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DIgital Destiny III: Nemesis


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OOC: I'll se the scene and put in characters from the first 2, because they are easier to remember. Post your introduction after mine, so everyone can see where you'r character has come from and, where your character was at the reign of the sovereign. (if you are new, make something up say, at the other end of the Digital World)

[color=green] [size=1] It has been 2 years, 2 years since the infamous days of S@bremons reign as the sovereign. Sphrin is gone, so is Jake and Kyle, fled after the terrible reign began, S2bremon is himself again, the power of the stone broken, or was it?

S@bremon hadn't crushed the stone like it was originally thought he had, He had split it in two. Gemini had been holding the stone at the end of their last adventure, turns oput he was holdiing half. Gemini has set out to recover thel half of the stone to unite it again and bring about the dark new World order he had hoped to achieve woth S@bremon. To his dismay, S@bremon's friend David and his Digimon Guilmon had relenquished the power of the stone with twelve new stones. Soon after, the plan failed.

S@bremon returned to his tamer, Yusuichi, who he had forced back to the real world after he found out he was losing control of himself. Now, repartnered with Yusuichi, sided with guilmon and David, they search for the other half of the stone, to destroy it for good, before thier nemesis gets a hold on it...[/size] [/color]
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Dragimon sat upon the palm tree as he lay his head on his paws thinking of Kato his tamer in which he killed under the control of the stone he lay there his feathered wings flapped to cool his white fur off as his pink nose twitched he looked around.....nothing.........he looked above........nothing.........then he flew down and began walking on the forest floor looking for someone to talk to for the time being when he knew what to do.........[/i][/color][/size]
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A strange girl walked through a dark forest. The past things to happen she had no idea even took place. She walked up a small grassy hill that over looked the ocean. Her dirty blonde hair blew in the calm sea breeze. She was wearing black leather pants and a long sleeve black shirt. She had a black vest over that. A black bandana held her hair out of her face. She was new to this world.

Seiara: What is my purpose here? I still... I still dont understand.
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(A man, known as Gemini, walks throug a dimly lit corridor. A creature of some sort follows him. They enter a research facility, where several scientists are working)
Gemini: You wanted me for something. What?
Scientist 1: Sir, all tests have been completed. Success rate is 100%. (He hands Gemini a small round device.) Here you go.
Gemini: Perfect. (He turns and exits the room, and the creature follows.) (To himself) Last time, faliure was due to the subject having a previous life. This time, with a subject created just for this, there's no chance of faliure.
(David is in his room at his house. He runs a new search for the other half of the Stone of Enlightened Endurance. As the program runs, David thinks about recent events. After he dissapeared for five years, his parents had thought he was dead. Nobody else had noticed, because David never got out much. He had always stayed at home. When he returned, things quickly got back to normal, but with one major differance: he had told his parents about Digimon, and about what had happened to him)
David: Nothing! Man, nothing can find this thing! I guess we'll need to search ourselves. I better locate Jake, Kyle, and Rae. Then, we'll find this thing, and make sure it's totally destroyed.
OOC: Nobody reveal what the creture following Gemini is.
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Seiara took a deep breath and silently walked down the hill. She ajusted each spiked wrist band and then her spiked collar. She looked around concidered finding some food. She looked around and found a few berrie bushes she picked a few and ate them. She knew which ones were good and which ones were bad. She popped a few more in her mouth and smiled. She walked along the beach and thought to herself.

Seiara:[i] The seabeeze so calm. To bad this world is doomed. I wish i could help... but i feel worthless. Hmm we shall see i guess.[/i]
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David: All right, let's see here. (He walks over to his backpack and removes a large jewel from it) I really need to return this. (He attaches it to his computer and runs a search program) There we are. All right. (He opens a portal, then takes the jewel and puts it in the backpack. He grabs the backpack and puts it on) Guilmon, let's go. (He and Guilmon enter the portal, and appear in a forest, right in front of jake, Kyle, Rraikmon, and Sphrinmon) Hello.
Kyle: David! Man, you really need to stop doing that.
David: Sorry. I came because I need your help. The search for the other half of the Stone of Enlightened Endurance has intensified. It's likely that Gemini has something planned, but I haven't checked yet. I plan to do so, but first I need to find Rae. After that, we'll look for the other half. The four of us should be able to handle the job.
Jake: Well, do we have a choice?
David: No.
Jake: Let's do it, then.
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Seiara let her mind wander.

Seiara: Ah yes Jake and Kyle. They have been found by David. Its about time although he does need to stop that following those 3 useing sphrins stone. Oh well.

Seiara began to float in mid air and she began to fly at a quick pace to another part of digiworld.

Seiara: Tanna if she were alive today would be proud of those two.
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[size=1] [color=green] Yusuichi examined the Digital world, he examined everything that s@bremon hd done under the stone, he knew it wasn't his fault. But his dehected Digimon did not, he was participating in the demolition of the Control Spires, both regular black spires and crimson spires alike.

Yusichi: come on S@bre, you know it wasn't your fault
S@bre: yes it was, i had to lift that bloody rock
Yusuichi: yeah, To get out of the chasms! in which that mysterious guy...
S@bre: it was him, it was olympus, he did it!

S@bre knew he had to find David and Guilmon, he was running with Yusuichi to find thier friends when he bumped into Dragimon

Dragimon: uh! get away from me
S@bre, Calm down, I'm not Exdevas@bre anymore.

12:01 am_


After explaining to Dragimon that it wasn't realy him in control. Dragimon helped ExdevaS@bre with his quest to find Olympus.

They took to the air, as S@bremon looked to the sky, he could not help but wonder, what did these next days hold?

12:02 am

Then he noticed it, the inscription in the chasms, It read.

To those inflicted with half a stone, your chances are surviving but a day. To let this world survive a time, both sides of the half must be destroyed.

Huh? that means we have [b] 24 [/b] hours to resolve the biggest crisis in Digimon history!

He needed to think of a PLAN fast! If he was going to save the digital world yet again...[/size]

[size=5] 12:05 am [/size] [/color]
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OOC: Just for the record, Rraikmon is Kyle's partner, and Sprinmon is Jake's. This was established in the previous story.
(David takes his laptop computer out of his backpack and turns it on)
David: I determined Rae's location before I left. it's not as easy as it is with you, though. (He poens a portal, and they all enter it)
(Gemini enters the control room, and the creature follows. Several people are at computer terminals, and there is a large screen at one end)
Gemini: Contact Olympus. (Flunkie 1 puts the call through, and a shadowy image appears on the screen) Sir, everything is going according to plan.
Olympus: Does the device work?
Gemini: Perfectly.
Olympus: Good. Locate the enemies from before and destroy them. Out. (The screen turns off)
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Rae sat at her computer and sighed. It had been a while since she'd heard from David or any of the others. She missed her digimon, even though they hadn't spent that much time together. She'd given him her sword as a gift, and he'd been very happy at that.

She wondered how he was, whether he was doing okay and still living up in the mountains, or whether he'd decided to join some of the others. Sighing sadly, she turned off her computer. Suddenly, a blinding light illuminated the room and three boys stepped out- David, Kyle and Jake. Having fallen off her chair, she looked up at them in surprise.

"David!? Hey, good to see you."

David smiled. "Good to see you too, Rae. But we have a problem."

"What's wrong? Where's BladeGabumon?" she asked apprehensively, standing up.

David shrugged. "He's somewhere around the forest. It shouldn't take us too long to find him. Are you coming?"

Rae nodded. "As long as you tell me what's going on, then yes."
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OOC: This post might be confusing to new arrivals, so ask me if you have any questions.
David: I don't know yet. Something's happening, though. Hold on. (He stiffens for a moment, then shakes his head) ****, ****, ****, and ****.
Rae: What?
David: No time to explain right now. We ned to find BladeGabumon. Rae, give me your digivice. I can use it to find him (Rae hands David her digivice. David attaches it to his laptop and runs a search program) Got it! (He opens a portal) Let's go. You first, Rae. (They enter the portal, and appear behind BladeGabumon) I've never appeared behind anyone before.
(BladeGabumon hears David's voice and turns around. He runs straight to Rae)
BladeGabumon: Rae!
David: Sorry, but we don't have time for long reunions. (Pause) They're here.
Jake: Who?
(Just then, Gemini steps into veiw, and the creature stands beside him)
Gemini: Me. Me, and my new friend.
(Everyone except David looks at the creature beside Gemini. It is S@bermon (OOC: S@bermon's copy will be called DS@bermon))
Jake, Kyle, and Rae: ****.
David: I told you it was bad. He created a copy of S@bermon.
Jake: How? And why?
David: How doesn't matter.
Gemini: I'll tell you why, though. The reason you won before was because the subject, S@bermon, had his own ideas, and I tried to make him go against them. This time, I created a duplicate using the data collected while S@bermon had the Stone, but I made sure that he listened to me. in effect, we're partners, but I don't have a digivice. Instead, I have this. (He holds up the round device) It's much more useful.
Kyle: This is [i]not[/i] good.
David: It gets worse.
Gemini: Correct. This little device contains digivolution energy. A [i]lot[/i] of digivolution energy. in fact, I can use this device to digivolve DS@bermon higher than a digivice ever could.
Kyle: Does that mean what I think it means?
David: Probably. It means that we've got quite a battle on our hands.
Gemini: Correct. (He holds the device up, and DS@bermon begins to glow) Hyper digivolution activate!
DS@bermon hyper digivolve to: OmegaDemon
David, Jake, Kyle, and Rae: Hyperform biomerge activate!
Guilmon hyperform biomerge to: Zhuqiaomon
Sphrinmon hyperform biomerge to: Ebonwumon
Rraikmon hyperform biomerge to: Azulongmon
BladeGabumon hyperform biomerge to: Bahiumon
Zhuqiaomon: Let's do it.
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[color=blue][i]a strange digimon appears out of the desert, walking slowy. He is shrouded in robs, and carries a staff. he glances around at the green land around him, amazed. He has just been created. A new being wondering at the world. He walks on...[/i][/color]
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[size=1][color=blue]S@bremon: Dragimon, i believe i can sense David and the others, It looks like they have run into new digimon
hmm, that's wierd...
Dragimon: what's wierd?
S@bremon: I can sense a digimon, who is not like others, like a tamer and a digi combided!
Yes, and theres another, hang on, IT'S ME! HOW CAN IT BE!

We need to find them fast!

S@bremon and Dragimon find David and to their surprise, find olympus with Omegademon.

S@bre: ****. What the hell?
David: he has copied you
DS@bre: oh yeah? what makes you think he is the real me? maybe..
S@bre: shut up, you, you liar.
12:20 A.M

David opens a portal, and they escape through

12:21 am

Okay, what do you propose we do?
David: *I don't know, first olympus, a copy of me, and now Omegademon, a copy of you as the soveriegn, looks like your time of terror is not yet up
S@bre: quit with the dry humor, how do we get this guy before the day is up.

David: there is a way, I just haven't figured that part out yet...

Seiara walks in...

S@bre: ah, that explains it! this is how i sensed someone part human, part Digimon
Seiara: yes, I am
Seiara: it's a long story

David: a story we can do without, come on guys, we only got 24 hours to bring down a maniac hel bent on nuking the digital world![/size] [/color]
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OOC: 1: David and Guilmon have hyperform biomerged into Zhuqiaomon. 2 Zhuqiaomon, Azulongmon, Ebonwumon, and Bahiumon were going to fight. 3:David doesn't yet know about the 24 hour thing. 4: The thing with Seiara was probably a little too controlling. 5: How did S@bermon get to where David and the others are?
I'm keeping them at the battle site.
Gemini: I don't think you can win, even with all of you fighting. Your previous victory was due to the fact that Sbermon remembered who he really was. That won't happen this time.
Zhuqiaomon: OmegaDemon never fought. Nobody knows how well he would do in a battle. Except me, that is.
Gemini: And how would you know?
Zhuqiaomon: Long story. And I don't feel like telling you. You're going down.
OOC: Anyone have names and effects of Azulongmon and Ebonwumon's attacks?
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[color=blue] [size=1]OOC: For the record, i just wanted to get into the action, [i]that's why S@bremon sensed their energy and went to find them[/i] I have thought about things quite a bit you know. And how was the thing with Sieara controlling? I met her? did I play god with the character? no!

Okay, so I had her walk in, I left it open to how [i]she wanted to introduce the character. I have trouble introducong my characters into the scene, so if you can, write a better one.

I can't think of story right now, you've thrown the story from under me. please, someone, introcduce my character somewhere. Thanks. :whoops: [/size] [/color]
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OOC: That's not what I meant. Sieara was by herself, flying to another part of the digital world. I don't see how she would get from there to walking in on the others, who shouldn't even be there (They were supposed to stay and fight). That's what I meant, but I guess I should have phrased it differently.
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Sorry for the double post, but this doesn't fit in my previous post.
OOC: Ignore the controlling bit. I just had a great idea that fixes everything.
(Images of Gemini's location and reports on his status are displayed on all of the computer terminals except one. That one, as well as the main screen, display an image of S@bermon's current location and the events taking place there)
Flunkie 1: Based on the data from our remote observation, S@bermon has no clue that he's being had. What about his true status?
Flunkie 2: He's regestering as normal in every way.
Flunkie 1: Good. He has no clue that he's looking at holographic duplicates of those people.
Flunkie 3: Estimations are that he'll be fooled for around an hour.
Flunkie 1: Good. The strategy is working perfectly.
Gemini: You have no idea what you're up against.
Zhuqiaomon: Neither do you.
Gemini: Unfortunately, you're correct. However, I'm confident that you will lose.
Zhuqaiomon: Why don't we find out?
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Seiara Flew over the water. Soon she was over some grassy hills.

Seiara: Now where coult those boys be?

She looked arounad and ajusted her wristbands again. The spikes glistened in moonlight. She smiled as she flew almost as fast as imperialdramon. She landed and looked around the new area.

Seiara: Hmmmmm i guess i should keep looking
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1:20 am.

Huh what the? Thse people are fake!

The holograms disappear

Darn them, i've been had!

S@bremon continues his search for the others, when he runs into another version of himself.

S@bre: argh! go away!
Omegademon hologram: no, you go away!

S@bremon starts running for wherever, Doesnt' know where he will end up, somehow, he must escape these holorams, somehow, he must find the real David, and what about Sieara? was she totally made up? or was there something real about her?
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Seiara walked along she heard someone complaining about something and flew that direction. Soon she was about 20 over a very confused looking S@bremon.

Seiara: Whats... whats wrong my fellow digimon?

She looked down at him with wondering eyes. Her hair still held back by the bandana but it was still long and hung down.

Seiara: You lost? Having trouble finding something or someone?
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Flunkie 1: Recieving a call from Olympus. Putting it through.
(The same shadowy image appears on-screen)
Olympus: Report.
Flunkie 1: Sir, Gemini is currently engaged in battle with David and his friends. It could go either way.
Olympus: Even if Gemini loses, it doesn't matter. What about S@bermon?
Flunkie 1: He discovered the truth about the illusions sooner that we expected, but is still extreamly confused. I give it another hour before he's of any use to anyone.
Olympus: Good. Olympus out.
(The screen turns off)
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Dragimon walked 2 steps watching S@bremon run away[/i]

Dragimon:Oh S@bremon.......

[i]Dragimon flaps his wings and goes out to find S@bremon and soon does but stops his eye s widened when he saw S@bremon confused with a strange digimon not just any digimon but a human and digimon type a half and half as Dragimon said as he flew down and landed next to S@bremon who didin't pay any attention to Dragimon.[/i]

Dragimon:.........S@bremon.......why did you leave? *Looks at S@bremon looking eye to eye to him*
Dragimon:*Looks up* Uhh hi.......my names.........
Dragimon:........uhhh......yeah.........and uhh your name?......
Seiara:My name is Seiara nice to meet you......

[i]S@bremon sat there no respond[/i]
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(The battle was fierce. The four Soverign were about evenly mached with OmegaDemon, but they had one major advantage: There were four of them and only one of him.)
Bahiumon: Kongou! (He fires a powerful blue energy blast at OmegaDemon from behind. It hits and sends him flying)
Zhuqaiomon: Let's finish this! (The four of them launch their strongest attacks. They all hit, and when the smoke clears, OmegaDemon is gone) We win.
Gemini: What happens now doesn't matter. He served his purpose, although I was hopeing that it would take you a little longer. Oh, well. You won't stop the new plan. It's not like it was last time. You'll lose.
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[size=1] [color=blue]OOC: I know Seiara found us, this takes place in the events leading up to it, with a Seiara clone. since this is all real time.

1:30 am...

Dragimon, we have got to get out of here, Come with me, and we can make it together!

Dragimon: but what about Seiara?
S@bre: she is just an illusion, while I have no doubts about the existence of a real seiara, this ones a fake

Seiara clone:Wait come back, Come back, Come back
Dragimon: who could do this?
S@bre: not who, what, It's a mysterious thing called olympus, it's been controlling everything from day one!
dragimon: how are you going to find it?
S@bre: we need to find David first, I cans ense he is near the one called Seiara, a real Seiara.

Just then Seiara jumped down in fron of them.

Seiara: I'M NOT A CLONE!

Dragimon: Oh O_o;; This is confusing.

S@bre: yes very,

Seiara: you lost? Having trouble finding something or someone?

S@bre: yes, we are looking for our friends, David and the others...

Seiara: David huh? Well, I think i know who, you will have to come with me, I can find them

S@bre: wait! one question, are yiou tamer or digimon?

Seiara: hmm, well, I'm both, but thats a long story, i'll tell ya later, now, let's just find you friends![/size][/color]
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Seiara: Yes i am bothy but lets not talk about this. I am the real Seiara And the real davis is somewhere i can.. feel it. Just not himself. She grins and begins to float again

S@bremon: You can fly... but what about me?

Seiara: Hah here..

she shuts her eyes and concintrates. A red glowing essence surrounds the s@bremon. He began to float. Seiara Smiled and the 3 of them take to the air. Seiara Easily keeping S@bremon in the air


ooc: Umm i dont remember if he could fly or not so if so.. oops and if so pm me and ill edit this
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