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Resident Evil: Colussus


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[I]Welcome? to the nightmare.

It started with the Colossus, an American battleship. It was on a routine trip from the West Coast to Hawaii. There were several hundred naval and army infantry aboard, for one simple reason. Beneath the ship?s metal confines, a team of scientists were developing a new form of nuclear weaponry? designed to be more efficient, more compact, and far more deadly. They were America?s most trusted and experienced nuclear staff, but they were under the employ of the Umbrella Corporation, a secret known not even by the soldiers aboard the ship. This was a plan instigated by Umbrella, designed so that, if for any reason something went wrong, the American government would be blamed. Within the laboratory of the ship they worked diligently on a new form of Bio-Organic Weaponry, the current test subjects; Doberman Pinschers. There had been numerous tests on Doberman?s in the past at the Raccoon City Research Facility beneath Spencer Mansion. The dogs became severely territorial, so much so that they would hunt down and attack any scent they picked up on within a mile of them. Their senses were also heightened to a much greater degree. However, the virus also broke down the subjects flesh, although slowly. It took approximately 43 days for a dog?s flesh and muscle tissue to completely rot away, resulting in death. The team was attempting diligently to try and improve these results, and they were partially successful. They could find no way to stop the disintegration of the flesh, but they were able to increase the subjects muscle mass, meaning that it took much longer for each subject to rot. They estimated that enough tissue was added to allow the dog to survive for an extra 15-17 days. As a result of the extra muscle mass, the dogs also received a great speed and strength increase. These dogs were codenamed ?Cerberus II?; after the original tests.
Then, it happened. On a breakthrough test, the virus was accidentally released, and it began to spread. The technicians were the first to be infected, their skin began to rot, and their brains were numbed, but they became much stronger, and much faster. The virus began to spread throughout the entire ship, almost without any outside knowledge. However, before the ?zombies? broke into the bridge and attacked the Commanding officer, he was able to send out an SOS, claiming that he was being attacked by the living dead.
The American army, nervous of what had happened, has decided to send a Special Forces team out onto the Colossus to investigate the rescue call. Little do they know what they are getting themselves into?[/I]

You are a member of the Special Forces team being sent into the Colossus. The team will consist of six people, not including myself (I will be the only person who isn?t a part of the team.) Obviously, if more than six people join I will pick the best six as my team. I will also pick your ranks within the team based on your sign up's, so leave the 'rank' column blank for now.

Here?s what you need in your profile:

Name: [Duh?]
Age: [Duh?]
Height: [Duh once more]
Rank: [Your rank in the military]
Weaponry: [Special Forces? are armed with a small pistol, a standard army knife, and [I]either[/I] an MP5 sub-machine gun, or a Remington M-1100 army shotgun.]
Bio: [Your past / how you can to be in the Special Forces.]
Personality: [Your characters? mental state.]
Description: [What your character looks like.]


[B]Name:[/B] Craig Logan

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Height:[/B] 6'1"

[B]Rank:[/B] Lieutenant

[B]Weaponry:[/B] None at the moment.

[B]Bio:[/B] Craig was a Lieutenant aboard the Colossus during it's current voyage. He was on a shift, guarding the weapons laboratory, when he heard struggling and shouting. Forcing his way into the laboratory, he found that the scientists... were no longer themselves. Their flesh was hanging off, their eyeballs were wither missing or gangrenous. They seemed incapable of communication anymore, and no matter what Craig said, they simply groaned, and kept on advancing... with remarkable walking pace, towards him. One of them attempted to bite him, but he backed away, and felt he was left with no alternative but too shoot in self defense. He shot down all the men within the room, and a group of soldiers, who had heard gunfire, came to investigate. They found the dead bodies, and Crag there with a gun, the barrel still smoking from recent fire. He was stripped of his weapons and thrown into the Brig, and they told him he would be Court Marshalled when they reached Hawaii, on counts of both murder and insanity, as he was protesting that the deformed corpses were trying to eat him. Everyone admitted that the bodies were deformed almost beyond recognition, but they believe this had happened in an accident, and Craig had killed them through fear because of their appearence. They sealed off the area from fear of a radiation dose, the most obvious source of the deaths. However, the corpses were not quite dead yet, and soon they broke out of the lab, and started infecting the whole ship. Craig, safe within the brig, is the only person who remains un-infected. Craig knew, through standard military proceedures, that he was to be brought water every three hours, and food every eight hours... which is exactly what happened for a while, but suddenly Craig has noticed that he must have gone unattended for atleast a day... but he cannot even attempt to escape, because he is handcuffed to the wall.

[B]Personality:[/B] Craig posseses an air of arrogance, and has a very sarcastic humour. However, most of the time he is very down to earth, and very rarely gets nervous or anxious...

[B]Description:[/B] See attatchment
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Name: Akira Zakayen

Age: 32

Height: 6'0"

Rank: -

- 9" Combat Knife
- Glock 9mm
- Remington M-1100 Pump-Action Shotgun

Bio: Akira Zakayen was the fourth child born to a Japanese father and an English mother in London, England. However, their vast ethnic and cultural backgrounds caused Akira a pretty rough childhood. His family constantly travelled between Japan and England, and by the age of 10 he had been across most part of Europe at least 20 times, though he spent most of his time in England. Since he could remember, he dreamed of nothing but becoming a Soldier.

Akira enlisted in the military at the age of 16, as early as he could. After six years of training, he got his first stripes during an assault on a terrorist network in the middle-east. He showed amazing ingenuity and skill in the field, and was offered a position in the Special Forces. He has been working for them ever since.

Personality: Akira is easy-going, and always a jokester, though he can be serious when he wants to be. He's a good problem solver, very creative, and will always listen to what someone has to say. He never gets over his head, because nothing seems to phase him. He's a man who seems to have no limits. He has earnt the nickname 'a-z money', on account of his marksmanship, and his cockney accent.

Description: Akira is roughly 6'1", with stringy black hair, falling around his face. He wears a black bandana with white Kanji embroidered on each side of it, in honour of his father's culture, and a union jack in the center, in honour of his mother. He wears a pair of black leather combat boots, and black cargo pants, with a dark grey belt. He also wears an urban-camoflouge shirt, and black fingerless gloves.
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[B] Name:[/B] Jack Masters

[B] Age: [/B] 26

[B] Height:[/B] 6?0?

[B] Rank:[/B]

[B]Weaponry:[/B] Standard army knife and pistol, and MP5 sub-machine gun

[B]Bio:[/B] Ever since he was a child, Jack dreamed of being in the army. His father was a general but was killed on a routine exercise in the Far East, by a land mine. Starting from a young age he was also very interested in any form of weaponry, he had a wide collection of toy knifes and guns as a boy then as he grew older started to collect different types of combat knife. He trained hard as a teenager to become fit enough to be in the army. This helped him with the physical side of his education too, helping become a star player in the school, football, basketball and baseball team. He wasn't very good on the academic side but his practical skills in the workshop were very good and he also turned out to be very good with mechanics and vehicles. When he was old enough he tried out in the army. He passed the fitness tests with ease and was quickly recognised by his officers as un-doubtedly the best in his division and was soon called up for the SAS. Jack found out that he was an excellent marks man and assassinated many people in his jobs for his team. He found that he was an excellent aim, whether it be shooting, or throwing objects at the target, he rarely missed. He also was thoroughly trained in hand-to-hand combat. With the crashing of Colossus, Jack was asked to go along on the Special Forces team and went as he thought that it would be just a quiet exercise, which wouldn?t involve much physical participation, but he couldn?t be more wrong.

[B]Personality:[/B] Jack is a lively guy with a hint of arrogance in him. He is deadly serious when it comes to his missions and making sure his team are ok.

[B]Description:[/B] Blonde spiky hair with icy blue eye. He is very strong and fast and each of his muscles are clearly defined. Has an SAS tattoo on his arm of a snake coiled around a dagger with his last name on a scroll underneath it.
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Guest QuickSilver
[b]Name:[/b] Piedro Maximoff

[b]Age:[/b] 30

[b]Height:[/b] 6'3"

[b]Rank:[/b] ?

[b]Weaponry:[/b] A custom handgun, an 8" caombat knife, and an MP5 sub-machine gun with infra red sights.

[b]Bio:[/b] At an early age of 2 Piedro imagrated from Sweeden to America, from there on in his childhood he lived a normal life. Piedro was a pretty intelligent boy but is best trait was his physical fitness. He was the fastest boy in his year group and he was captain of the school's football team. At the age of 10 Piedro grew a passion for the milatary when he stumbled across some old war artifacts and photographs in his attic. From there on in his life, he wanted to become a soldier like his grandfather. Piedro started to collect little soldier minatures and medals.
Graduation day finally came for Piedro and so he decided to put his body to the test and join the army. He Trained in the army for 3 years before his first mission was assigned to him. He was sent to North Korea to take out a Gorilla camp location. Piedro was just a rookie in the mission and was very lucky to survive the ambush thanks his liutenants sacrifice. Piedro and two others survived the attack out of a squard of 15. Th army seen this as a sign of true skill and the three of them were assigned to a special forces team. Piedro as been with the team for 9 years and as survived many missions. His skills have improved very much and nothing seems to be a challenge to him anymore, until he heard about the Collossus mission; this was an opportunity to test his skills. He demanded to be sent on the mission, but little does he know what he his getting himself into.....

[b]Personality:[/b]Piedro likes to keep to himself. He has full forcus on his assignments until complete and he lets nothing get in his way of completing them. he his very cocky and obeys orders with no questions asked.

[b]Description:[/b] [img]http://www.spawntoys.com/Metalgear/mgs2_solid_snake.jpg[/img]
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[B]Name:[/B] [I]Andrew J. Curtis (Sometimes referred to as AJ for short)[/I]

[B]Age:[/B] [I]48[/I]

[B]Height:[/B] [I]5?10?[/I]

[B]Rank:[/B] [I]Unknown as of yet[/I]

[B]Weaponry:[/B] [I]Cut Barrel Remington M1100-P 12 gauge Shotgun, Browing HP Hand Gun (Uses 9mm Parabellum rounds) and a 7" combat knife.[/I]

[B]Bio:[/B] [I]Andrew was always interested in Weaponry and the Army and such but he never really wanted to join himself although he was very fit. Andrew was always more concentrated on getting good qualifications and getting a good high paying job. He always studied his work in depth and was always on top of it. Yet, just before his examinations his parents were both killed in a horrible car crash. Andrew was crushed and instantly became a mental wreck failing every exam with ease. After getting himself back on his feet he had only one alternative; to join the army. With anger and depression as his mistresses and his high fitness level Andrew got into Army and rose through the ranks. He earned the nickname ?[B]Quick-draw[/B]? as he was quite trigger happy and hardly ever missed his target. Besides using a gun Andrew is also very good with computers and technical devices. Andrew was picked for these reasons to aid in the Colussus rescue mission.[/I]

[B]Personality:[/B] [I]Andrew is slightly unstable in some occasions due to his psychological trauma. Mostly he is very casual and straight to the point and he isn?t afraid to show off his skills. He is usually quiet but enjoys a laugh with his very limited number of friends.[/I]

[B]Description:[/B] [img]http://www.losttreasures.co.uk/acatalog/ocelotback.jpg[/img]
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Looks like fun.

Name: Thomas Lee Jones

Age: 29

Height: 5'9


Weaponry: 9mm,Remington M1100 shotgun,army combat knife

Bio: Thomas joined the army when he turned 18.At first it was only to get money to go to college but then he found the money to be better than any other job he could find and he served his country while earning a nice amount of cash.He joined the Army's Special Forces team after serving in the army for 4 years.He joined because the cash was better and he could go on more missions than he would regularly.Even though he has been with the special forces team for about 7 years he has never been on a mission like this before.He can get trigger happy at times he usually goes for a headshot or a limb.He has various skills that can be useful at times.He can pick locks and Thomas knows a little about computers but not much.

Personality: Thomas is usually hyper and ready for action.He isn't scared easily and will gladly face any kind of danger.

Description: Thomas has on his regular military uniform most of the time.

Tell me if you need more.
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Very interesting.
Name: Ryan Valdor.

Age: 22

Height: 5'6"


Weaponry: STGI handgun (the kind that is used on RE3) it uses 9mm parabellum rounds.

Bio: Ryan used to be in a S.T.A.R.S. unit, he was in S.T.A.R.S. when he saw what had happened to Raccoon City, after a few months he recieved an anoymus fax from somone named Trent, in this 10 paged Fax Ryan read what had really happened to Raccoon City. He immediately decided to transfer out of S.T.A.R.S. He wanted to be in the Millitary. After a few weeks of getting Millitary training he was accepted into a Special Forces team. After getting accepted, he was sent to a ship called the [i]Colussus[/i]. For some strange reason Ryan was having second thoughts about joining the millitary.

Description: Ryan is always seen wearing his S.T.A.R.S vest, he's sometimes gotten into skirmishes with his commanding officers about it. He also wears standard issue camo pants with standard issue boots. He also wears a skintight T-Shirt. He is muscular with tossled dirty blond hair, his eyes though tend to be the main attraction, his eyes are a icy blue which sometimes tend to spook some of his friends.

Personality: Ryan tends to be on the quiet side but when riled up enough he can be as loud or obnoxious as the next person.
I hope this is acceptable.
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Sounds cool

Name: Cody Dedrow


Height: 5'4


Weaponry: 7 inch combat knife, Glock nine millimeter w/ silencer attached, Time set flash explosives,

Bio:Cody lived in New York until he joined the army .He was usually a quiet person growing up in school. He grew up a normal kid until he joined the army. While in training his superiors noted his expertise in the espioniage training. From then on Cody got transferred to the Nevada base and trained in espionage and stealth missions getting strong marks. He continued training until he was 24 and got his first mission. It was in Northern Europe and he was sent there to track a lost cargo ship that contained weapons from the military . Cody found the ship and radioed his superiors the ships wereabouts but he was caught investigating the ship by the theives and was almost killed but in 24 hours the military showed up and confiscated the ship and brought it back. They were impressed with his job and decided to give him some more important missions.

Perosnality : Cody is usually non-talkitive and sometimes even seems aloof but he was trained to gather information without revealing himself. Cody tends to be a loner but he has been known to be a good subordinate and he usually doesn't seem to lead but to follow but he has been known to lead others in time of need. Cody usually has a serious attitude.
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Name: Zachary(Zack) Thompson
Age: 27
Height: 6'1"
Rank: [Your rank in the military]
Weaponry: small pistol, a standard army knife, and a Remington M-1100 army shotgun.
Bio: Zachary was born to one of the richest families in Raccoon City. When he was five years old he was shipped off to boarding school in europe. Living in england for so long he had actually adopted a bit of a cockney accent. Zack grew up in the school with no friends, noone to talk to and nobody to keep him in line. So with that, he became a trouble maker very quickly. He went through eight boarding schools and three military schools between england, germany, and america from the age of five to the age of eighteen.

Finally upon his graduation he enlisted himself in the military which he already had a basic understanding of how it worked from being in military school. But this time he was serious about it. This is what he had chosen for his life career so there was no point in getting kicked out of it. He worked his *** off, his aim with a pistol was second to none in his platoon and he was able to perfect his speaking in german and finnish over the past nine years as well as becoming quite proficient in Aikido and Snake Style Martial Arts.

Just recently he was enlisted to form a special ops team to go on a top secret mission to infiltrate and investigate an SOS call back to the united states government. The was just one detail about him. When he was on missions, he would never wear his uniform. It was too restricting. On the job he liked to be comfortable and since he worked so much better, his superiors didn't mind so much.

Personality: Zack is a bit of a loose cannon, quite usually doing whatever he wants unless he's directly ordered by a superior officer to do otherwise. He's brash and overconfident but knows how to get the job done so he's usually aloud to get away with it. He doesn't care if you are male or female. he treats all evenly and if you are a woman and you are bad enough to hit a guy then you better be able to take a hit yourself.

Description: just like the picture, minus the big arse pole arm.
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Name: David Jones

Age: 29

Height: 6'2"


Weaponry: small pistol, 8 inch combat knife, Remington M-1100 army shotgun

Bio: David joined the Army because he was always interested in war. He is an expert at almost any weapon especially knives. He always tries to look at the bright side of any situation. He isnt very strong but makes up for this in agility and a quick mind. Because of his abilities he quickly climbed the ranks. His superiors chose him for this special mission because of his experiance and abilities.

Personality: David tries to be friendly to everyone but sometimes it doesnt work. He is always looking out for his team mates and would sacrafice his life without a second thought if it would make a difference. He prefers to use stealth unless hes in a bad situation.

Description: David has black spiky hair, blue eyes and is quite thin. He has a tattoo of a black wolf on his arm.
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[color=teal][b]Name:[/b]Blaze Fireheart


[b]Height:[/b]6' 5"


[b]Weaponry:[/b]Bowie knife, MP5, Colt .45

[b]Bio:[/b]Born in Raccoon City, Blaze spent some time away from home nad became skilled in various forms of fighting. He later went back home, where he became a police officer in a seemingly peaceful city. In a hospital, where he was recieving a physical exam, he was sealed in during a quarantine. Along with several other survivors, Blaze escaped the hospital, being promoted to S.T.A.R.S. during the escape. Now married, Blaze joined the Special Forces to prevent the incident in his hometown from ever being repeated.

[b]Personality:[/b]Blaze is cheerful and optimistic, even when fighting for his life against a four-hundred pound muscle mass during training. The random sighs that echo from within his spirit reflect what mood he is in, which is hard to decipher through facial expression. When it comes to battle, Blaze is quick, concise, and to the point, especially when using hand-to-hand weapons.

[b]Description:[/b]Blaze has dark black hair that falls in a braid to the small of his back, bright frozen-crystal blue eyes, and a scar from a previous encounter across his right eye. He wears sunglasses now, and his bangs fall to the top of the shades. He always wears jeans, any form of blue jean jacket, and combat boots. His frame is well muscled, yet still slightly wiry. His shirt is always tucked in, unless he is in an extremely volatile mood, which is rare. He never fails to wear whatever he wants, though, even on missions. His reputation as the man that finally destroyed the Nemesis has earned him at least the privelege to wear whatever he wants.
I hope that'll do to get me in, and I hope this is as good as the last one I was in. [/color]
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OK.......the Special Forces team are only supposed to be equipped with a small handgun, a standard army knife and EITHER a MP5 sub-machine gun OR a Remmington M-1100 army shotgun. Just thought it'd be better me telling you than Craig going kung-fu on your ***!
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Alrighty my young padawans, the acceptants are as follows:

[B]Final Flash - Team Leader [Captain]
Super Goku - 2nd in Command [Lieutenant]
MajinVegeta [Sergeant]
Super Gohan [Corporal]
Arikel [Corporal]
DAI [Corporal][/B]

Many apologies to those who didn't make it, but there were conveniently only 6 people who completed the sign up's as I asked... and to a satisfactory level. Obviously, it was those who were picked.

The RPG should be up soon, so keep a look out.
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