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Time Force!!! (Sign up!!!)


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[I]The year is 3210, and Time Travel has long been discovered...But evil got its hands on Time Travelling technology, and are wreaking havok on mankind, by taking over the days in the 19th century (The 1800s) when people like the Victorians were inventing new things all the time...Taking over that precious age could result in terrorists ruling the world! But fear not people, because an Elite Force has been assembled, and are going to save time for all of humanity! And one of the members in the Time Force is...YOU!!![/I]

Whoa, I'm making alot of RPGs these days aren't I? I guess I'm I've been in an RPG making mood these past few hours/days!

[I]For this RPG, you need to put your chars info like this:[/I]

Name: Hajime

Age: 20

Weapons: (You can have up to 3) Laser handgun, Laser Shotgun, Time Sword (Anyone that gets slashed by it is erased from time, so that it was like they never existed, but Time Force members have special Time Protectors, so they aren't affected by the change)

Personality: Hajime is very serious about his job, will do anything to complete his mission, and trys to act tough and serious, but sometimes he can't help laughing at a good joke (Everyone has a sence of humor you know!)

Rank: Ordinary Soldier (The places you can have are: General, Lutteniant (SP??? Well, you know what I mean ;)) Commander, and Bodyguard)

I've attached a piccy of what he looks like ;)

[I]Although if you want to be a terrorist...:devil:[/I]



Weapons: (Up to 3)


Terrorist group: (Someone has to make one first!)

[I]NOTE: It would be best if we had at least 2 Terrorist groups, because there would be more excitement in the RPG, and another thing, all Terrorist groups must have a minimum of 3 members![/I]

And thats about it!
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I'll be making many RPGs soon. I'm just trying to think of a good story for each of them...

Name: Raynor, a.k.a. Warlock


Weapons: Two laser pistols, laser machine gun and a sniper rifle.

Personality: Raynor is quite serious about his job, and pretty much everything in general. He won't let anything stand in the way of his mission, and doesn't even crack up on a joke( only in the very rare times does he).

Rank: Commander

How's that?
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I only have one RPG...I'm only doing it for Mei Rishin, wherever she is now...I'll make something up later...anyways, with this RPG:

[COLOR=green]Name: X-fer

Age: 26

Weapons: -Energy Blade, capable of cutting through anything by destablizing matter.
-Precision Rifle
- S-337 (X-fer's special weapon...uses in dire situations since it only carries one charge.)

Personality: Not so serious about getting the job done, X-fer gets the job done anyway, and with excellent preformance. He usually keeps to himself.

Rank: Lieutenant[/color]
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Sure-I'll give it a try!

Name: [COLOR=firebrick][B]IBIVATA[/B][/COLOR]

Age: 25

1.Improbability Drive (Basically capable of doing and creating anything and everything, just as long as you know what the odds of it happening is)
2.Scythe Blade (Cuts through anything like a hot knife through butter, only 16" long, though)
3.Freeze Blaster (Gun that freezes enemy)

Personality: IBIVATA is the ruthless one, the guy who sees through everyone and can get from point A to Z the fastest. Has a fear of rabbits.

Rank: Ordinary Soldier
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