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silence for World Trade Center


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In the memory of those lost in the attack of the World Trade Center, I would think it appropriate to issue a silence on the behalf of the numerous victims ................................................................................

This incident made me realize just how pointless violence is. I have always had this gut feeling that all violence will lead to nothing but hate and more violence. I have always brushed it aside though, because I mean think about it; my generation is growing up with violence all around them. I simply thought of it as a part of life. Now I have no doubt in my mind that I am right. I believe it is because of hatred, and foolishness that men must kill other men. What have they gained??? Is their hatred now satisfied that all these people have died; is this the price it takes to satisfy their hatred??? Now I hear the Palistinians are cheering and handing out candy as if this were some sort of parade or holiday. Those fools, they just don't understand.... Life is the most precious thing we have, yet every day fools take it away from others because of their hatred and ignorance. It is hard not to wish death to the people who have done this, but we must realize that wishing this will only lead to more hatred and more violence. What great potential this world has, it is too bad that fools have made it such a horrible place.
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Tragedy happened today in New York City, an American landmark, the World Trade Center was destroyed by a terrorist act against our country. People all around the country were shocked by the news and mass hysteria happened, this might be most prevalent of all places at our school.
I got to school not knowing what had happened but when I arrived at the library I saw the librarians watching the news completely engrossed in what they were seeing unfold on the television screen. I had to wait for about 10 minutes (because they were so interested about what was on TV) to get my Algebra book and at the time that annoyed me; what were they watching? I left the library wondering why the librarian was glued to the TV but I still didn?t know what had happened until my group of friends walked up to me all abuzz about something that seemed to be important to them. They were making jokes about hurting Arabs and blowing up the Middle East. I started to yell at them for making such rude jokes about people of a different race, but they defended it in saying they were exacting revenge for what they did to the U.S. What did they do the U.S.? Why did the Middle East need to be blown up? ?Tell Me!? I screamed, I needed to know what had happened. But when I found out I wish I never asked.
My History and Spanish classes stood still as we watched the events unfold. It seemed that during the passing period a new revelation occurred. The situation got worse with every moment and there was nothing we at our school could do? nothing we could do except wait.
As the situation got worse the insults and names got worse as well, people were openly accusing Middle Eastern students of being responsible for what had happened. Needless to say this upset many students and angered me a great deal. Before the true perpetrators of the crime had even been found out people were pointing fingers because of the color of ones skin. That is wrong, when a white person commits a crime does everyone point fingers at other white people and accuse them if being involved just because their white? No, this is prejudice.
We live in a country where people should be able to live freely with being discriminated against because of their race. Many people who came here from those countries moved here because of that reason, they don?t want them to live in a world where they can feel safe and not live in fear for themselves, their friends and their loved ones based on where their from. In the Middle East, Palestinians and Israelis are killing each other every day because of something as silly and unimportant as race.
Are we any better than them if we are prejudice against other people for the same reason?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Nothing674 [/i]
[B]Smart man, that shyguy, a smart man indeed. It's a shame many others don't share our same views. [/B][/QUOTE][color=rainbow] It is....I wish there were more ppl in the world like the ppl here at Otaku....[/color]
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I would like to take a moment to remember my boyfriend:

I loved you so much...
I wish we could spend more time together...
We were way too young...
To have this happen...
I will remember this day forever...
Please look down over me...
I will never love anyone as much as you...
I love you.

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A online friend made this, IF U COPY, AND SAY U DID THIS, I HUNT U DOWN AND KILL U! This is to honor all those who have died in this tragic event today. And I will kill u if u dare copy and call this ur own work.

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