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  1. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLYjywXyyDI&NR=1&feature=fvwp[/media] It's an old trailer but I figured I'd post it regardless. Anyway, I'll say that I'm quite disappointed so far. Mainly because of the animation. The Wolverine model looks decent I suppose, but I hate how Madhouse uses the black screen with flashes of swipes to make for the action. It ruined the experience for me in Devil May Cry and it just might do the same here. I will check the series out still, but I have no high hopes for it. [strike]Oh Madhouse, you used to be so great when it comes to actual fight scenes (Hajime no Ippo comes to mind). Get it together. Make some of the actual fights look as good as your gunfights or something.[/strike]
  2. A friend of mine showed me an amusing website, [url="http://tubedubber.com/"]Tube Dubber[/url], in which YouTube videos can be dubbed over with the audio from other videos. Being crazy anime fans, the best use of this site, of course, is to combine anime OPs. Let's see how many fun ones we can come up with! [url="http://tubedubber.com/#eZ5MDA9BKeg:8I9HNrwxbJU:0:100:0:0:true"]This is the one my buddy came up with[/url], a combination of [i]Code Geass[/i]' first OP animation with the OP from [i]Hare+Guu Final[/i]. It's scary how well it fits. And my contribution: [url="http://tubedubber.com/#u6PxCIv5wfo:OghSdTqZ8R0:0:100:0:0:true"]A combo of one of the [i]Shugo Chara! OPs[/i] and the OP of the currently airing [i]Rainbow[/i][/url]. Let's see some other good ones! EDIT: I am almost afraid of how well [url="http://tubedubber.com/#7KoL7__Bmyg:mIKRn1dbT28:0:100:0:0:true"]the OP animation from [i]Escaflowne[/i] fits the [i]Haruhi Suzumiya[/i] OP[/url].
  3. So, me and my friend ( username: Anavel Gato) just skipped our senior prom to have a Mobile Suit Gundam marathon. It took us about 17 hours (from 7:40 AM to 12:50 AM the next day), but we actually managed to pull it off. We only left the room during the opening/ending themes (To use the restroom and get snacks.). In fact, we didn't pause once in the course of the marathon :animeknow . Moral of the story: Gundam>Prom :D :D So... does anyone have any marathon stories? Failures or successes...
  4. [url="http://i.imgur.com/SQYvo.gif"]My link[/url] [mildly NSFW] this is all i have to offer [color="#9932CC"][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]I've edited your post and turned the image into a URL. Next time, please link out and provide a warning for content such as...well, that. :[i][/i]P ~Sangome[/font][/color]
  5. Just to throw this one in the game, [b]Shinryaku! Ika Musume[/b] is probably one of my favourite anime this year, not 'cause it would be outstanding in any way but simply because it's so damn funny! Plot: [i] The story revolves around Ika Musume, a humanoid squid who came from the sea to conquer humanity, because of the natural disasters caused in the sea. However, as she destroys the wall of a beach bar, the owners make her work off the costs of the damage and as such a quite interesting plot unfolds. [/i] Here's a pic: [img]http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x244/Felixdw/zero-raws-shinryaku-ika-musume-01-efbc88tx-1280x720-x264-aac-mp4_snapshot_24-15_2010-10-06_22-29-42.jpg[/img] What I especially like about this anime is the original presentation of Ika Musume as clueless girl from the sea, basically learning about the human world and trying to handle things she's never seen before, based on her memories of the sea. Also Ika Musume reveals some funny and pretty awesome powers along the show that make it a whole notch funnier Aaannnd the topic is up for discussion!
  6. xaos

    Anime Redline

    I'm curious about a certain anime that was released recently in Japan. An anime about racing called Redline. I saw this trailer for it and it certainly looks pretty. I'm wondering if anybody can fill me in about this anime. This is the trailer: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9fhQVMzlC0[/media]
  7. This is the anime I am most excited about these days: .hack//Quantum! (Me? Excited about a .hack anime? NO!) So rather than try and come up with my own original description, I'll just steal this one from [url=http://www.dothackers.net/quantum.php]dothackers.net[/url]: [quote]"The World" once again flourishes, with over 10 million players playing "The World R:X", set in 2022. In a special Christmas event, three players set out to conquer an "unbeatable" quest: "The One Sin." .hack//Quantum tells the story of a party of adventurers: Tobias, Mary, and Sakuya, with familiar looking Avatars of past players. The OAV will be split up into three episodes.[/quote] Before I go on, here's a helpful video or two to give you an idea of what the heck this looks like. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO6sJOcluHo[/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBvsyjFl8lU[/media] Finished watching them? Yes? No? GREAT! Let's move on! So characters! We have Sakuya (the girl with the long twin tails and orange outfit), Mary (long pink hair, little bikini top), Tobias (silver haired bishounen one), Hermit (the cutest little cat thing EVER), Shamrock (blue haired goth loli) and Smith (big golden armored man). These are just as far as we know right now, anyway. Also, the previously posted link has some info on the main trio's offline selves as well, which you see a bit of in the second video. As previously mentioned, Quantum is going to be a three-part OVA series; apparently each episode is about 35 minutes. The first episode will be premiering in Japan later this month on the 27th; the first BD/DVD release is set for late January. Other cool information can be found here, assuming you can navigate around Japanese: http://www.hack.channel.or.jp/quantum/ I'm so so so sooo excited for this. *v* It just looks like something that can [i]really[/i] appeal to a larger audience, not just the .hack fanatics. Quantum can still prove me wrong on that, of course, but either way it's something I'm highly anticipating. And hopefully I've interested some of y'all now! 8D
  8. rotlung

    Anime HOTD

    I just finished watching the first episode of HOTD (Highschool of the Dead) . First off I'm a huge zombie fan so this anime was right up my alley. I can't say there is a lot of depth with the chararters yet. However I really liked the weapons used so far to fight off the zombies. Baseball bats, wooden swords and broom handles are pretty good weapons as long as they don't break. The other main thing is they are in a good location for this outbreak. A school has food, things that can be used as weapons, and is fenced in. As long as they are able to kill off the few hundred students that are enrolled there, it is the perfect place to defend against the zombies. This seems like it will be an excieting series
  9. Um, I hope no one has used this topic... This is my first thread I've done. If it sucks, sorry! Just jot down sad anime deaths and why they're sad! Mine was with Naruto's Haku because he was my fave character. I hate the fact that he had to die so greusomely!
  10. I've closed the [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/43941-vote-for-a-new-anime-forum-round-2/"]Vote for a New Anime Forum (Round 2)[/url] poll. One Piece and Bleach got roughly the same amount of votes, which put them way ahead of the other candidates. But there are still a couple of issues I'd love to have your input on. [list] [*][b]Should subforums continue to be anime-only, leaving the related manga thread(s) in Manga Alley?[/b] [/list] This is how we've managed the FMA forum--all FMA anime discussions go there, but the FMA manga topic is in Manga Alley. The downside of this, of course, is that it separates closely related topics according to their media. On the other hand, if we change our policy to allow relevant manga topics in an anime subforum, it could take a lot of activity away from Manga Alley. [list] [*][b]Should each anime subforum cover a single anime or groups of anime?[/b] [/list] Do you think Bleach or One Piece can sustain a subforum? One possible alternative is making a forum for all Shounen Jump-related anime, although this might tread a bit too close to the idea of doing subforums by genre, with we previously discussed and rejected as being too vague. Any other relevant suggestions are welcome, including those not covered by my questions. Also, the choices aren't necessarily limited to just One Piece or Bleach, but they're both reasonable candidates for the time being.
  11. Wish I could take credit for this idea, but I nicked it from [url="http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/someguy/view/174417/anime_summed_up_in_five_words%3A/"]SomeGuy at theOtaku[/url]. Basically you distill the plot/premise of an anime (or simply something recognizable from that series) into exactly five words. I've had quite a bit of fun with this; let's see what everyone else can conjure up! My contributions on SomeGuy's site ... [i]Air[/i]: Everybody has some mommy issues. [i]Akagi[/i]: Mahjong: The sport of sociopaths. [i]Alien Nine[/i]: Little girls fight [S]crime[/S] aliens. [i]Angel Beats![/i]: No questions will be answered. [i]Baccano![/i]: Immortals and gangsters are awesome. [i]Berserk[/i]: Demons are really huge jerks. [i]Big O[/i]: Humans, tomatoes ... all the same. [i]Canaan[/i]: Lesbians are pretty crazy. Yikes. [i]Death Note[/i]: Snot-nosed brat is the leader. [i]Detroit Metal City[/i]: Pop meets metal; hijinks ensue. [i]G Gundam[/i]: The true GAR burns red. [i]Genshiken[/i]: Your life playing out onscreen. [i]Ghost in the Shell[/i]: Cyborgs read lots of philosophy. [i]Giant Robo[/i]: Families are terribly screwed up. [i]Hataraki Man[/i]: Working Man mode saves lives. [i]Higurashi[/i]: When moe goes very wrong. [i]Honey and Clover[/i]: Every college student gets it. [i]Kaleido Star[/i]: The circus is awesome! Sugoi! [i]Kanon[/i]: Sad girls cry in snow. [i]Kare Kano[/i]: Relationships are very serious business. [i]Mononoke[/i]: Demons, ghosts? Medicine Seller wins. [i]Monster[/i]: Saved the killer? Kill him. [i]Nodame Cantabile[/i]: Crazy girls deserve some lovin'. [i]Paranoia Agent[/i]: Everybody goes a bit crazy. [i]RahXephon[/i]: Singing is dangerous. No, really. [i]Revolutionary Girl Utena[/i]: High school as surrealist battlefield. [i]Rose of Versailles[/i]: French Revolution fought with GAR. [i]Saikano[/i]: Girlfriend is robot. Very depressing. [i]Shion no Ou[/i]: The deadliest game of shogi. [i]Simoun[/i]: Any excuse for kissing girls. [i]Spice and Wolf[/i]: Lawrence is secretly a furry. [i]Toradora![/i]: Tiger and dragon: Wonderful pair. There we go. I avoided a few series that might be popular with others, but I wouldn't mind repeats at all. Good series have plenty of ideas available for the distilling, after all.
  12. This thread is devoted to anime that we might have seen during our childhood and can't quite remember now. Â If you have such a memory post what you can recall here and maybe someone on the OB has seen or heard about it. Mine comes from.....,well probably before some of you were born. Â I remember seeing an anime movie about a pair of chipmunks from the city trying to find their way back to the forest. Â I can't recall may details other than their names. The male chipmunk was called Glicko and the female was No-no. Â There was also a movie called Voltus 5 that I remember watching several times. Â And the Thunderbirds anime was also being aired at the same time. Â I don't remember much about them though. Â Â
  13. You know since I've decided to actually stick around here on OB, I figured I start some sort of a thread going. So I thought, "how about we talk about our favorite anime that may not have gotten a lot of exposure, that not many other people have would know about?" I guess I'll get the ball rolling my favorite anime that I don't believe many know about or gave a chance is Fantastic Children, beautiful series. I did try to get more exposure for it on theO with a contest but with no success. Oh well, at least I helped it get it's own category on theO.
  14. so, i just started watching high school of the dead and can't help but looooove all the blood! XD hahaha, i wish there were more zombie anime series out there. ...anyone know of any others that're good? been in a morbid kind o' mood lately >.> must be the approaching deadlines of some papers x_x fml..
  15. I would like to get more titles to read and to watch. I just watched clannad vol. 1 and really liked it. I am also beginning to like reading and watching Rumiko Takahashi. Any suggestions?
  16. [url="http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-08-24/award-winning-director-satoshi-kon-passes-away"]Link to the story.[/url] Absolutely awful news. Satoshi Kon was a fantastic director and screenwriter, maybe the best working today. [b]Perfect Blue[/b], [b]Millennium Actress[/b], [b]Tokyo Godfathers[/b] and [b]Paprika[/b] are a great group of pictures, and his one TV series, [b]Paranoia Agent[/b], is likewise wonderful. What impressed me most about Kon was that he really got the delicate balance between telling a solid, entertaining story and simultaneously making his works intelligent, biting social commentary. It's a difficult task that many anime fail at, but Kon consistently got right from [b]Perfect Blue[/b] on. There has not been an official cause of death named yet that I am aware of. Twitter rumors state that he died of cancer, but I'll hang back and wait for more official sources. At the time of his death, Kon was working on a movie, [b]The Dream Machine[/b], which was to be released next year. No word yet on the status of that picture; selfishly, I hope enough of it is completed for the movie to see release eventually. Satoshi Kon deserves one final great movie to be remembered by. RIP to one of modern anime's great directors. Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.
  17. Characters often make a special connection with fans. Some inspire intense love. Others inspire us to cheer them on for their sheer awesomeness. Still others make us facepalm in anger/annoyance/whatever. And then there are those special characters that forge a hatred so strong -- so [i]powerful[/i] -- within those who watch them that it can scarcely be matched by any other emotion. This thread is about those characters. I very rarely reach this point with characters who annoy me, because I don't take most series seriously enough to hate any one character that much. And for the series I enjoy with any sort of passion, the worst characters usually aren't more than a bit annoying. But sometimes a character raises my ire to the point where whenever they appear onscreen, the only thing running through my mind is how I'd like to run them through a blender and dump the remains in a sewer. [center][attachment=14802:KaifunIsAShithead.jpg][/center] The inspiration for this thread is the asshat on the left, Kaifun Lynn, from [b]Super Dimension Fortress Macross[/b] (the woman on the right, Misa Hayase, is awesome, however). I'm not a warmonger; I dislike armed conflict about as much as any other person, and I don't think nations should enter into war unless it is truly justified. But, my god, Kaifun is the very worst type of pacifist, a self-righteous shithead whose rigid, dogmatic beliefs don't pause to bend for silly little things like common sense. He spends the whole series crowing about how the U.N. is fighting a meaningless war against the Zentradi . . . when, you know, it was the Zentradi who attacked Earth first. And of course Kaifun is saved several times by various soldiers (including multiple times by main character Hikaru, who swings back and forth from sympathetic to annoying as hell himself), but he figures why be grateful when you can be an annoying little douchenozzle instead and ***** and moan about the (successful) tactics used to rescue him? He's also a hypocritical snot who has no problem fleecing people for all they're worth, being borderline abusive to his cousin, Minmay (who is a pretty damn annoying character, herself), and taking advantage of group emotions to serve his own needs at the cost of others. (And let me add that Kaifun isn't even a [i]villain[/i] in this series!) Everything he says and does makes me want to kick him in the nutsack until everything within turns to jelly. I think Kaifun is supposed to be a despised character (at least I hope so lol), but man, I probably hate him way more than intended, haha. Whew. Feels good to let that out! How about you people?
  18. If you're a fan of the sci-fi space operas series you've probably noticed certain trends in weaponry that crop up in those sorts of settings. Â You know the ones I'm talking about. Â Stereotypical stuff that seems to be standard issue with space battleships and giant robots. Â Yet after so many years they're still cool. Â I guess you can call them "classics". Â Then there weapon designs that are so original you think to yourself "Darn, I wish I'd have thought of that." They might be designs that as based on scientific fact that give them an air of credibility or they could be a total flight of fancy that still comes off looking awesome on screen. Â This thread is about all the cool toys that shoot, cut or explode and why they stand out in our minds. Â Here are my picks: [b]Beam Cannon[/b] - aka the "Main Gun". Â There's one of these on just about every battleship in every sci-fi series you can think of. Â But despite their commonality there's always that sort of excitement that builds when they're charged up to deliver the final blow that wins the battle. Â Whether it's Angel Links Cherubim Cannon, Wing Zero's Buster Rifle or even the Kamehameha Wave the big guns have a timeless style of their own. [b]Beam Saber[/b] - They are as much a staple of the Gundam franchise as they are of Star Wars. Â Simple yet elegant, an energy beam you wield like a sword. Â The newer series have kept this concept fresh by adding new twists on the original such as beam scythes, beam bayonettes on the end of rifles, beam claws that would make Wolverine jealous and all manner of other energy-based cutlery. Â They even come in a wide assortment of colors. [b]Homing Lasers[/b] - I'm sure there's someone out there with a sound theory as to how these things work but as for me, I'm clueless. Â These are basically lasers that somehow bend in mid-delivery. Â You've all probably seen these. Giant warships unleash a salvo of laserfire from every gunport they have. Â You'd think only the ones being aimed directly towards the target would work but no, even the lasers being aimed straight up somehow curve to fire in the same direction as the rest. Â Weird but cool concept. [b]Holonic Armor[/b] - This is a pretty cool concept from the Zegapain series. Â Armor made of solid energy. Â Basically a forcefield their robots wear on their bodies instead of surrounding them like a bubble. Â It not only protects the frame but can also be reshaped into blades and guns. Â Plus it just looks damn cool. Â [b]Saw Blade[/b] - While beam sabers are cool for futuristic robots the modern day equivalents are usually restricted to giant versions of the samb blades soldiers wield. Â I have to give a solid nod to Full Metal Panic for equipping their Arm Slaves with knives that had built-in chainsaw blades. Â What looks like a serrated edge is actually a rotating saw blade. Â How freaking cool is that? [b]Molly Wire[/b] - From Adam Warren's version of the Dirty Pair manga comes the monofilament (molly) wire. Â It's a spool of wire that's so thin it's practically one-dimensional. Â It wire is suspended in an inert gas that's vented from the knife's handle and lit with a laser. Â The wire could be unspooled to different lengths, making it a sword or a knife as needed. Â And the dimensions of the wire were so small it could practically cut through just about anything with little or no effort behind the swing. [b]Type 2902 Therm/Optic Camouflage[/b] - The members of Section Nine in Ghost In The Shell utilized this nifty stealth technology. Â It bends the light around their bodies, making them invisible. Â That's pretty well-known stuff but in the manga it was stated that the Type 2902 could even disperse the wearer's weight, effectively eliminating their footprints. Â [b]Titan Blade[/b] - The signature weapon of Sechs from Battle Angel Alita: Last Order. Â It features two large chisel-point blades with serrated edges that were forged from "crystalized titanium". Â I'm not even sure if it's possible to crystalize a metal but it sure sounds durable to me.
  19. A new TV series slated to air in the fall has been announced fairly recently. It is called Super Robot Taisen OG: The Inspector. It's going to have quite a nice team of people working on it. The mechanical designers have worked on a bunch of different Gundam series, GaoGaiGar, Godannar, S-CRY-ed, and Macross. Also the seiyuu are pretty known people too, besides having voiced the characters they're going to voice in the show they've also voiced some well known characters in other anime. Like the male protagonist Kyosuke Nanbu's seiyuu played Griffith in Berserk and the seiyuu for the android Lamia Loveless has played Boogiepop in Boogiepop Phantom. Anyway, if you're a Super Robot Wars fan, what do you think of this new series? This is the actual news: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-07-22/super-robot-wars-2nd-tv-anime-confirmed-for-fall This here is the info that's known about it: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=11760 EDIT: I know this is kinda old and nobody responded but I felt I should add the news that this anime WILL be able to be seen by western Super Robot Wars fans. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/press-release/2010-09-15/super-robot-wars-og/the-inspector-coming-to-crunchyroll It'll be streamed starting October 3rd on Crunchyroll
  20. Some characters just seem as if they were created to go head-to-head with one another despite being in different series.  If you could pit two of them against one another who would they be? Here are my match-ups: [b]Spike Spiegel vs. Vash the Stampede[/b] - Spike comes to collect the sixty billion double dollar bounty on Vash's head and comedy ensues.  This one is a no-brainer. [b]Rei Ayanami vs. Yuki Nagato[/b] - A tense showdown to see which one of these shy ladies will break the silence and speak first.  Secondary contest will be held to determine which is cuter.  [b]Deedlit vs. Those Who Hunt Elves[/b] - Junpei, Ritsuko and Airi are now trapped on Lodoss Island after Celcia screwed up the teleportation spell yet again.  Have they finally met their match or will Deedlit be disrobed? [b]Alucard vs. Vampire Hunter D vs. Abel Nightroad[/b] - The original vampire pitted against not only his own halfbreed son but also a Crusnik, the natural predator of vampires in a triple threat deathmatch of epic proportions.
  21. [font="Arial"]I don't know if any of you went to the Fantasia Festival 2010 event (which took place in Montreal Quebec, Canada), but did get the chance the chance to attend the festival's screening of "Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection", and it's one of the best 2000s Japanese Animated films I've seen so far, although it's the first "Space Battleship Yamato" (Star Blazers) film ever done without the involvement of Leiji Matsumoto, who was responsible for character and mechanical designs of previous SBY Anime (excluding "Yamato 2520"). In the end, it's the story that counts, not the art. I hope the movie gets an official Region 1 DVD release soon so I can buy it. Anyway, I'm open to hearing your thoughts abot the movie. Also, you're welcome to state on whether or not you think that Yoshinobu Nishizaki (the creator and producer of the original "Space Battleship Yamato" series) will ever need Leiji Matsumoto's contributions for the making of each of his future "Space Battleship Yamato" works.[/font]
  22. [B][SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Haven't seen any thread about this but if there is its ok for mods to delete this. Who has seen Hunter X Hunter? I'm currently seeing it now. I just think that the whole "hunter" idea is very original... or is there any anime like it? This really got my interests more than YYH. I personally love Killua for the great assassin that he is and of course Kurapika coz he's so intelligent and his power is really cool. I also have a question coz I heard that [spoiler] Hisoka is Gon's father [/spoiler] is this true? anyway just PM me for the answer or reply with a spoiler tag. Also how many episodes are there?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
  23. What anime / manga is this? I don't know what is this. I just saw it in my friend's account. My friend doesn't also know what anime / manga is this. [url="http://img35.imageshack.us/i/34714135709416447105100.jpg/"][img]http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/7563/34714135709416447105100.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://imageshack.us"] [/url]
  24. Ought to be an interesting conversation. Got the idea from this article. http://www.toonzone.net/blog/blogs/228/why-youre-killing-anime/ (I'm still trying to figure out the whole "url" thing) I thought the article was an interesting read. It basically talks about how the hardcore/elitist fans could be driving away the casual fans with there attitudes towards dubs/subs (and other things) and whatnot. It goes into DVD purchases which I really can't speak on since I don't really buy anime or manga. (Gotta put my money elsewhere at the moment) I really found this one snippet intriguing: [quote name='Zach Logan @ Toonzone']What I am deriding here is the general attitude of the anime fan. This is what is destroying the anime you love, both here and in Japan. Fandom too often gets embroiled in its own inflexible and unnecessary arguments. People often get wrapped up in their own communityâ??s culture for a given series that they forget people on the outside may be incredibly turned off by this kind of behavior. Because the Internet is cut off from actual reality, those fanatics forget the impression they may be making on those who come upon their posts or rants. Fiercely dedicated fandom has simultaneously kept anime alive while being an accomplice to its downfall.[/quote] I find this intriguing because I just recently dropped Naruto (One Piece is teetering on this point as well) for this exact reason. I know I shouldn't let the fandom dictate what I watch/read, but sometimes when you try to hold a casual conversation and people wanna act like a series is soooo perfect, has no flaws and bite your head off/get all uptight for not liking certain aspects of it, it ultimately caused me to lose interest and quit the series. The same thing can be said about the DB franchise for me. Every once in a while I would have a tendency just to go back and watch it just because, but ever since I started going to this other forum and ran into this DBZ elitist, saying "it should be watched this way", always whining about how Funi butchered it, I've lost any and all interest I once had for the series. (Trying to get into DBZ: Kai has been brutal since all I can imagine is how this elitist rambles about what's been edited and how much of a "new" experience it is) So what about you? (I'm probably alone here though) Have fans ever gotten so far under your skin till they turned you away from a series?
  25. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-02-11/electronic-dragonball-scouter-wristbands-revealed A couple years back, they made a really awesome scouter and wristband set in Japan! (they always get the good stuff! TT_TT) does anyone know where you can get this is America? or a website that ships from Japan maybe?
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