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This may be pretty short.

What are we? How do we know that what see and hear is true? What and who created us? Why are we here? I beleive that mankind was once peaceful and kind. But each man and woman were overpowered by greed and now we suffer death and pain for each other. Or was mankind just a dream. Just a dream waiting to be dreamed away?There are many mistorys. When we die, were do we go? Can you imagan not being alive, not being there, not able to think and not able to do nothing at all? I don't think you can, because you would be thinking and I asked you not to. Strange, isn't it? How do we know when we think the person next to you is not reading your mind? How do we know that when a person speaks there words are true? How did we and the other things around us get there? How? Is the impossible possible? How do we know when we sleep we will wake up? What is life for? To live then to die? It just doesn't make sense! If it doesn't make sense, than does that mean...it does not exists???? What happens to our soul when we die? Does it just dissapear if we don't earn trust? How do we know that the person next to you would not kidnap you? Or that your best friend will not cheat you???

Here is the one word that ansewers all these qestion...

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