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Final Fantasy:A new age

Guest visser 3

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Guest visser 3
Chaos and xion were walking to the town lindblum when all of a sudden a guy in a black robe appears and says the "Evil has been Reborn".

Chaos:What do you mean

Xion:Yes what do you mean.

Man:I mean you must stop the Evil before it destroys the world.

Chaos:Oh great we have to find everybody now or hope they find us.

Xion:I know.

They look back at the man but he's gone.

Chaos:Where did he go.

Xion:I dont know.

Thats when Chaos remebers that he had silver hair and a long sword at his side.

Chaos:I think that was the famous Sepheroth.

Xion:Oh crap!!
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[i]Rufus set in his small workshop in the town of Nibehelm. He was tinkering with a small robot he was bulding for a young boy's birthday. The boys father had come to Rufus and asked for it, so Rufus, being the kind hearted mechanical genius he was, built the robot.[/i]

Rufus: Ahh, finished.

[i]Rufus held up the combleted bot, standing around a foot and a half in height. The robot's light up eyes began the glow brightly.[/i]

Rufus: Very good. Now I've got the whole rest of the day to myself.

[i]Rufus put the robot down on the counter, fliping the switch on it's back to turn it off. He walked through a solid dteal doorway, leading to his quant kitchen and living area. He had built up quite a hunger, so he headed out the door towards Cloud 9, the local dinner run by an elder woman named Tifa Strife. As Rufus walked, he noticed dark storm clouds spread over the town.[/i]

Rufus: Storms a brewin. Thats never a good sign.
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[I]In a flash Cecil landed on his hands and knees on the ground. As soon as he touched the ground, the portal closed and left him alone in this strange place. He stood up and looked around.[/I]

'Where am I? The first moment i was training sword skills and the next i landed here on the ground...'

[I]The technoligy in this city was amazing. Everywhere he looked were shining things. Everything was made out of metal.
Suddenly he heared footsteps. he looked in the direction it came from and he saw humans.[/I]

'So i AM on Earth. I must've been brought forward in time... That means that portal was a time portal?... What is going on?'

[I]Suddenly he got a burst of pain in his head and the next moment he lay on the ground.[/I]
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[I]Zan slashes twice with his sword and looks up in the sky.[/I]

"What is that weard feeling, I think great evil is coming. I got to go to Ashvalle and some equipment just in case."

[I]Zan starts walking east to the town of Ashvalle.[/I]

"Come on."
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[i] As Kjata go to the Alexandria harbor where the Hilda Garde 3 was mysteriously parked, Zidane stops him. [/i]

Zidane: Give this letter from Garnet to Eiko when you get to Lindblum.

[i] Zidane gives him the letter and Kjata continues on. He talked to the first Alexandrian Soldier and rode on the statue. After the ride he continue walking and finally out of the cavern. He boards the Hilda Garde 3 and the ship took off to Lindblum. [/i]
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Zidane was walking in town and decided to go to the local bar.

Zidane: Hey vivi how is it going

Vivi: Okay but ....... oh nevermind

Zidane; Whats the matter . You can't hide things from me

Vivi: I just have this feeling something bad is gonna happen soon

Zidane: Well we should tell Our Princess this

Vivi: Ok let's go but we better hurry the festival is about to start
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Guest visser 3
Chaos:Xion where should we go first alexandria or lindblum.

Xion:I say Alexandria.

Chaos:Lets go then.

They go of to find garnet and zidane and the rest of the crew.
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[I]'the sealing is turning... I cant stand up... I feel chained even when im not... darkness... Zeromus...'[/I]

[I]'Wait. I hear voices. Footsteps coming up. A crying door. I feel someone is close. Something like one step away. I might have been able to reach that person, but I cant move. these chains which arent there, consealing me from the world.
Everything is spinning. Darkness takes over my sight. I cant see. I cant move. My senses are shut down. I can only hear. I hear voices. I hear footsteps. Then even my hearing is shutdown.'[/I]

[I]'I feel like ive slept for years. I sit up and look straight into the face of a lady.'[/I]

Woman: Good. He awakens.


Woman: Rest. You look exausted.

'i... Where am i?'

Woman: You're here. In my house.

'Which town is this...?'

Woman: You are in baron.

[size=1][i]'so it was a time portal... how?'[/I][/size]

Woman: Now you just rest. I will get you some food and drinks. What would you like? Coffee? Tea? Coke?

'Coffee?... Tea?.... Coke?.... what are those?'

Woman: You realy hitted your head didnt you? Well... Ill just make you some tea with a sandwhich okay?

[I]'And before i could answer she was down the stairs again. I was thinking... and later I dozed in again.'[/I]
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[I]...Ugh.......Where........Where am I? Can't move....[/I]

??????: He's coming to. Sabin?

Sabin: Hmmmmmm....... *Yawn* Wha? Where? Who?

??????: Sabin, it's me.

Sabin: Edgar? How'd YOU get here? I was alone!

Edgar: Actually, I was watching you.....

Sabin: Where are we?

Edgar: I don't know. Let's get outta here first.

[I]After getting through the forest[/I]

Sabin: Well, this is wierd...

Peasant: Welcome to the town of Baron!

Sabin & Edgar: WHAT!?!?!?! That was destroyed years ago!

Peasant: What? This place has been here for thousands of years.

Sabin: Well then, where's Narshe?

Peasant: Never heard of Narshe. Guess you're both not from around here.

Edgar: Figaro Castle. Is it still here?

Peasant: Figaro? Haven't heard of that either.

Sabin: What about Kefka. Is he still around?

Edgar: We must know!

Peasant: Quiet! You must not talk of him. He sees and hears everything with the others. Now, would you like something to eat or drink? If you do, try the restaurant over there.

Edgar: *Whispering to Sabin* This is very odd, let's go to the restaurant and get some more clues...

Sabin: Okay, lead the way Mr. Detective. *Laughs*
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As Zan ran toward the town he spotted a starnge light. he ran to see what it was when a tall man about 6'9" jumped out from behind a rock and hit Zan in the gut to knock the wind out of him.Quickly jumping back. Zan tryed to recover from the suprising hit.
"Your in trouble Zan, You owe me and I want what is mine."
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"Zan!" Geotenx shouted as he ran toward his stunned comrad. Geotenx grabbed his "sword" and got ready to fight, but then he felt the firm grasp of Zan's hand on his shoulder restricting him, calming him. Still he clenched his dagger with all his might and grinded his teeth.

The wind howled as it cut through the tree branches and rustled their leaves. Now Darkness had begun to fall.
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Guest visser 3
Xion:are we there yet

Chaos:Youve said that a million times now shut up please.


Just then they run into a group of monsters.They take out their weapons and start fighting.

chaos:Lets do it.Haaa slash die.

xion: die you freaks.Haaaa waaaaa die.
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'I wonder where I should head to?' thought Nanaki II to himself.
'What if I just keep walking and hopefully I'll get to a good city or town...'
Then suddenly the sky started to darken.
"I feel something evil coming...I should head to the nearest town or city and try to get information and shelter..." said Nanaki II to himself and with that he ran off to go find a town or city.
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[I]"Darkness.... Dark Stone.... Evil....."[/I]


[I]Cecil was all red and wet. The sweat drips of his face. He breaths hardly. He raised from bed and leaned his a chair in his grasp.[/I]


"Hey! Are you all right?"

"Yeah... I think it was a nightmare..." he lied to himself about that. He knows the slashes crossing his eyes in the dream were as real as he can use a sword, but... "[size=1]I have to stop zeromus...[/size]"

"What? Dont say his name in public!" She said with a face as if she had seen a ghost.

"What do you mean?"
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After a long time of running.Nanaki II finally got to a town.
He quickly ran into an inn that was close by.
"One room please...*huff**puff*"he managed out.
The person at the counter handed him the key.He took the key and then he fell on the floor from exhaustion.
"Sir!Are you alright?!Room Service!!!"the person yelled.
"Here take this man to bedroom 45.The key should be in his paw."
The room service guy then picked Nanaki II up and carried him to the bedroom.He put him on the floor and went to get a towel and blanket.He walked over to Nanaki II and started drying him with the towel.Then he picked him up again and put himon the bed and put the blanket over him.Nanaki II dreamed away,imagining how the rest of his adventure would be like.
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[color=royalblue]The next morning Nanaki II got up.
Nanaki:*yawn*Where am I??Oh yeah.I'm in that inn.
He got off the bed and went to the counter.
Nanaki:Thanks for the help.And give this to the room service guy who helped me.
He said as he handed the registerer an item.
Nanaki:Tell him it's from me ok?
Registerer:Ok.Thankyou.Please come again.
Nanaki II exited the inn and put a B-line straight to the weapons shop.He walked in the door.
Nanaki: Do you have any good armour??
Shop Owner:We have a Magnesium bangle.It gives strong protection and doubles the materia growth.
Nanaki:I'll take it.
Shop Owner:Thankyou.Please come again.
Nanaki II left the weapons shop and went to the materia shop.He bought some materia then left.Then he went to the Item shop.
Nanaki:I would like 5 X potions,2 tents,3 Hypers and 5 X Ethers.
He bought the items he needed and went to a shop and bought a map.
He bought some food to eat then he left off to continue his journey.[/color]
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[i]Zan pulled Geotenx to the ground and jumped to his feet and took out his sword and got in a fighting stance[/i]

"Your not geting a thing. Not from me or anybody else! Woah the ground is shaking, but how this is an island? Whatever I'll figure it out later."'

[i]Zan runs at the brute and they start to engage in battle. The quake was a disadvantage to both fighters. The tall man kicked Zan forcing him to sprawl and fall unconscience.[/i]
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[I]The quake tore down trees and buildings in the nearby towns with it's might. As building clashed and crashed into their suroundings Geotenx still lay stunned on the ground. He slowly lifted himself at first with his hands then recovering a bit using his legs. The strongest fighter the boy knew was laying there unconscience and a beast of a man stood somewhere out there in the darkness and there being no protection for Geotenx. He thought he was scared but fear is only an image that he is to figure out later. Meanwhile Lurking in the darkness the odd stranger still hunted for something, searching among debris and fallen trees.[/I]
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[color=royalblue]Suddenly a red blur flashed past.
Geotenx was lifted by the red blur and taken away.
After a while the blur stopped.And it put Geotenx down.
Nanaki:Are you ok??
Geotenx:W-w-w-who are you???
Nanaki:My name's Nanaki II but everyone calls me Nanaki.What about you?
Geo:I'm Geotenx.Oh no!!Zan!!
Nanaki:Who's Zan??
Geo:He's my friend!He fell unconsious!!We have to get him!!
Nanaki:Hmm.Ok get on my back.
Then Nanaki ran back to where he picked Geotenx up.
The man had left.Zan was just laying there severly injured.
Nanaki walked up to him.
Nanaki:Geotenx.Put him up on my back with you.
Geotenx struggled to pick him up.But he finally got Zan on.
Nanaki:Ok we're going to go back to the town I was at before ok?
Geotenx just nodded with tears in his eyes.
Geotenx:Is he going to be ok Nanaki??
Nanaki:I'm sure he'll be fine.
Geotenx smiled a little.Then Nanaki sped back to the town.But was a bit slower because of the weight and in case someone fell off.
They got into town and Nanaki went straight into the inn.
Nanaki:I'm back again.I need another room.
Registerer:Sure.It looks like you need some help with that man.
Nanaki:Yes thank you.
Registerer:room service!
The room service guy came again.
RS:Hello sir.Nice to see you again.Thank you for the present.
Nanaki:No problem but could you help me with this man??
RS:Oh sorry.:blush:
The room service guy picked Zan up.The registerer gave Nanaki the key to the room and they went searching for the room with Geotenx still riding on Nanaki's back.They found the room and the room service guy layed him on the bed.
Nanaki:Thank you again.
RS:Glad to be of help.Goodbye.Call of you need anything!
Nanaki:Sure.Geotenx you can sleep with Zan.
Geo:Ok.But what about you Nanaki??
Nanaki:It's ok.I'll sleep on the floor.
Geo:But you're paying for the room.You can't sleep on the floor!
Nanaki: Don't worry about it.And I'll just use a light blanket.You 2 can have the quilt.But right now I need a shower.
Nanaki walked into the bathroom and closed the door.He turned on the water and adjusted the temperature,then he got in.The water was nice and warm.He just stood there for a while enjoying the heat as it cascaded over his back.He reached up and got the soap and lathered himself.Then he rinsed it off.He turned off the water and got out.He shook himself out and dried the rest rest of himself with a towel.Then he exited the bathroom.When he looked in he saw the room service guy and Geotenx was talking to him.He walked around to them and saw that there was a mattress and a quilt on the floor next to the bed.
Geo:Nanaki.I felt so guilty about you sleeping on the floor with a thin blanket.So I got this nice man to bring a mattress and quilt.And he was happy to because you were so nice.
Zan:Ungh...What happened??Where am I???
Nanaki:You were knocked unconcious.We're in an inn in a small town.
Zan:*more elert*Who are you?!?!Geotenx quick get behind me!!!
Geotenx just stood there:Zan!You should thank him!!
Zan:What for?!?!
Nanaki:I'm Nanaki II.Everyone calls me Nanaki.I saved you and brought you and Geotenx here on my back.Boy!You guys are heavy.
Zan:Oh...I'm sorry..Thankyou very much for saving our lives.
Nanaki: Don't worry about it.
Zan:Who's paying for the room??
Nanaki:I am.
Zan:No.You can't.You've done so much for us already!
Nanaki:Not yet.*he turns to the RS guy*bring us a large meal!
RS:Yes Sir! and he left to go get the food.
Nanaki:Tomorrow morning we shall go weapon and armour shopping.I'll pay!
Zan:Nanaki.You've don'e so much!!How do we repay you??
Nanaki:All I ask is for travel companions...
Zan:Surely there's more we can do!?!?!
Nanaki:No Zan.That is all I wish for in the world.Friends and Companions.
Zan:Of course we'll be your friends and companions!!Who wouldn't after how you treat people!!
The room service guy came back with the food.
Nanaki payed him and he left.
Zan:Thank you...Sincerely,thank you.
Nanaki: Don't worry.I helped Geotenx because he looked so scared and innocent.Then he begged me to go find you.So that's how it was.I'd do that for anyone.Even if they're my worst enemies.
They all washed their hands and started eating.After all the food,Zan decided he needed to have a shower.
Nanaki:I'll get room service to bring some disinfectant and some bandages for your cuts.
Zan:You don't have to.I'll be fine.
Nanaki:No you won't!
He called room service and they soon came.
After Zan's shower Nanaki helped him apply Disinfectant and put on the bandages.
Nanaki:Geotenx.Go have a shower now.
Geotenx walked over to the bathroom and had a shower.
Everyone was tired from the day so hey all decided to get aneary night.Geotenx and Zan climbed into bed and Nananki layed in his bed on the floor and thought of the new fun adventures that he would have with his friends.[/color]
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