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Crazy Cross


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(Note- Even though it isn't a Nintendo game, Digipen is sponsored by them, so it technically belongs here.)


Has anybody downloaded the demo of this game? I just finished the demo (which is unfortunately short), and I was left with a smile in my face. This RPG is similar in concept to Earthbound, with it's funny, but interesting plot; and it also manages to use a very interesting battle element (the Agression Meter).


I highly recomend those with good bandwith to download this game as soon as they can. From the dialogue, to the characters, it's all good.
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[COLOR=darkblue]lol, this game's pretty cool for a small school project and it has so many references to other video games (IE: the save couch in ICO and that Xenogears thingy at the beginning). The acting is cheesy but it's enjoyable...it hasn't crashed yet on my computer so they did a pretty good job.[/COLOR]
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