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Gaming Made in Wario/Wario Ware

Senor Ding Dong

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If you haven't heard of this game, now you have. It's a GBA game with supposedly over 200+ "Microgames". YOu play parts of certain nintendo games, trying to complete a task. [spoiler]You have to beat Mother Brain in the Metroid game, dodge a car in F-Zero, dodge flies in Mario Paint, and other things.[/spoiler]But, in these tasks, there is a bomb in the corner. YOu must complete these tasks before it explodes. The story is [spoiler]Wario gets a wave of greed, so he & his freinds borrow some nintendo games & make a profit off them. or something like that.[/spoiler]

So, what is your opinion of this game?
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[size=1][color=darkblue]I'm not a huge GBA fan, but I have never heard of this game...ever. It sounds cool, but a bit like a 'preview' game, if you unerstand that. Like small gaming clips to promote other Nintendo games, bit like a demo disc. Sounds cool though. Is 'Made in Wario/Wario Ware' the title?[/color][/size]
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Yeah. That's the title.

I read about this a couple weeks ago. At first I was interested, but... now I don't know. Playing tiny little parts of other games as well as new minigames doesn't interest me that much. Could be fun though, especially multiplayer.
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Hey Semjaza, I have your exact opposite opinion. Now that I know more about the game, I'm really interested. Maybe this will be my Spring GBA game buy.

However, I'm thinking that the challenges in this game will be plentyful. Otherwise, I won't buy it.
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  • 3 weeks later...
Gameplay offers up more than [b]200[/b] fast-paced "microgames" that include recognizable classics, sports, shooters, and much more

Enjoy the company of Wario-themed storyline elements and comedy

Brand-new characters include the brainiac 9-Volt, the disco-loving Jimmy, and many more

Play through 25 mini-games at a time to unlock a boss and new character-based levels

Planned May 26, 2003 release

I am bumping this thread because I've now gotten to play an import of the game.

Story-wise, I have no idea what is going on. This is probably the weirdest game Nintendo has ever put out. From what I can figure out, Wario realizes that games make money. So he thinks more games would make more money. You wind up playing all these little games for some reason that involves that. Don't ask me what the hell I'm talking about lol.

Anyway, there are apparently a lot of areas in this game. Each area has a boss at the end, and so far is made up of 10 levels. The first area is Wario in a radio, the second area is ran by some Disco dancing guy with an afro. He challenges you to games over his cell phone.

Each level is a game... But each game lasts for about 3 seconds. You have four chances to get to the boss, if you mess up a game... you lose a chance. The catch is that none of the games are explained to you. You're just thrown into them. Usually they're second nature and you know just what to do... Some I had to play a couple times before I got the point. All you use is the D-Pad and the A button to play.

Examples of some games:

- There is a hand holding a rod at the top of the screen, and a hand you can grab with at the bottom. The hand drops the rod, and you have to grab it by pressing A. If you miss, that's it.

- Wario rides around on a motorcycle and you have to avoid cars. It's a lot like the old Spy Hunter game.

- You have to guide Wario through a Pacman like maze to collect coins.

- You're a little guy jumping rope. You have to time his jumps by pressing A without tripping.

- In a game of golf, you have to aim and putt the ball into the hole.

- Wario is stuck in a Mario level, but he can't stop jumping. You have to land on a Goomba to win.

And so on... It sounds really dumb, but honestly it's a hell of a lot of fun. The sound really adds to it, because it has some of the goofiest music and effects I've heard in a game in a long time.

I plan on buying this for sure now.
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If I have SP by then this may be something I invest in. It looks well thought out enough for a quick game on the go or sitting down for awhile. I'll most likely get say...Golden Sun, Advanced Wars, etc. before this, but it looks nice.

BTW do you think they'll have those at Game Stop cheap by now?
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The game was confusing when I first heard of it, but now it looks great. It's the ultimate pick up and play game. I love Wario, and although a lot of the mini games don't have him in it, the name Wario always grabs my interest anyways. If you've ever seen the game in action, you know the mayhem. In a two minute period, you could have played maybe 20 mini games. One second you're playing punch out, the next you're trying to dodge fireballs, and the next you are trying to score a soccer goal. It sounds crazy, so it's a must have! It's release date is also my birthday, so there is a high chance of me getting it soon after it's release!
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