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Best Anime T.V. Show  

  1. 1. Best Anime T.V. Show

    • Dragonball/DragonballZ/DragonballGT
    • Sailor Moon
    • Gundam Wing
    • Tenchi Muyo
    • Outlaw Star
    • Pokemon
    • Digimon

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Hey, what a surprise...Cartoon Network gayness. People, there's more anime out there than the cut up **** you see on Toonami or whatever it is. Out of those, it's UNCUT Gundam Wing, preferably fansubbed, not the crap you see on CN. And yeah, there should be an "Other" category. My favourite anime not included on this poll is Serial Experiments Lain.
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Guest Master O Beans
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by MysticBabe [/i]
[B]Dragonball by far, and the dude lay off, the dudes a newbie, he probably doesn't know that DBZ is dubbed, i sure didn't till i got here. [/B][/QUOTE]

DBZ DUBBED! WHAT??!?? How dare you speak with such a blasphemous tongue !!!

...hmm, is [I] any[/I] anime done here in the states? or would it not be anime then...:cross: :cross:
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