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OOC: Here's the RPW me and Xra started. Let's get this thing started.

Ghar looked around the deserted city. All players had been told to leave the are because of strange occurences within the server. However, he had found nothing wrong and decided that looking for some left behind items would have been a good idea. He began to walk throught the main pathway, looking for anything that seemed useful. So far, he had found nothing.

Ghar:"Isn't there anything here?Everyone leaves behind an item or two in haste. Why should it be different now?"

Suddenly, a house next to Ghar began to waver. Gahr stared puzzeled at it. It stopped as quickley as it started. Dissmissing it as a glitch, he carried on. Moving quickley about the city, he was able to find a few useful potions.

Gahr:"Well, it's better then nothing."

Ghar began to leave the city. As if on cue, the buildings began to waver as Gahr left. The wavering quickley became more violent and it speeded up. Just foir safe measures, Ghar casted a sheild spell. One by one, the buildings began to flash and then disentergrate.

Gahr:"Is this......what they warned the players about?"

As the wavering spread to his sheild, he began to run as far as he could, into the deserted plains.
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Hiiryu continued to walk around obliviously. There was barely anyone around and half the monsters he'd encounter would vanish within seconds.

"This game's too wierd to be an online game," the warrior remarked. "I can't even log out and it seems as if everyone ditched this game. Why didn't I log out before and how come my levels are almost maxed. Hmmm..."

Hiiryu continued to wander around. As he continued, the scenery seemed to change into a mountain region. Although, the mountains didn't look to stable...
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Ashizo slipped and fell out of the tree.
Ashizo:That the 18th time I've done that
She just walks around the deserted beach. She rembers about the mark on her neck and how she can't log out. She continues walking along the beach. She then starts walking up to a tree. But the tree starts to quiver.
Ashizo: Strange.....
She stats walking to a town. Then all the trees start to quiver. Ashizo looks back....she hides behind her barracate. The trees quiver rapidly. Soon the trees started to disappear and so did the ocean.
Ashizo: This can't ve happening.....
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Austin was in a forest.He stabed the mega sword into the ground and leaned aginst a tree.Soon the tree disappaered and Austin felled on his back."AWWWWWWWWWW!"He checked his stats agine.How can they almost be feeled?He has been playing for a week,and where were everybody?
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Sakura walked around the deserted city.
"How could this happen?" she said to herself.
'What's happening in "The World"?Why can't I log out and where is everyone?' she thought to herself.She continued walking.
She absent mindedly started twirling her double ended glaive.Then she flipped it up like a March Leader would with a baton.And she caught it.She continued to walk through the city.It was so deserted.Not a single movement except leaves and papers blown by the wind.Sakura had never seen "The World" like this.She walked hoping to find a sign of life.
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Saiki looked about, shielding his eyes against the sun with a hand. "Geez," he murmured. "Where in the heck is everybody?" Sighing he moved forward, keeping his eyes open for other people.
Nobody. The place was dead...
"HELLLOOOOOOOO?!" He called.
The only answer was his own voice echoing back to him. Then he blinked and rubbed his eyes and watched as an entire tree wavered and vanished in front of him. Almost like a mirage. "What the hell...?" He paused, slackgawed in amazement. "I'm getting out of here!"
Quickly he accessed the relevent menus and selected "Logout". Nothing... In fact he got an error message. "System Error" chirped the annoying computer-voice at him.
"System error?" He murmured quietly. "This cannot be good..."
He looked about again, thoroughly scared by now.
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Ashizo just stood there. She shakes her head and walks off.
Ashizo: What will happen to us if "The World" all fades away.
Ashizo looks down. Watches her hand quiver.
Ashizo: Will we fade away too.
She looks up at the sky.
Ashizo: If we do fade away what will happen to us in the real world.
She starts walking towards a small town. She hears someone yelling. She walks away from the town. The last thing she wants is to be seen...
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Ghar moved quickly along the desert. He swiftley dodged monsters. Fighting one of them was not first on his list right about now. He wanted to know why he couldn't log out. From behind him, Ghar could hear a monster sneaking up. He quickley turned around and saw the lizard beast staring at him. Bracing himself for a fight, he began to cast a spell to defeat the beast. It lunged at him quickley. Ghar finished his chant and fired a bolt of energy at the beast. Before connecting, however, both the monster and the bolt disappeared.

Ghar: "This is way too strange. I've got to find someone."

All of a sudden, Ghar could hear faint footsteps.

Ghar: "Maybe it's another player."

Waiting motionlessly, Ghar prepared to confromt whatever it was. OVer the horizen, a silhouette appeared. It seemed to be humane, but Ghar readied himself for a battle anyway.
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By now, Saiki had panicked. What the hell was going on here? He'd been flicking around servers like his life depended on it, barely stopping to look around before flicking out again. But eventually he realised that he would have to stop and have a proper look around at some point, and stepped away from a chaos gate.
"Where to now...? And where am I?" He glanced about somemore and groaned. Now the choas gates weren't working properly. This was getting too freaky for his liking...
Then Saiki spotted someone. He squinted just to be sure, then at a jog, approached the lonely-looking figure, waving a hand in an effort to capture their attention.
"Hey! Over there! You're a player right?!"
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Hiiryu continued through the mountians. He found no sign of anything and was pretty much going in circles. All of a sudden, the mountain flickers out and he starts falling, but then it came back and he was stuck in a glitch, wit no way out.

"HEEEEEEEELLLP!!!" He roared desprately. His sword was stuck and the mountain seemed pretty solid right now. "This is certainly not for what I hoped for when I tried this game."...
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The other character's voice echoed through the air.

Ghar: "So, you are a player!"

Silhouette: "Yes, and so are you! My name is Saiki!"

Ghar: "I'm Ghar!"

Saiki ran up to meet Ghar. Ghar ran forward and met him halfway.

Ghar: "So, there are other players still here. Where is everyone else?"

Saiki: "I don't know. I haven't seen anyone but you so far. And I can't log out."

A look of disappointment fell over Ghar's face. He had hoped that he was just on an abandoned server and this person was coming to tell him.

Ghar: "I have the same problem."

Saiki: "Why don't we form a party?"

Ghar: "Yes, I suppose that would work well."

The two began a trek out of the desert, hoping to find other players.
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[I]Geist wandered around the desert. There was no sign of life to be seen anywhere, not even a monster to fight.[/I]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "This game sucks! I don't see how Will could play it all day. There's no one around to talk to and no enemies to fight. I can't even level up! This stinks..."[/COLOR]

[I]Suddenly, A large tree appeared in front of him.[/I]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "Huh? What's this doing here? And how did it appear out of nowhere?"[/COLOR]

[I]Geist put his hand on the tree. It flickered and became solid again. His hand was stuck inside the tree. He tried to pull it out and it came off.[/I]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "Aah! How did that happen!"[/COLOR]

[I]The tree disappeared and his hand fell onto the sand. He put his arm near it and it flew back on.[/I]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "This is getting too strange...Hey, am I seeing things or are there some people out there? Hey! Over here! Over here!"[/COLOR]

[I]Geist yelled and waved at the two blurry figures as he ran towards them.[/I]
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Hearing Geist yelling, Saiki looked up. "Hey!" he called, half to Geist and half to Ghar. "We've got another one!"
"Hey," panted Geist, finally reaching them. "What's going on?!"
Ghar looked apprehensive. "Something really [i]really[/i] weird..."
"You can say that again," murmured Saiki, glancing about for anyone else. "Is there just us?"
"What's [i]that[/i] supposed to mean?" demanded Geist, not having grasped the severity of the situation.
Saiki looked at Geist before asking quietly, "Can you log out?"
"Haven't tried."
"Maybe you should..."
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[I]Geist tried to log out. Nothing happened, no response or error, nothing at all. He tried it several more times but still nothing happened.[/I]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "That's odd...I must be having computer problems..."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][B]Saiki:[/B] "I don't think so...we can't log out either."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] 'What? Are you sure?"[/COLOR]

[I]Saiki nodded.[/I]

[COLOR=red][B]Saiki:[/B] "There seems to be some very big problems with the servers. We've been looking for other players, so far you're the only one we've found."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "But...if we can't log out...then where is everyone?"[/COLOR]

[I]Ghar shrugged his shoulders and looked around.[/I]

[COLOR=darkred][B]Ghar:[/B] "I have no idea. Maybe we could find an admin that does.[/COLOR]
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Sakura was still walking around when she saw a group of three people
"Hey!!" she shouted.Everyone turned around and looked at her running towards her.
"Who are you?" asked Saiki."Hi guys!I'm Sakura!"
Everyone welcomed her and they discussed what was wrong with "The World" Then she was told the plan about finding an admin.
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Austin could hear people talking.
Ghar:Do you think it's the black lines on our necks?
Austin saw them.
Everybody stared at them.Austin blushed.
Saiki:Who the heck are you!
Austin:My name is Austin.
Ghar looked at his neck.
Ghar:You have the same mark...
Austin:Yah..When I logged in I had it on me.
Ghar:Are your stats maxed.
They heard a roar.A dragon came out.They leaped to their feet,and Austin slash it with his mega sword,and the dragon fell to the ground.
Ghar:How long have you been playing?
Austin:One week.
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He continued to stuggle and it didn't seem like the mounian was gonna go transparent again...
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Whistling, Saiki scratched his head, watching the dead dragon disintergarate. "Just one week?! Wow... This is some heavy duty stuff here..."
Geist was staring wide-eyed and Ghar was more than a little surprised. Austin chuckled nervously. "What? Why're you all staring at me like that?"
"You just cut the freakin' thing in two! Did you even aim?!" Saiki gestured wildly with his staff as he ranted. "You shouldn't be able to do that!! I mean...!"
"But he did," pointed out Ghar solemnly.
"So what's causing it?" Geist's voice was quiet and thoughtful. "Why don't we gate off this server? Check the boards for logged in players?"
"The chaos gates don't work properly," said Saiki. "And besides, we have to log out to read the board."
Ghar murmured his agreement. "There was an evactuation flash a few minutes before I got stuck." He glanced about. "Did anyone else hear it?"
Saiki shook his head. "I must've logged in just after it. I didn't hear a thing."
"I still say we should go for the chaos gate. Going somewhere else is better than being stuck here."
Austin blinked as Geist made his suggestion. "Does my opinion count?"
Saiki smirked slightly and tilted his head. "How long have you been playing?"
"Like I said, a week."
"Then, no, your opinion doesn't count just yet sparky."
Ghar shot a glare at Saiki. "Don't you support newbies?"
"Well yeah... but..."
"Aww," Saiki kicked at the dirt with a foot. "Never mind."
"What's wrong with newbies?" demanded Geist suddenly.
Saiki shot him a curious look. "You're a newb' too?"
"So what if I am?"
Saiki sighed and scratched his head. "Okay, okay. I surrender. But, let's stop whining and get to a gate if that's what we're going to do... I have a feeling there's still more players to find..."


OOC: Sorry Xra, I was planning on finding you this post O_o I'm sure I've left an opening for someone else to do it though! *apologises and can understand how annoying it would be to be stuck in a mountain*
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The group stood around, still talking about courses of action.

Ghar: Well, let's see.....we have some newbies here with maxed stats, blinking surroundings, and basically no players.

Saiki: Don't forget us.

Ghar stared puzzled at Saiki. Her remark seemes a little strange.

Ghar: What do you mean?

Saiki: My stats are, for some reasoned, maxed out too.

Ghar checked his stats quickley. He was surprised to see that the same thing had happened to him.

Ghar: Now, this is just too strange.

Sakura: Enough talk, guys. Let's see if there is anyone else here.

Geist: Yeah, that sounds good.

The group continued on until they began to hear someone shouting for help.

Saiki: Where's that coming from?

Ghar: Over there, I believe.

Ghar pointed to the mountain next to them where a player seemed to be stuck in the rock itself.

Player: Hey, a little help here?!?!
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Ashizo walked along the side of a mountain. She looked up and saw players. She quickly slid into a hiding place. She wasen't about to be seen. She layed back agianst the mountain. All she had to do was wait for the players to leave.
Ashizo: How long will I have to wait.
Ashizo soon fell asleep.....
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Austin and the others walked up the mountain,but somthing happen.Another glitch happen,and Austin fell through the mountain,but the glitch stoped soon.He fell on rocky ground,right next to a wavecaster girl sleeping.She woke up.
?????:Why you wake me up?
Austin:I'm very sorry...my name is Austin.Whats yours?
?????:Why should I tell you!
She got up and lefted to the forest.He follwed her,but she never knew he was there.
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