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Digimon: Revenge...(Sign Up)


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Ok this is the SIGN UP so once everyone is joined, NO ONE POST!!! (Intros are accepted, but remeber to put them in the same post as your chars info! ;))

[COLOR=red]Veemon slowly paced along the deserted street, he remebered the attack that had happened on his little home village a few days ago...An army of evil Digimon had ran through the village, destroying everything in sight...And they were being led by none other than...Veemons brother. He was not like other Digimon, he was much stronger. In his fresh form, he was as strong as an In-Training, and when he was an In-Training, he was as strong as a Rookie, and so on. These days he was an Ultimate, with the power of a Mega, and no one even wanted to imagine what would happen when he finally became a Mega...[/COLOR]

Veemon: I can't belive they're all gone...

[COLOR=red]He was unbearably hungry and tired, but kept on walking...He was detirmined to stop his brothers rule over the entire Digiworld...[/COLOR]


[COLOR=red]First thing to do if you want to register:[/COLOR]

POST HERE FIRST, because I am making the proper topic as soon as I post this, and I don't want peple filling up that topic asking to join, as it is strictly for posting the story!

[COLOR=red]Second thing: Your characters profile![/COLOR]

Name: Veemon

Digimon type: (For if you want to have a custom name ;))

Personality: Veemon is usually a calm Digimon, but always gets really angry when fighting his brothers minions because it reminds him of the evil that has possesed his brother.

[COLOR=red]Last thing: If you pick a Digimon that is a type that the Digidestined had, you are not one of them (I'm saying this because one of my friends tried to make a Digimon RPG and one of the members ended up babbling on about how they wished their Digidestined partner was here so that they could Digivolve) Example: The Veemon I am using for this RPG does not belong to Davis![/COLOR]

And thats about it!

[COLOR=red]Oh ya, one last thing! Digi Eggs are allowed to be found, but they will only go to the person in the RPG that would be good for it! So if you show that in real-life you are bossy, no way will you get the Digi Egg of Kindness or Friendship!!! Once you've found your Digi Egg though, you can Armour-Digivolve as much as you want! :D[/COLOR]
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