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Ok, these are the things I need for the fanfic:

1) Name of Digidestined and Digimon.

2) What they look like (description or picture)

3)Tall or small


5) They need a history. What have they been up to all their life? Let ur imagination run wild!

6) Height and weight of digimon

7) Don't forget digidestined's eye color!

I will choose the seven most creative ones and I'll add one of my own in.

Thanks for your time.
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1. Tori and Usagimon
2. tori is a girl with short dark brown hair, she wears a black elbow length shirt, a pendeant, fingerless red gloves and dark tan baggy pants. Usagimon is a blue rabbit with wings.
5.Tori lives and works at a temple with her mother and grandmother, she is a Miko in training and has developed very strange phsychic powers. Her father was a digidestined and one of genai's kind (I forget what there called). Tori's father told her on his death bed that she was a digi-guardian a kind of people from a paralel world that have strange powers and coexist with digimon. Tori is unaware though that other people don't know about digimon, she was told as a child that it was a secret and no one should know. Tori is generaly sweet natured and caring she carries the crest of virtue which used to belong to her late father. she has trouble in battle by thinking about her father and can lose her cool in the heat of the moment. other than that she can be anyone's friend and helps when it's needed.
6.2' 5" 7lbs.
7.green eyes
I hope we can get people to get this thing running!!!
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Okay. Ummm. History and Digimon. Okay

This is for Raye of course.

Digimon: Romamon
A racoon like digimon about as tall as Agumon. Her ways about as much as Gatomon I guess.

History: Okay. She has just changed her schedule. She usually tries to do good in school for her parents. She likes talking to her mom but would never tell her any real big secret and her dad and her aren't freinds at all. Her mom's a historion and her dad's a construction worker. She is usually very quiet unless someone talks to her. She loves to draw and write poetry. If anybody reads it she can get really mad. She is an only child. When she was little her parents faught alot so she is used to haveing time alone in her room. She is a very determined person and knows when and when she can't do something. She likes being polite, but sometimes she just has to yell at somebody.

You can change it anyway or just play fill in the blanks or even PM me. You should already have the rest of the information from my personal message. *Smiles* :) It's up to you of course if you even use her.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]
[B]Can I be Dark Digidestined? Because I'm so much better at being a Bad guy, and I REFUSE to be a good guy. Unless I absolutley [i]have[/i] to... [/B][/QUOTE]

I [I]love[/I] being an evil guy, I just haven't got around to be one in any of the RPGs...
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Name: Sam Wallace

Digimon Name: Thundermon

Description: Sam is a teenage boy with blonde slick-backed and spiky hair. He wears a blue poloshirt with a white undershirt and baggy tan cargopants.

Digimon Description: Thundermon in a small blue dragon Digimon. He has a gold underbelly and eyes. He has a small pair of wings, but they are not strong enough for him to fly with. He is an electric type digimon.

Height: 5'9

Age: 16

Bio: Sam is your regular teen-age middle class suburdia child. He is an all-star athlete, but especially excells in football as a reciever. However, when his parents died on his 16th birthday, he was traded from family to family between relatives. He has a deep need for direction.

Digimon height/weight: 3'2", 29 lbs

Eye color: Blue naturally, but sometimes wheres white contacts.
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Im not sure if your still doing this but here it goes...
Name: Yayzen Nazano
Age: 13
Hair/Eye: Brown sholder (length)/Hazel (but usaly light brown)
Hight/Weight:5'2''/115 pounds
Life:Yayzen is French (Mom) and Spanish (Dad) and never cared much of life but loved music and poetry (not emo). She gets good grades YAY! Two brothers Darek:12 and Brad:21. Fav color PURPLE :D wheres hotpink long sleve shirt and a black t-shirt with a purple music note jeans that fit just right and black sneakers.
Digimon: Melodiemon
Fur/Eye: Purple w/Black tips/Maroon
Height/Weight:3'2''/2.7 pounds
Personality: CLaims never wanted to have a "human" and makes Yayzen unconforterable untile Yayzen shows how much she cares for her.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Hey there. Welcome to OB.

Just FYI, a good way to tell if a thread is still active is to check the last post date. This thread is nearly a decade old, so it's safe to say people have moved on to greener pastures.

If you look in the Auditions subforum, you can usually find some more up to date things.

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