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Who are these guys?


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Hi. New here so go easy on me.

I was just browsing the Avatars, and came across these two:


Questions: Who is Pillen? Is he from Dragonball Z/GT, 'cos I notice he has the Shaolin spots on his head like Krillin?

Who is Vegetunks? HE looks really cool, but I've never heard of him before. He's obviously a fusion of Vegeta and trunks, but does he actually appear in any DB episodes, or did one of the moderators/admins just make him up?
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Thanx. Geez, these forums move fast, huh? I'm a regular member of another set of forums and have nearly 2000 posts, but they don't move anywhere near this fast.

At first i thought I hadn't submitted the thread properly 'cos it wasn't at the top of the page!
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Pillen: Akira Toriyama had some fun so he decided to draw this pic in a manga or magazine.. forgot... he's not real.... just a funny little Toriyama work.
Vegetrunks: the creation of some very artistic DB fan ortraying the fusion of Vegita and Trunks-kun.

That should answer your question instead of searching in DB
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