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Graphics Tourney Entry


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Well, in those other forums that I mentioned in the last thread, they are holding a graphics tourney. This is my possible entry:


These are the banners that I am using on those forums:



Please critique :)
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[COLOR=deeppink]Well the purple banner is good and all but the purple and black takes the viewers eyes away from the writing..and you can hardly tell what the writing says. The "perfection" noe is good but the text is still to light and you can't really see it. But keep up the good work, I'll btet if you try really hard you can win.

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[b][color=515050][size=1]That "perfection" banner is excellent. A great metallic shade of blue and the balance of lighting makes it look uber-cool.

If you can create something similar to "Perfection" at the size of the purple tourney image, it would rule.[/b][/color][/size]
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