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Poem of life.


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Some of the words are of TV to get me started.

What is this full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to stand with woods we pass,
Were birds hide there seeds in grass.
No time to stand beneith the bows,
And stare as long as sheep and cows.
No time to watch the cat go by,
Or see the tiny robins fly.
No time to watch the dark crows,
Or start a fight with our greatst foe.
No time to sing a silent song,
It would waist lovely time it would take to long.
Why is this life so full of care,
We should have time,
to stand and stare.

What is to come of this life of care,
We once had no time to spear.
What will become of this place,
will we die or meet a new face.
Life pastes though the tide of day,
Were we were children were we would play.
What pulls us though the dark of night,
The only thing would be light.
What do we see at the end of the week,
Is it death or the life we seek.
Thats why we don't have time to share,
We have to be careful we have to care.
What is this life full of care
We have no time to stand and stare.

Hi, heres anthor poem.

His coat dark as night
His nose like pale skin
His eyes shinny with light.
He hunts his pray
With claws of might
Hunting for food each day.
The wind tells him were to go
He could never get lost
Until he meets his greatst foe.
Thay look each other in the eyes
Thay snarl and thay sneer
The fight will end with only lies.
When the fight is done
The beast moves on
He's tried and his eye lids weigh a ton.

The beast is awoke
by noise and rumbles
He listen as the voices spoke.
He walks to the sene
He sees hunter with guns
Wearing brown and green.
A hunter raised his gun
Had thay spoted the beast
So the beast began to run.
Thay chased him though the jungle
Though the mist and trees
But the beast trips and falls in a bungle.
Thay hit the beast and aim at him
Is it the end for the brun
One hunter then shot him in the lim.
The jungle was silent on this day
The death of a animal the death of a panther
But his sprit sat were he lay...

I wrote another one...

I once stood in the dark,
With a few stars in the sky,
Thay looked like a speckled spark.
I once stood in the darkness,
I felt nothing nothing at all,
I stood with evil heatless.
I once stood in the night,
Were it was dark there,
There was no light.
I like to stand in the dark,
I like it there,
I like to be alone...
I like too be EVIL!

That wasn't so good. But it's ok.
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Work your grammar a bit (no im not gonna fudle all the spellings in it, out cause I dont spell to good myself either =P)
But its a very good poem. I really like it. Good job.

A poem bout a poema... nice ;P
Anyways: Its good. it didnt flow very well sometimes, but it is good. Very.... Animalish =P
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I'm not to happy about this one. I could have done better...

I love this one! I have to atmit, I am a rubish speller. Hay, this may scare you...when you sleep and say to yourself 'If I sleep I'll wake up to a new day'. But what if you don't??? What if the dream goes on forever??? How do you know??? How long will the dream go on for???
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