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Dragons of Summer Flame

Rhys Mayiessen

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[color=skyblue]If anyone would like to sign up for the RPG then feel free.

[i]Usha watched in her boat as the city of Palanthas glowed in the mid-evening darkness. She looked back over her shoulder to where she had come from. She thought of Prot, the Irda that had taken care of her since she could remember. Now they had sent her away.

Usha remembered seeing a bright flash when she could still see the island the Irda lived on, and she wondered if they had successfully opened the Greygem. She only hoped that they were okay.

A harsh voice awoke her from her contemplations.
Dwarf-[/i]"Do you want to dock missy?"

[i]Usha blushed and turned to face the dwarf.
Usha-[/i]"Yes please if that is alright."

[i]Dwarf-[/i]"Its alright if you have the money for the fair."

[i]Usha-[/i]"Money? I don't know what you mean sir? What is this money you are talking about?"

[i]Dwarf-[/i]"Yeah you know cold hard steel! Has the heat gotten to you missy?"

[i]Usha searched through her pouch but all she found was a lump of gold that the Protector had found one time while he was looking for food.
Usha-[/i]"Will this do? It seems that I don't have anything else."

[i]The dwarf's eyes almost popped out of his head. He hastily grapped the gold lump.
Dwarf-[/i]"Yes this is plenty miss. Thank you."

[i]Usha nodded and got out of her tiny boat. She looked at the city of Palanthas with all its people busily working. She sighed. Usha already didn't like Palanthas.[/i][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]True to form, Dalamar was brooding. To all appearances, he was nothing more than your twisted evil mage, alone in his warped tower, surrounded by the blighted, cursed forest.

All appearances would have been correct. He waited in the top room. He didn't know what he was waiting for, but he knew he was waiting. He didn't even know if anything was going to happen.

The fact that there was something he didn't know rankled.

So much rankled these days. And the scars on his chest were becoming increasingly painful. No cleric he had found, not even the very, very few true ones, had been able to heal them.

Damn Raistlin. Damn the man's power, damn the man's ambition.

Damn the man's thrice cursed cleverness.

Dalamar was quite good at damning things.[/I]

OOC: Don't worry, I'll post decently once we get a storyline going.[/font][/color]
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[color=skyblue][i]Usha walked through the streets of Palanthas, getting bumped by every person that walked by. They always managed to blame it on her.

Usha sighed again. Why did Prot send her here anyways? She never wanted to come. She didn't care if she didn't see another human for another 50 years, even though she had been quite eager before hand. Suddenly, Usha remembered the letter that she was suppose to give to Lord Dalamar in the Tower of High Sorcery.

She looked for someone not to gruff looking and stop him.
Usha-[/i]"Excuse me sir, but would you know where the Tower of High Sorcery is?"

[i]The man looked at her like she was crazy then pointed down one of Palanthas' many streets and ran off.
Usha-[/i]"Thank you!"

[i]She looked in the general direction the man had pointed in and saw the tower, black against the early evening. Great that's all I need. Usha thought.[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=Green]Tasamer walked out of the kender village that had been his home for many years, he didn't know why but he had the sudden urge to go exploring, find adventure, do something. Finally he knew what wanderlust was....he kind of liked it. Looking at his maps he decided to head towards Palanthas, he had heard from some elders who had come back that it was a good place to explore.

Later on.....

Out on the road, Tasamer took his time he was in no hurry, randomly picking up a pretty stone that caught his eye and put it in one of his numerous pockets. He looked absentmindingly around when a glint caught his eye in the far distance. He looked at his map to see what it was...The Tower of High Sorcery! He had gone that far already but then again it was a tall tower it was still probably still twenty or so miles away. Pulling a dried piece of meat out of his pocket he chewed on it, stopping to whistle a tune now and then.[/COLOR]
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[color=skyblue][i]Usha started towards the tower her footsteps getting more heavier each step she took. She felt as though a heavy weight had fell upon her, and she couldn't get rid of it.

She saw the Shokian(sp?) Grove up ahead and it gave her the chills. Was she suppose to walk through that? Little did Usha know that hardly anyone got through the Grove, only one Caramon lived through it.

Suddenly Usha could step no nearer to the black gates of the Tower of High Sorcery. She tried to lift one of her feet but they felt as though they were glued to the ground. Cold sweat driped off her slivery hair. She began to shake with fear. How was she suppose to give the letter to Dalamar if she couldn't move anymore? She couldn't fail the Protector now.[/i][/color]
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[color=009966][i]Elsyan Majere walked through the city of Palanthas. She stopped to glance around. It was almost sunset, but it still felt just as hot as a summer afternoon. There would be no peace in the evening from the pitiless heat that killed crops and took all the water greedily. She pulled her hood away from her face to try to cool herself off. It didn't help at all. She let her hair fall down her shoulders as she glanced left and right as if she were looking for something. Finally she found it: The Tower of High Sorcerry, commanded by Dalamar the Dark. It was in this tower not too long ago that Elsyan had taken her Test. Even though Dalamar told her that it was nothing but an illusion, it felt so real. She shivered a little, despite the merciless heat, and gazed at the dreaded tower that stood out so much in contrast to the golden city. This was where she was headed.

She passed by many of the shops and through the city until she came to a road where the paving grew scarce, then stopped altogether, for no one wanted to step near the Shoikan Grove that protected the tower. Elsyan took a step near the giant oak trees. She shivered as if something cold, very cold, brushed up against her. She took another step, then another, and she was slowly lost to the mist and fog that came up from the ground.[/i][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Dalamar sighed. Again. The wait was over. But what had it gotten? A ragtag group, all come to "say hello". Although one of them apparently bore news. He sent a thought into the Shokian grove, telling it to take a nap, or look at the sky, or something other than annoy travellers. It sulked, but did as it was told. The three all converged on the tower, nearly running into each other as they reached the door.

He descended, opening the door with a wave. They slowly, hesitatingly stepped in. Two of them he recognised. The third, the kender, was unknown to him. But that didn't matter. If you knew one kenderkin, you knew them all. He smiled wickedly, and spoke in a cold voice.[/I]

Dalamar: Welcome to my den of iniquity. Come in freedom, leave in health, and leave some of the happiness you bring behind.[/font][/color]
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[color=skyblue][i]Usha scowled at the dark elf, she felt as though she already didn't like him. She stepped proudly into the tower but once she got in there, she didn't feel so strong anymore.

The tower was dank and smelled as though it hadn't been used in a long time. Usha felt the sudden urge to get out of there but reminded herself that she promised the Protector that she would give Dalamar the note.

Dalamar-[/i]"Come let us not stand here anymore. We will go to my room, there you may tell me your news."

[i]He looked straight at Usha with his dark eyes. Usha shuttered. They climbed the long winding staircase that lead to Dalamar's study room. The stairs were narrow, one false move and you would fall into the darkness of the tower.

Usha began to wonder what had brought the other two that were travelling with her but she didn't feel like asking. She had a sinking feeling that she would find out soon enough.[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=green]How did I get in the tower? But oh well, tis' already written so.....
Tasamer watched the darkelf and the silver haired lady wallk out leaving him and the other lady in the room. Tasamer looked around absolutely fascinated by his surroundings. But curiosity directed him towards the lady,

Tasamer: What's your name?

Lady: Elsyan Majere, what's yours?

Tasamer: Ta' Samerillth, but call me Tasamer.

Elsyan: Alright

Tasamer watched as Elsyan paced back and forth across the room, while she and he waited for the others to finish talking.[/COLOR]

Sorry, didn't really know what to write right now......
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[color=skyblue][i]Usha followed Dalamar into his private study. When he shut the door behind her, Usha began to get nervous.

Dalamar-[/i]"So what is this I hear about information you have for me?"

[i]Usha shuffled her feet nervously and looked down determined not to look at the dark elf.
Usha-[/i]"Well one of the Irda told me to give you this letter. He said it was important."

[i]Usha held out the letter, which Dalamar grabbed hastily. He read it fast then let it drop to the floor.
Dalamar-[/i]"We're doomed. If what this letter says is true, then all of Krynn is in grave danger. Chaos will destroy us all."

[i]Usha looked at Dalamar weirdly but decided not to ask questions. Usha hadn't read Prot's letter to Dalamar, she thought it would be rude to interfer. Now she wished she had.[/i][/color]
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Now's a good time as any for me to come in "HEEEERRRRRREEEEE'S XRA!!!"
Xra walked through Shoiken Grove. He was called by someone for help and this was where the the signal came from. He walked through as if everything were normal, even though he knew he wasn't alone. He walked right into quicksand. He didn't struggle, but he found a vine and got himself out. Then he was face to face with a tiger demon. He fought it with grace and eventually, it fell into the quicksand. Xra sighed and walked on...
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Dalamar stalked back and forth, swearing to himself under his breath. He rounded on Usha sharply, his hand snaking out, grabbing her cheeks with his thumb and forefinger. She flinched, choked down a scream.[/I]

Dalamar: How much of this do you know?

Usha: I....don't know anything about it.

Dalamar: Thrice cursed! This isn't enough information. And there aren't many limits as to what I would do to get that information.[/font][/color]
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[color=skyblue][i]Dalamar thrusted Usha aside and gazed out his small window, the only window in the study. He suddenly turned on Usha, gazing at her intently.

Dalamar-[/i]"Now you're sure that they, the Irda, didn't tell you anything else?"

[i]Usha-[/i]"Well all they said to me was that they were going to attempt to break open the Greygem to protect the island. They said I would be a danger to them and myself. That is basically it."

[i]Dalamar-[/i]"Damn it girl I already knew that. If they have broken the gem then we're all doomed. I can't believe they could be so stupid."

[i]Usha flushed in anger. How dare this Dalamar call her Irda stupid! She then calmed down. There was no point to get mad right now, it wouldn't do her any good.

Dalamar-[/i]"Now let us see what these others are doing here."[/color]
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[color=009966][i]After a few minutes of watching her pace back and forth, Tasamer decided to explore the room some, but Elsyan didn't notice. Every now and then she would hear her uncle's voice whispering to her "Come....Come to me, Elsyan....". Elsyan knew what she had to do, but how she would do it was the question. The door to Raistlin's laboratory was guarded by a specter, and even if she could get inside, there was still the matter about how she would be able to open the portal to the Abyss, which was guarded by the five dragon heads that represented the Queen of Darkness herself. All Raistlin had told her was to leave everything to him, and that was about all that she [/i]could[i] do. The Staff of Magius tapped lightly against the floor as she came out of her thoughts just in time to see Tasamer open the door. Staring at him were two disembodied eyes--a specter. Tasamer pleasantly launched into a conversation with it.[/i]

Tasamer: "Hello, there. I'm Ta' Samerillth, but you can call me Tasamer. Who are you?"

[i]The specter ignored the question.[/i]

Specter: "Lord Dalamar summons you. Come with me."
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[COLOR=blue][I]Steel Brightblade walked hesitantly into Palanthas. He was weary and not many towns were friendly towards Knights of Solamnia.[/I] [B]What am I thinkin,[/B] thought Steel, [B]I'm not een a squire.[/B] [I]He walked on until he could walk no more. He found himself in front a grove of some sort, with a black tower at its end. He collapsed to tired to care if someone ridiculed him or put him in jail, at the moment he would be glad ot have a bed and a meal, even if it was maggoty bread and stale water.[/I][/COLOR]

sorry for the short post........
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[color=skyblue][i]Usha watched as the specter came back, behind him were the two others that had entered the tower with her. Usha totally ignored them deep in thought about what Dalamar had grugingly told her about the letter. If what the letter said was true then the Irda had released Chaos, Father of All and of Nothing.

She suddenly remembered the red glow she had seen when she was heading for Palanthas. Fear constricted in her heart. What happens if that was the island? What would Chaos do to them?

Usha tried to calm down but the fear still hovered over her like a dark cloud threating to rain. She dimly hear Dalamar ask the two stangers what they were doing at the tower.[/i][/color]
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