Some inspire intense love. Others inspire us to cheer them on for their sheer awesomeness. Still others make us facepalm in anger/annoyance/whatever. And then there are those special characters that forge a hatred so strong -- so [i]powerful[/i] -- within those who watch them that it can scarcely be matched by any other emotion. This thread is about those characters. I very rarely reach this point with characters who annoy me, because I don't take most series seriously enough to hate any one character that much. And for the series
  25. If you're a fan of the sci-fi space operas series you've probably noticed certain trends in weaponry that crop up in those sorts of settings. Â You know the ones I'm talking about. Â Stereotypical stuff that seems to be standard issue with space battleships and giant robots. Â Yet after so many years they're still cool. Â I guess you can call them "classics". Â Then there weapon designs that are so original you think to yourself "Darn, I wish I'd have thought of that." They might be designs that as based on scientific fact that give them an air of cr
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