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Why Is Toonami Not Playing New Episodes!?


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We;; here's my thought. Tom had no idea that Dbz eps. were knocking on his door. WHen he srtats pressing his little buttons he acutally made the eps. go dwn the drain. He repeated this thing for mts. Then someone smakced him in his head and h e figured the controls to viewing new eps.
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[B]errrr......can someone help me? how do you get an avatar for your profile, everyone else has one.....how do i get one? And, can someone help me catch a Caterpie with my new :ball: i got?[/B]

i'm :flaming: with everone
i absolutley :love: toonami in UK!!!!
they show the kool new episodes! the last one was the cell games started.

soon Gohan will be all grown up and going ssj 2.
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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well, in the UK, they show a rerun at 5pm and a new one a 5.30pm. its kool :tasty: :flaming: :tasty: :flaming: :ball: :ball:#

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Flik [/i]
[B]Except they should make Toonami ALL DBZ!!!!BWHAHA [/B][/QUOTE]
that wood suck. i think its cool the way it is now, but just db and dbz gets a little plain, so toonami plans on doing this:
5:00-Gundam 08th MS Team
5:30-New DB
6:00-New DBZ
6:30-Rerun DBZ
then they plan on making a few more changes after that.
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