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RPG DBZ: A New Fate, A new hope[PLAY]


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[size=1]Okie dokey, for this RPG, we have these people so far:


We still need spots for Bulma, Chi-Chi, Videl, and any other characters I forgot of.

Well ... here we go!!![/size]

[center][size=1][COLOR=silver][i]*Tap Tap* Goku had just landed on the Planet of the Kai's. He stood in front of the lake near where Gohan had taken out the Z sword from the pinnacle of rock in the middle of the lake.[/i]

Goku: This place alwyas seem to amaze me!

Supreme Kai: Ah, Goku, over here!!!

Kabbeto: Yes! Over Here!

Goku: Hey you guys! So, why did you call me over here for?

SK: Well, we shall have to talk about it inside my home. Let's go.

Goku: Sure.

[i]They lifted off of the ground and began to direct their energy up. They flew towards Supreme Kai's home. It was a cozy house, the size of that of a normal house, and entered.[/i]

Goku: This is a nice place you've got here Supreme Kai?!

SK: Yes, well back to the point. We're not here to converse about my house.

Goku: Allright, well, what the info you wanted to give me???

SK: Ok, well. From what I've heard, there seems to be a new ... a new ... a new evil force. I can sense alot of power coming from it. I -

[i]Goku interupted him[/i]

Goku: I'm sure me and the guys *thinks about 18* and girl could beat him?!

SK: Well, one, you might be able to beat him and two you interupted me?!

Goku: Heh heh :bluesweat Go ahead.


[size=1][i]Continue please ...[/i][/size][/center]
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Guest visser 3
Vegeta was waiting at CC(Capsle Corp)For Goku and peoples to come back.

Vegeta:Whats taking Kakkarrot so long he should be back by now.Im going to go train.

He walks of and goes to train just in case something happens.
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[SIZE=1][color=silver][i]Goku was told the rest of the info. It was all about how SK wanted him to destroy the new "evil" and such.[/i]

Goku: o.o wow! Well, thank for all the help. We really appreciatte it!

Kebetto: You should be!

Goku: Well, I have to go. The rest of the gang must be worried ... or getting annoyed.

SK: Very well. May be luck and your strength follow you and your friends on your following adventure.

Goku: Thank you.

[i]Goku was getting ready for the Instant Tranportation method. He put his middle and index finger up to his forehead. In about 5 seconds, he vannished. He appeared in the front if Capsule Corp. and rushed inside to tell the others of the info he had just recieved ...[/i][/color][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=green][i]Goten had been sword sparring with Trunks when he heard that Vegeta had gone to the training room.[/i]

Goten: Hey Trunks! Wanna go train with your dad?

Trunks: Whatever. Let's go.

[i]They walked out of the sword training room and towards the room Vegeta was in, the gravity had been set to 100x's the normal gravity. As soon as Goten walked in his legs felt like a ton of lead. Vegeta looked up with a smirk on his face.[/i]

Goten: We are here to train with you.

Vegeta: Ha, do you really think that you can even land a hit on me?

Trunks: Yeah, we're older now so yeah we could easily land a hit on you.

Goten: Yup!

Vegeta: Well then, let the games begin!

[i]Vegeta then proceeded to go Super Sayian, Trunks and Goten then followed suit. Vegeta was the first to make his move, he shot forward at Goten who merely dodged to the left and landed a blow on Vegeta's back. He stood up and brushed himself off.[/i]

Vegeta: You call that a hit? Ha! Buu hit harder than that!

Goten: I'm just getting warmed up!

Trunks: Oh come on Goten leave some of my dad for me!

[i]Goten flared out some more energy as did Vegeta and the two shot at each other and then started going at each other while Trunks stood propped against the wall watching.[/i][/COLOR]
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[I] Yamcha sits in the living room of Capsule Corp, awaiting the news from Goku. The thought of a new threat that "Goku" would have to defeat made him upset. [/I]

[B] Yamcha: [/B] I havent been able to keep up with Goku since he was a little kid, how will I be able to help out now?

[I] Upon thinking of that, Yamcha thought about going to train with Vegeta and the boys. The moment he entered the Gravity Room, he fell to the floor, as he could not handle to pressure pushing down on him, as Vegeta released a laugh. [/I]

[B] Vegeta: [/B] Do you honestly believe you can handle this gravity, when it took Kakkorot nearly a month to do it himself?
Remove yourself from my site, human.

[I] Yamcha quickly moved outside, where he could breathe easier. Once he got outside, he saw Goku appear in a flash of light at the doorway.

[B] Yamcha: [/B] Goku! Wait up!

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[COLOR=green][i]Goten had started going full throttle on Vegeta, this time he was throwing punches a little faster than Vegeta could block. Vegeta jumped back and then got an energy attack ready, he started firing at Goten. Goten was thrown back against a wall. A grin played on his face.[/i]


[i]The blue energy shot forwards at full force at Vegeta who wasn't even ready for the attack, he was then thrown against the wall. Thankfully neither of them were using their full energy potential. Goten dropped to the floor with his hands on his knees, he was panting to gain his breath back. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead as he stood back up with a grin on his face.[/i]

Goten: Okay, let's keep going.

Trunks: No, i wanna go now. Its my turn.

Goten: Oh fine.

[i]Goten powered down and walked out the door, just as he exited the room he heard a huge thud, Trunks and Vegeta had just thrown each other against the opposite walls. As Goten reached for a towel he saw his father standing outside. He ran outside to greet his dad.[/i]

Goten: Father!!![/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=silver]Goku: Hey!!! How're you?

Goten: Great?! Well ... what could you find out???

Goku: Well, lets go inside and I'll tell everyone.

[i]They walked inside the doors. Everyone greeted Goku back. After all of the greetings, Goku began to tell his story. After the story of Supreme Kai and Kebetto wanting him to destroy the new "evil", Vegeta and Trunks went into the Training Room, Goku, Gohan, and Goten folowing them ...[/i][/color][/size]
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[i]Piccilo stold perched attop Dende's lookout. His arms where folded across his chest and his keen eyes transfixed on the ground bellow him. He had senced everything that was happening. Even all the way from Dende's tower the emense power of the Sayains could be felt. He feared even he may not be able to contend with them much longer. However, if a new evil had orisen, he would be there to help in any way he could.[/i]

Piccolo: Dende!

[i]A teenage Dende ran from the main temple of the lookout.[/i]

Dende: Hey, whats up Piccolo?

Piccolo: I'm going to go down to Earth, Goku has word of a new threat.

Dende: What!? What kind of threat!?

Piccolo: I'm not sure, but it has even the Supreme Kai on edge. I must go.

Dende: Ok. But be careful.

Piccolo: Don't worry, I'll be fine.

[i]With that, Piccolo erupted in a blaze of white Ki energy, shoting off towards the Earth below him.[/i]
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18 was out training with her husband krillan and their daughter when he felt goku's power. Krillan stopped in his tracks and looked off in the distance towards central city where capsul corps is.

krillan: Did you feel that? Goku is back!

18: Yeah? So? Don't stop training, if you have any hope of becoming stronger than me then you cannot give up!

krillan: R-r-right...

they went back to their training togather.
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[b]Gohan was messing around with the Z-Sword...

Gohan:Cool sword!

SK:Watch what you do with that!

Gohan acciendently cut off a peice of SK's hair.


SK:Get back here!


SK:Let me cut off a peice of your hair and see how it feels!

*SK tries picking the sword up*



SK:Shut Up!

Gohan:Look SK I have to train so if I could have that sword back.


-Gohan returned to train with the Z-sword to help out his father.[/b]
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[I] After listening to the news that Goku had arrived with, Yamcha began to wonder if he could assist in anyway with the upcoming mission. While everyone was pre-occupied with talking to Goku, Yamcha slipped into the Gravity Training room.
Once he gave the controls a look over, he pushed a few buttons as the gravity slowly increased to x10 gravity. Instantly, he felt a little heavier, but not enough, so he set the controls at x25, and nearly fell down, as he realized it was the perfect level to go at. After 20 minutes of going around the chamber, practicing his moves and withstanding the gravity, Vegeta arrived at the doorway, laughing about the puny level he was training at. He swiftly moved across the floor and slammed it to x60 gravity. Yamcha quickly fell to his back on the floor, unable to rise again. Vegeta rose his hand and charged a Ki, pointing it at Yamcha. After a few tense moments, Vegeta pulled the energy back in and laughed once more at the fear he saw in Yamcha's face. He released the pressure back to 30, and left so Yamcha could attempt his training.. [/I] [/Size]
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[size=1][color=silver][i]After everyone got done with what they had to do, they all went into the gigantic Dining room located near the middle of Capsule Corp. They all had a great meal consisting of rice, soup, and other food. Goku and Goten seemed to be eating the most. Just then, Gohan landed in front of the door, still in his Mystic clothes.[/i]

Goku: Gohan?! Where were you? *looks at Gohan's clothes* Oh, on Kai Planet, huh?

Gohan: Hey dad! Yeah, obviously, I was. Well, anyways, dad, what's the big news I heard about???

[i]Goku told Gohan the story. After the story was finished, Gohan was awestruck. He the went to the dining table and served himself a bowl of everything.[/i]

Gohan: Mmmmf...

Goku: Chomp Chomp ...

Vegeta: Chew chew ...

Goten: Gulp gulp gulp ...

Trunks: Slurp slurp slurp ...

[i]After they finished eating, they all gathered around the Living Room to talk about the news and how they were going to deal with it.[/i]

Trunks: Well, we have to think carefully. We don't know how powerful this ... "thing" is and we can't sense it.

Goku: He's right. We have to think of a new concept on how -

[i]Vegeta had interupted him.[/i]

Vegeta: Why don't we just go find this thing, fight it, then blow it to smitherin's?!

Gohan: No, again, like Trunks said, we don't know how powerful this is. We may die.

Goten: Well? What are we to do now???

[i]They kept the conversation up ...[/i][/size][/color]
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[i]Piccolo landed in the lawn outside Bulma's house in the Capsule Corp. Estate. He could see inside the window to the kitchen that bowls and plates where stacked up to the ceiling. Saiyan meals, something he was happy he missed. He proceeded inside and found the five Saiyans all siting in Bulma and Vegeta's living quarters.[/i]


Piccolo: Hello Gohan.

[i]The rest of the Sayains greated Piccolo kindly, Vegeta merely snareling, still dispising the Namek for his "inferior" race.[/i]

Piccolo: Glad to see you to Vegeta.

Vegeta: Oh shut up.
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Guest visser 3
Vegeta:Why are you here.Your not wanted.

Goku:Calm down Vegeta its alright.

Piccolo:I heard that there is a new evil.

Goku:Your good.

Piccolo:Your right.I am.So what is this new evil.
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My darn computer wouldn't let me log in! :flaming:


[size=1][color=silver]Goku: I don't know [i]exactly[/i] what it is, but my senses are telling me it's powerful.

Vegeta: Oh great! Now we don't even know what this ... thing is and we have to go into fight it?!

Trunks: Settle donw dad, we can beat him, right Goten!

Goten: Yeah! We''ll jeut fuse with eachother and beat him!

Goku: It's not as easy as it sounds, son.

[i]They kept conversing...[/i][/color][/size]
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[I]After training with 18 for awile Krillan started getting concerned....[/I]

Krillan: 18 I think we should go see Goku... Im sensing somthing, though its brief it doesnt feel friendly...

18: Fine, but we're training as soon as we get back... Oolong mind baby sitting for awile?

Oolong: No i think ill pass, ive go thngs to do.

[I]18 Gets irritated....[/I]

18: BACON!!!!


[I]Krillan And 18 Fly Off Towards Capsule Corp[/I]
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Cyro finally reached Earth with little fuel left in his ship. He began to spiral speededly down towards a dome-like building.

Cyro: Yaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!*crashes into capsle corp. everyone stares at the mess.
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Cyro: Oww! My head!

Bulma speeded towards him and starts hitting him in the head more.

Cyro: Hey, don't make it worse!!

Goku: Some evil.

Cyro: Wah!! Whatdaya mean evil. I'm here to tell you about the evil.

Goku: I don't know....
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Vegeta: Let him tell us, does it really matter if it's true or not?

Goku: Well, sure! First what's your name?

[i]The intro's went around, Cyro then got back to his story. He told everyone the story. Everyone seemed to have been extremely fascinated, for there eyes seemed to be connected to his mouth.[/i]

Goku: This is some valuable information you have given us, Cyro. We thank you very much.

Cyro: Yeah, no problem! Is it alright if I hang out with you guys for a little while? I have no home here.

[i]They all looked at Bulma.[/i]

Bulma: I guessssss. But you're all going to have to pitch in on working on the the new sunroof we have now.

[i]They all nodded in accpetance. They then began to talk some more...[/i][/color][/size]
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Goku: Cyro, I sense you have amazing power, are you a sayin.

Cyro: Yes I am, a mystic super sayin 2. My fther said I was abnormal for a sayin, because of my hair, so I could trick anyone.

Vegeta: Hmm, more sayins.

Cyro: I survived the attack on our home planet and found another planet. Then "he" destroyed that planet, and later in the years I found out he was gonna destoy earth. I also found out this fiend was named Kleptic.

Goku: Wow, Kleptic. Do you know what he looks like?

Cyro: No, but his power is nothing like before. I warn you, be prepared. Have gone Super Sayin 4 yet?

Vegeta: There's a level beyond SS3?!?

Cyro: *sigh*Looks like you need to learn a thing or 2 from me...
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Goku: There is?! WOW!!! You must be stronger than me!!!

Cyro: Not exactly, I sense a great power inside of you.

[i]Goku then sweats anime style.[/i]

Goku: Heh, thanks!

[i]Cyro then explained the story of the Super Saiya-jin 4 level to the others...[/i][/color][/size]
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Guest The Bouncer
Tien: hey you guys. whats up

Goku: this is Cyro he can go Super Saiyan 4

Tien: whats up Cyro

Cyro: whats up human. I can sense great power hidden deep within you

Tien: does that mean i can go Super Saiyan ( Smiling happily)

Cyro: no but i do sense power in you

Tien: ok ( face dropping) is there anything else important

Vegeta: a evil unknown force is coming to earth

Tien: oh, looks like il have to train really hard to even stand a chance againts him
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