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Metroid Fusion Banner...


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Jeez...I haven't made a banner in months. No, that's a lie. Um...I'm out of practice? Yeah. That sounds believeable and it makes me sound like I was, at one special moment in time, good at making banners. XD



I just can't choose a good font to use...


I thought this was ok, but when I looked at it more closely I found that it doesn't really fit the mood of the banner. Can anyone suggest a good font for me to use? And I'd also like comments on it, of course.
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Ok, I've decided to just scrap that one and make it again. I've moved Samus and changed the text. How is it now?


Oh, and I'm not making this to put in my sig, so I don't really care if my current banner is better. It's just a random thing I felt like doing because I was bored. Actually, I never even planned it to be ANYTHING like this. It WAS just going to be a big swirly thingie, which I was going to make from Samus' face. XD
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[size=1]The first ones the best. No font, nothing. You picked a good font, and color, in the last one, you just made it take up too much of the room on the banner, and Samus it too blurred out.[/size]
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