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The Dragon king.


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:ball: If you have never herd of pokemon, then this story will be hard to understand.And a bit of dragonball z knowlegde is required. :ball:

The master of pokemon was decided one year, when a boy called ash won the last champion. He then renamed himself the dragon king and any one who whanted to tested there skills went to gold cave to face the dragon king. But no one could beat him. As he got older he was so great, he rejected all his family and friends. He burnt his cap and when he was 25, he losed all his filling for ever one and ever thing. Even his pokemon! But one day, one man brought the old ash back. The only man to defeat the dragon king. But this man was no ordenry man, he was the...well, you will have to read my story. But the suprise at the end will change the pokemon life forever!

Rad was on his way to gold cave. He knew about ash, the dragon king, he knew ever thing. His power alone was unbeliveable! Well... what do you exspect from a saiyan? As he walked the dusty path, he took out a silver pokeball and said. "You...You are the most powerful pokemon in the universe. You only can defeat the dragon king. He can not defeat you. You have to win...REIVAL!" He put the silver ball in his poket, and continued walking towards the cave. As he walked, he saw an old man on a rock. The old man looked at him and said. "You are brave to challange the dragon king. But you can not win!" Rad turn to the old man and said. "Proffeser oak...Have you heard of the most powerful pokemon in the universe?" Rad clenched his fist. "No" Said pr.oak. "Then this conversain ends here!" Rad said as he walked off. Rad continued to the cave.

The wind blow rads black hair. Rad looked up at a cliff. On there was a girl, so rad flew up to her and said. "Misty...I am not surpised to see you with out ash." Misty looked at rad and said. "If he heard you, he would kill you, just for saying 'ash'. That doble crossing low life!" Said misty. "Do not worry, i, rad will teach him a lesson!" Rad then flew into the cave. Then...he came face to face with the master...THE DRAGON KING!!!

Will i get the next part finshed? How will these battle end? Find out on the next chapter!!!

Chapter 2.

Rad looked at The dragon king. A small pokemon was next to him grining. The dragon king looked up.
"SO, YOU WISH TO CHALANGE ME??? HAHAHA! A SILLY MONKEY WISHES TO CHALANGE THE GREAT DRAGGON KING??? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!" The dragon king's voice was cold and deep. The cave was dark and only a little bit of light shone though the hole in the side of the cave. Rad looked at the floor and placed a small pokeball there. He kicked it to ash.
"WHAT THIS??? HEPLING YOUR FOE???YOU FOOL! I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!!" Screamed The dragon king. Rad clened his fist and said "That pokeball is empty. It like you. Empty, you only care about staying the champ. All thats left inside you is greed." Rad took a small ball of his belt. "Are you ready, Dragon king?" Rad asked.
"YOU FOOL!!! I WILL MAKE SURE GOLD CAVE IS YOUR GRAVE YARD!!!" Rad though his ball and yelled "GO! SANDSLASH!!!" A small pokemon called Sandslash jumped out of the ball.
"HAHAHA! GO CHARIZARD!!!" Said the dragon king. Charizard was huge compered to sandslash! Rad then orded sandslash to use a fury swipe. Sandslash hit charizard with ever thing. But charizard stood there and didn't move. "Oh man! This is wores than i thought!" Rad said.
"HAHAH! CHARIZARD! SHOW THEM HOW TO DO IT! FLAMETHOWER!!!!" Charizard unlashed a huge rope of fire. But the small sandslash quickly dodged it and hit charizard with a swift attack! But it didn't even hurt charizard!!!
"H...How...It's just not possible! I'm beganing to think he is immortal!!!" Than Rad looked at both The dragon king and Charizard.
"It's hard to see ash, or the Dragon king. Charizard is all ways in front of him. And when the dragon king orded charizard to attack, thay open there mouths at the same time!!! It's not possable!"
Can Rad defeat THE DRAGON KING??? Is it sandslash's last battle??? Do you want me to shut up??? All qestion will be answered on the next chapter! (but not the last qestion!)

Chapter 3.

Sandslash had put all his effort into his last attack, and now, sandslash didn't have the energe to unlash another!
"You! You have just turn this battle into a fight! In order to kill sandslash, you must go though me!" Rad stepped in front of sandslash and blocked the way for an attack. Dragon king then yelled "BOAHAHAH! CHARIZARD! FIRBLAST!!!!!!!!!!!" Rad put his head down, then he took another pokeball out of his poket. Then he though it. A charizard with a scare on his right eye arose.
"HAHAHAH!YOUR CHARIZARD WILL DIE WITH YOU AND THAT SAND RAT!" Yelled the dragon king. But then, rad charizard unlashed a exstreamly powerful flamethower, distoring The dragon kings attack. The flame hit the dragon king's charizard and smoke filled the cave.
When the smoke clear, sandslash was stood next to rad who was smiling.
"Dragon king! You charizard has been KO! And now that the ultmate pokemon has been relesed, I am the victor! But even if you nock out my charizard, there is another pokemon the you will find unbeatable!" Rad closed his eyes. "You fight with power! I fight with spirt!" The dragon king began to laugh. "YOU FOOL! CHARIZARD IS IMMORTAL! THATS WHY I AM CALLED THE DRAGON KING!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rad looked in shock as The dragon king's charizard got up.
"USE YOUR LITTLE MONKEY BRAIN AND TRY TO KEEP UP WITH ME!" Yelled The dragon king. "Thats it!!!" Yelled rad.
"Charizard! Attack the dragon king!!!!" Yelled rad. Straight away the pokemon chared up a flame.

What has rad got? Will i finash the next part? (I don't no!)

Chapter 4.

Rads charizard unleashed the flames of fury. The dragon king stood still.
"YOU FOOL!!!" Said The dragon king. The flames swamed round then fell in on the dragon king. The cave filled with smoke once again. When the smoke clear...The dragon king and charizard were on the floor. "Yes!!! I figured your little plan! You shared a heart with charizard! And you were the source!!" Said rad. The dragon king got up.
"Y...OU! MY NAME IS DRAGON KING BECAUSE OF MY HEART I SHARED! YOU ARE THE FIRST TO SEE THOUGH ME!!! BUT YOU CAN NOT DEFEAT THE CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The dragon king return charizard to its pokeball.
"GO!!! BLASTOISE!!!!" A blastoise arose from the pokeball. Then charizard used fire blast. It wasn't very effective!
"Well, if charizard can't cut it...I will use...ZAPDOS!!!!!!!!!!" Radcalled charizard back and zapdos swooped out.
"Zapdos!Thunder!" Zapdos blasted blastoise with a bolt of thunder! Once again the cave was covered in a thick mist of smoke. As the smoke cleared, Rad jumped back.
"Nooo! It...can't be!" Rad stared at Blastoise. Zapdas's attack didn't effect Blastoise!
"BLASTOISE! SUPER HIDRO ATTTACK!!!" The Fearless turtle powered up an ora of water around him. "What?!?" The turtle let the huge water bomb out! "Zapdos! Fly! NOW!" Zapdos took of leaving a brust of smoke around him.
"BABA!HAHAHAHA! YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE ME!" The powerful water attack followed Zapdos around. "ZAPDOS! GET AWAY!" Rad yelled. The line of water gained on Zapdos. In a few seconds...it was all over for Zapdos. The attack hit Zapdos so hard, it was powerful enough to knock him out. Rad jumped away. "NNNOOO! ZAPDOS! LEGENDS CAN'T LOSE!" Rad held out Zapdos's pokeball. "zapdos...return..." Zapdos was dragged out of battle. "I...I Can't win!" Rad said. Rad had 5 pokemon left. And he was worried. "You can knock out my pokemon, you can treaten me, but you can never, ever take our souls!" Rad smerked at The dragon king.

Just before i start the next bit, I hope you all know what it feels like to have no reiple! *sniff*

Chapter five.

"I chose you! MEWTWO!!!" Yelled Rad. Mewtwo brust out of his pokeball
"BAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU CAN NOT DEFEAT ME!" Said the dragon king. Blastoise used a water gun on mew two!
"Mewtwo! Releve attack!!" Rad shouted. (What attack was that?) A huge golden shock of energy was unlashed from mewtwo.
"NNNNOOOO!" Screamed the dragon king. The energy dismantaled blastoises water gun. Mewtwos attack clashed against blastoise.
"BLAST!" Yelled the drgon king. Blastoise was still standing.
"Now! MEWTWO!" Rad yelled. Mewtwo used a pywave.
"ARRRGGHHH! BLASTOISE DOGDE IT! THATS AN ORDER!" Shouted The dragon king. Blastoise did nothing! Mewtwo's attack hit!
"Ha!" Rad laughed. Blastoise fell to the ground. The dragon king stomped and ruturned the turtle to its ball.
"Ha! Now were even! I hate to atmit it, but my sandslash was KO!" Rad said.
"YOU FOOL! YOU HAVE JUST ATMITED YOUR DEFEAT!" The dragon king laughed. There were two pokemon KO for each trainer.
"GO! VENUSAUR!!!" Yelled the dragon king. Venusaur came out of its ball with a roar.
"Mewtwo! Use swift!" Mewtwo let out a rain of stars.
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Looky, THIS is a spar, only you are doing it in ur own =)
You might wanna talk less and type more details of actions. Poems = less details, stories = more details.
But the storyline looks good, just work on what I just pointed out =)
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