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Really bad cards.


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[b]Similar although different to the other thread about good cards.

I have two cards that may be even suckier than a Skull Servant.

1.That Guy
Fire/Lv.5/ATK 100/DEF 100/ NO EFFECT!!!!!

Views-A level 5 monster with 100 ATK/DEF and no effect.You have to Tribute Summon this?I'd rather play Skull Servant.A waste of paper.

2.KOITSU ("This Guy")
Water/Angel - Union/10/200/100
Once per turn during your Main Phase, you may change this card to
an Equipment card, and Equip it on 1 of your [That Guy], or remove
it from being an Equipment card, and place it in face-up attack
mode. Increase the Equipped Monster's attack strength by 3000.
If that Monster attacks a Monster in defense mode, and the attack
strength exceeds to the defense strength, do Battle Damage to
your opponent equal to the difference. (A Monster can only have
one Union Equipment card Equipped on it. If the Equipped Monster
would be destroyed by Battle, destroy this card instead.)

The effect is fairly good but look at the level!10! for a monster with 200/100!2 sacrifices, but like I said good effect.[/b]
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Ah. No, Circéus is right. I missed the bit about increasing its attack power by 3000. And, since its DEF is so low, you're looking at a lot of Direct Damage being done there. That is useful. Although one or the other on its own would be useless, seeing as they're meant to be used in conjunction with one another.
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Well thats why you keep Thousand Eyes Idol in your hand and then once you get Polymerization just fuse your wonderful Relinquished with it and bada-bing you got Thousand Eyes Restrict, cause it doesn't matter if the fusion material monsters are on the field, just as long as the material monsters are in your hand or on the field and you have polymerization.
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I mean these cards, are worth some good, I mean even Clarity of the Mind, which is incredible useless, has a purpose.

Clarity of the Mind
You may search for another [Clarity fo the Mind] and put it in your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards. (Not too sure 'bout that part)
Yuo may do this one per turn.

Even this has purposes.
I think every card does. There are some better than others, but I believe that there is no actualy "worst card".
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