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House of 1000 Corpses


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yay for rob zombie!
he finally finished his horror film entitled "House of 1000 Corpses". i dont know a whole lot about it. i saw today that on the soundtrack to the film is a track that i find VERY interesting.

Rob Zombie covered a Lionel Richie song.
you know the one...

"She's a brick house, mighty might just lettin' it all hang out.
She's a brick house, the lady's stacked and that's a fact, ain't holding nothing back.
Shake it down, shake it down now..."

*stops singing*
*peeks out*

so anyway, the song also features the rapping of Trina (chick rapper).
1.movie is done.
2.rob zombie and trina metalize/rap a lionel richie song.
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The movie was finished a really long time ago (well at least the filming, maybe not the final stages... heh). There was a chance that it was going to get an NC-17 rating apparently and the company didn't want to put it out, although they were strangely still supportive of it and Rob Zombie in general.

That was like months and months ago though. I even got a sticker and information on it from the site well over a year ago. It's on my stereo heh.

Really, this is the only new info I've even heard since then... It really isn't any clearer about how the movie will be released though...
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[size=1][color=darkblue]This movie sounds pretty cool. I've seen some of the pictures Rob Zombie has had taken for magazines, and they are a bit...scary, but still arty.
I saw his little Action Figure the other day. Now that's pretty detailed for plastic figuirine, and it scares me.
About the song, I odn't know what one you mean, but I'm sure it rocks. What's the title again?
What rating do you think this 'House of 1000 Corpses' will be?[/color][/size]
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Yeah, this movie has been falling into diffrent laps of who will release it. I even remember Universal Studios being mentioned a while back, which is just disturbing because that is when an NC-17 rating was being discussed, it lokks like a typical zombie movie.
I heard about it recently again on Uranium and he mentioned that it was in the final stages and he hopes to get it out in time for halloween.
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The movie is being released by Lion Gate Films. It only said coming soon in the trailer and didn't give a rating either.. Lots of movies are rated pretty high at first and then are brought down with some editing and etc... Like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was originally rated NC-17... but eventually they got those conservative pricks at the ratings place to change it.

I'm gonna go download that song now.

Whats the song they use in the trailer?
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That's true, but generally we're talking stripping a movie down from R to PG-13 from what I've seen (Spawn is an example). Generally this is removing certain suggestive themes and stuff though... Who knows.

At the time this was all happening, which was several months ago like I said, he was rather adamant about not censoring or editing the final product. They could have released it as an NR, but that would have hurt it even more than an NC-17 (I believe a lady involved was saying all this).

I thought that would have meant a small theater run and a quick DVD/VHS release. I just want to know what's going on. If Rob Zombie had to compromize, what they are going to wind up rating it... And what the hell could possibly be in the movie that was this big of a deal.

I saw the trailer a few months ago, and it looked like what I originally expected. A B-rated horror film, more funny and aimed at classic horror fans than disgusting (or whatever), much like his solo debut. The trailer must be nothing like the final movie if it's taking all this time to take care of this heh.
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  • 1 month later...
Well, I went to the theater today... to see "Bringing Down the House." It didn't start to hours later though, and then I saw it...

House of 1000 Corpses!! It started in 10 minutes. I convinced my friend to come see it, and off we went. I had NO idea it was even released yet... although according to another friend of mine it's being advertised like crazy. That's what I get for not watching TV I guess.

First, I have to state that I've been anticipating this movie for at least three years now. The horror movie that was being made because apparently Rob Zombie thought others at the time were too tame. It sounded too good to be true. I love this sort of crap.

So we're in the theater. Just us. No one is there, and no one ever comes in... Other than a guy that worked there for, who apparently just came in to see if anyone was watching it lol.

And so it starts... really freaking crazy opening scene. Almost everyone involved is killed, and graphically at that. This movie leaves almost no scene to the imagination, whether it be torture or right out murder. I must say this scene was my least favorite part of the movie though.

The credits start... These were pretty freaky even. Everything about the movie was. The music was really effective as well. There was of course the Brick House cover that was mentioned here... plus some other Rob Zombie lyrical songs (I think for a total of 3 the entire movie). The rest were instrumentals, and they were really effective I thought. They made scenes even more tense and disturbing... this one heavy drum track in particular really got to me.

It was mostly about four kids (the standard 2 guys and their girlfriends... think Evil Dead). It even takes place in the 70s. They get caught up by an insane family. A lot more is involved than this though. It's like 5 horror stories in one almost lol.

So without ruining the movie... what do I think about it? Well, to be blunt, it's ****ed up. Really, really, really, really ****ed up. I've seen very few horror movies in the actual theater (which probably makes it even scarier than watching at home)... but this is the only one I can think of that I've [i]ever[/i] seen that was starting to make me feel sick to my stomach at times.

I love that feeling. I'm also sick. :D

Anyway, I didn't know how to take the movie a lot of the time. Was it a tribute to B-rated horror films? Was it making fun of the tired ideas other horror films use time and time again? At times it seemed to do both of these. It takes what you are used to in these sorts of films and totally flips it around. Whenever I was expecting something to happen for sure... either something totally different happened, or it had some sort of sick twist to it.

The makeup and effects in the movie were top notch for the most part. Usually horror movies seem to mess up random things, and they stand out... blood color and such. I can't think of very many effects in this movie where it was completely and totally obvious they were fake. Everything in this aspect was excellent... [i]especially[/i] the designs of the few creature-type things involved. Of course, they were mostly regulated to the shadows, but you could still tell.

So, yeah... should you see this? I don't know. My friend hated it. He wanted to walk out several times... I, however, was enraptured by it. I wanted to see what was happening next, and if each thing could be topped. I was not let down.

I suggest anyone into this sort of stuff at least see it once, and try to sit through the entire thing. Some of the ending parts were excellent, especially the one involving a camera angle using a closeup of one girl (you'll know it when you see it).

Anyone else... avoid this. This is not a horror movie to start out with. It's not the worst horror movie in these scenes, but it certainly is gory, weird and horrible violent.

Edit: I should add that I wouldn't describe this movie as [i]scary[/i]. I can't think of any times in it where I like jumped up or was startled... It's classic horror magnified to an extreme rate really. It does the things it does at a simply relentless pace, and never really lets it up.

Edit 2: I've read a review that hated it. The guy felt it took itself and horror cliches too seriously to be of any interest. I don't think it took itself very seriously at all honestly, but what can you do.
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I am so pissed, I have not seen this movie yet and my friends say it's so ****ing awsome. I was gonna go but my parents were being jerks: I was at my friend's house and we decided to go, my parents said ok, then half and hour before we were gonna go my mom calls and says that she read the review and said that it was to much violence and **** and didn't want me going. Damn I gotta see this movie!
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So, it's finally out? Allright! I'm gonna organize a group of friends to go see it next week (this week's a holiday over here).
So, what kind of horror would you call it: Resident Evil (game), Eternal Darkness or Silent Hill?
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Hmm. That's a hard comparison.

I'll see if I can explain it. The movie isn't a traditional mindless slasher film. It doesn't feature gallons of excess blood, although there is plenty of it. It isn't scary in the normal sense, as you've never liked jumping out of your seat or anything. It's straight out horror. Gross things happen, people get killed and everything is shown. It's relentless and nothing is toned back until it's finished with.

It's most similiar to Texas Chainsaw Massacre honestly, although perhaps a bit less freaky because of TCM's amateurish qualities (which I feel make horror movies even more creepy lol).

So I guess... Silent Hill, but definately not as complex in the story and character department whatsoever lol.

As I mentioned, IGN hated this film... not that it's like they're the best film critics ever anyway. The guy said the film takes its horror roots too seriously to be of any value. It took itself seriously sometimes, but I think underlying that it was always tongue in cheek (although still very vicious about things) and a tribute to the 70s horror goldenage.

It's as if they wanted either Scary Movie or something like Signs... and this is nothing like either of those. It's not the norm anymore for stuff in the theater horror-wise.

However, it's still very b-movie-ish and has a lot of really dorky and funny qualities to it. There are some great scenes and some that are rather bleh... but it's still a fun movie.

Still, I obviously loved it. I want to see it again in the theater even, and I've never wanted to do that in my life.
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