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I'll be gone for a while...

Yu Yu Hakusho!

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I'm leaving this Friday to go to Brazil. I'll miss over a week of school (yay!)! We're staying for about 18 days...
I'm mainly going to visit my family, since my mom is from Brazil (geez, I hardly know anyone whose mom is from Brazil that lives here)....my grandfather whom I have never met is in his 80's...my grandmother is in her 70's and we're afraid that they're getting too old and I might not get to see them again. That sucks.
We're also going to Rio De Jenario (or just plain Rio) to see Carnival, basically what I like to call Brazilian Mardi Gras.
I'm not really looking foward to it though, mainly because of all the drunks and naked people...that sort of thing. But at least I'll get to say, "I've been to Carnival." I guess dancing naked women aren't really my cup of tea, sorry.
Other than that, we're going to travel all over Brazil and visit what other family I have there.
The flight is SO messed up. See, I live in Houston and we have the huge Bush Intercontinental Airport with all the international flights and all. We're flying on United....and they're making us fly all the way to Chicago just to go to Brazil! I don't know why...
But maybe now I'll get to see some snow, although my parents don't really want that.
Well, just wanted to let you guys know if you really cared...^^;
And I'll see everyone soon!
We're going to take a LOT of pictures and if anyone cares to see any of Carnival, then I'll post them in a few weeks.
Take care everyone!!

Lotsa Love,
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