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Ok you notice i mainly psot up my pictures of like

dinosaurs or dragons or something...

Well not today

i got a special request

and i decided to take the challenge

Now... i cant do realistic drawings..

Cant do shoes feet hands or faces

so you see why i normaly put up dragons and such..

well.... This picture is OF the person who REQUESTED this to be drawn... she wanted to see how i would do...

and look at the hand

i did a good job i think

not the best ... but.. hey i like it

What do you think?

EDIT: the doll sucks.. thats cause i was mainly focusing on the person... ugh...

now do you see why i only do dragons digimon or things like that
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Why thank you

im not THAT good.. id give myself a solid 7

heh... every time i try to draw people

i get the noses and the eyes to be anime and by the time i get to the lips/ mouth i go oh forget it and make a tiny little line with a smaller one under ... lol.... so i normaly ALWAYS draw anime people

i should try drawing ginnylyn again like up above... but anime stype... HA that would be a fun challenge

by the way

Yes it might not look like it
but that IS my dran version of ginny

i think. . . i should stick to monsters...

now that i look at it her face kind of looks funny.. not the real ginnnys face... just the one i drew.. *sigh* I did my best though...

and this attachment is the picture i took it from . . .
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*screams happily* You're getting REALLY good, Flora me dear--that was what my drawings looked like when I was your age!!!

*is freaked out now* :eek:

Anyways, my only advice is to work on the eyes, and you got it made. *saves it* Ooooo...it's meeeeeee....^^
Yes, the hand is really REALLY good. I am so impressed.
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treton_noir, My posts look like that cause normaly ill finish what i want to say. Then ill think of something more that does not realy fit in with the others and i hit enter. Course every so often i post a post of stupidity and i hit the enter button way to often. Heh... Not to mention I have this head ache for about a week now and its screwing me up.

Anyways as for the picture. . . Ginny i know the eyes. . UGH im not good with facial features. Never was. Oh well ill get better some day. Or worse. Heh. . . Ill get there. One day. Ginny you wanted me to draw you and i drew you. Eh i could have done much better but . . oh well

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Me... Draw shaun *grins* Ill take EXTRA time on your chest... You have such a lovely chest *grin* Hahaah. Ok you want me to draw shaun now. . . Uh . . Ok. Ill try... I have SO many pictures to go off of though. How would i ever decide. *has alredy decided but shes just rambbling on*
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