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RPG Killer on the loose!!!


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[COLOR=red]Runs up to a guy and kicks him in the neck, then stamps on his head while he's on the floor[/COLOR]

Spike: TOO easy!


Spike: Well now, this should be intresting!

[COLOR=red]Runs up to the cop and gets out a gun, then starts shooting like crazy, killing him[/COLOR]

Spike: Heh heh heh...

Old man: No good whippersnapper! Why in my day...

[COLOR=red]Runs up to him, grabs his walking stick and slams into the old guys stomach, then shoots him in the head with a handgun[/COLOR]

Spike: Heh...No one even CARES what you did in your day, old man...

[COLOR=red]A SWAT team turns up[/COLOR]

Spike: Hello boys!

SWAT 1: Die you sick basta*d!

Spike: My my, that's not very nice!

SWAT Commander: FIRE!!!!!!!!! FIRE AT WILL!!!!!!!

[COLOR=red]The whole SWAT team start firing madly at Spike, but Spike runs round a corner with his gun, waiting anxiously for the SWAT team to come and get him[/COLOR]

SWAT Commander: I'll go check it out, the rest of you follow me!

All: Got it!

[COLOR=red]All of them start going down the allyway, but when the Commander comes back out on the other side, a gunshot is heard and the SWAT team members find their Commanders head on the floor[/COLOR]

SWAT 2: L-L-Lets get outta here!!!!!!!!!!

SWAT 3: Y-Yeah!

SWAT 4: Run for your lives!!!!!!!

[All the SWAT team members run off[/COLOR]

Spike: Hahahahaha! Suckers...

[COLOR=red]Gets out a little box with a button on it from his pocket, and presses the button...[/COLOR]


[COLOR=red]About 25 metres worth of ground in every direction blows up, killing whoever's in the blast radius[/COLOR]

Spike: :D


Well now, it looks like the city's in trouble, and who's going to stop the killer? YOU ARE!!! Just post here with your chars name and details, then post post post!
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What can I say? I have a big imagination...:cool:

Ok all you do is post here, because for once I'm not making a sign up topic!


Spike: I'm bored.

[COLOR=red]Grabs a guy that is smoking some cigars and stuffs then up his nose[/COLOR]


Spike: :laugh:

Man: Goodnes gracious, that was incredibly mean!

Spike: I know, pretty kool isn't it? :smirk:

Man: Of course it isn't "cool"!! It's sick!

Spike: THATS why its kool! :cool:

[COLOR=red]Walks up to the guy[/COLOR]

Spike: Now, let me tell you something...

Man: Yes?

Spike: I...HATE...DI*KHEADS...LIKE...[B]YOU!!![/B]

[COLOR=red]Stuffs aload of dynamite in the guys mouth and runs off[/COLOR]

Spike: Hehehehehehe :D
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