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Welcome to our newest site here at theOtaku.com. The Arena.

Basically, it's a mixture of sparring, a game show, and fan fiction rolled into one.

Two contestants enter the arena to duel on a question. Only one leaves the winner.


The first question is one I personally was curious about: Who would win, Sephiroth or Sesshomaru. Someone emailed me this question once for Ask Adam so I can't take all the credit. ^_^


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[COLOR=003399]I give you another year, and you'll have every setion from here to the moon :p

s'really neat Adam ^^;; *thumbs up*

[size=1]I just don't like the Sephy pic.... that one's tooo over-used...[/size][/COLOR]
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God Gundam would so take Evangelion Unit 01 to town. Then he'd buy him a T-shirt.

Anyway, I looked at the new section this morning before school, I think I'll add my own fan fiction on shortly.

I like it.

EDIT: I just submitted my fan fic. It's kind of dumb to begin, but the ending is of personal significance to me.

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