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Digimon: Shattered World


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Ok..here's a brief recap and we can begin.
Synopsis: the story is about some children who are part digimon like in S4. They have been this way since birth or a little later. Now they are teenagers and time has come to use their powers ro rescue the Digital Planet form another disaster, which is in their own world.
The Digital world is more home than strange dimension to these kids for they are part digimon. Now they must find a way to stop an evil digimon/human in the real world from taking control of both worlds. And this evil guy is sort of a Yamaki kind of char, who wants to take over by absorbing the powers of the Seeds of Light (yes, the ones in S2).
The Seeds were distributed by Azulongmon in place of the Destiny Stones to balance the Digital World.

There. Now we simply follow basic rules of any RPG.
No godmodding
No going outside the plot
And please, don't post those very short three/four line posts, I find those very confusing.
Thank You!

Mia stared down from the lookout point in the outskirts of town.
In her hand, she held a small device, but a very powerful one at that.She willed it to glow for a moment and then felt the transformation along with it.
Now the ordinary girl was replaced by a peacocklike goddess. She stood calmly on the grassy plain, another part of her thinking of home...a world beyond this one.
Behind her, came another of her kind...one she had met just recently.
"Good evening." she said, waiting for the other to reply.
I was thinking, we could put the first part of this story in the real world and then take it to the Digital World, if it's ok.
We'll move on once everyone is introduced.
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Simon stared out to the ground in the giant school tree. He knew that "they" were looking for him once again. He sat in the tree for long hours hiding knowing that this time they knew his secret. But he thought that he could try the "new trick" he had been practicing. He took out his small device and thought about the "change. From what once sat a small boy a larger more leaner boy appeared. Under his cloak there were many different items. He quickly jumped out the tree and started walking around looking for "them".

Mina is this ok? If not I can change it.
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Amber stood on a rooftop letting the breeze blow his hair and jacket.
He brought out a small device from his jacket pocket.It started to glow and he turned into a Wolf on 2 legs.He jumped over the rooftops and landed on a grassy plain behind a peacock goddess.
"Good Evening to you too Mia"he replied.She turned around and saw Amber in his wolf hybrid.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Kaede sat down in a large tree as she looked up to the sky.Her mini companion Kylala (The Thing In My Avy) sat on her stomach as she struck it lightly.Kaede stopped as she sat up to see a weird shaped cloud in the sky."Tesoromon?"Kaede said to herself she then looked at Kylala who had a face of "You're crazy" on.Suddenly Kaede looked down at Kylala who jumped down from the tree and ran off.

"Kylala! where are you going! if I lose you I lose my memories!"Kaede yelled as she jumped down and ran after Kylala.

"Where are you going Kylala! wait!"Kaede yelled once more she ran after the small cat and finally Kylala stopped.She then jumped onto Kaede's shoulder and then ran into her pant pocket only to pull out a strange black device.....................

"My devise Kylala? why bring this out?"Kaede asked.Kylala gave Kaede a stern look and then ran off again and Kaede followed her once more............................[/color][/size]
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Comis resurfaced from the calm cool ocean. He had been exploring all day long, but he wanted more, he wanted to go deeper, faster, for a longer time. He took a divice that was looped around his neck and held it into the air. With a large flash Comis was back in the water swiming faster than he ever had, with feet that is. For Comis didn't have feet anymore, insted he had a large blue snake like tail with a gigantic fin at the end. But that was not the only change about him. His body was covered with seagreen colored aromor that shined even from benieth the dark depths of the ocean of which Comis was no speeding of to discover.
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"Wolf Blade!"

The sword slashed through the tree with sickening ease and it crashed to the ground noisily, disturbing flocks of digital birds.

"Fantastic," the creature murmured, looking at the large sword he held in his hands, its blade gleaming in the light. he ran his gauntletted claws along the blade. He had serious style.

[i]"This is much better than being human."[/i] He thought to himself as he strode through the forests of the Digital World. He was practically a superhero. Catching a glimpse of himself in the still waters of a pond next to him, he gazed at his reflection. In this form, he was a large humanoid wolf with black fur and black trenchcoat. Under his coat was a large metal breastplate, and he had silver gauntlets on his claws. Sheathing his sword, he stood up and carried on through the forest. There had to be something nearby to save...
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(David sat down at his computer. As he worked, he said what he was doing out loud. There was no reason for it; it was just a habbit)
David: Load map program... Display map of city... Scan for specified signatures... Two located. Display locations... They're in the same place. Interesting. Run secnod scan... display results... those two. I wonder what's going on. I should probably chech it out. Display coordinates... They're there, then. I better go. (He grabs his backpack, makes sure that he isn't forgetting anything he wants to take, and yells that he's going somewhere to his mom, who he told about the fact that he's part Digimon (She took it amazingly well), then exits through the back door. It's a very cloudy day) I'll get there faster if I fly, and I should be able to make it into the clouds before anyone sees me. Well, no point in just standing here. Excecute!
Beast Spirit Evolution! David->BurningGreymon(BG)
(BG quickly flies into the clouds before heading for the area where Paonmon and Lobomon are)
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Mia frowned. "Paonmon." she said.
"Sorry." replied Amber's hybrid. "But still it's not like a secret identity."
Mia, or Paonmon rather, shrugged. "So why again are we here?"
Lobomon reclined against the rusted railing that bordered the valley lookout. It creaked a bit and anyone else would have been afraid of falling. But then, if you were some kind of Digital wolf, falling was the last thing to be considered.
"The new signal." he replied. "You know there are more of us than just us."

Paonmon nodded. "Yeah, it feels disappointing and still kind of fortunate."
Lobomon looked on quizically.
"I mean, I like becoming Paonmon." said the peacock digimon. "But I still sometimes consider myself a freak of nature."
"There's also that strange place." said Lobomon.
Both had admitted seeing a strange world at random flashes. It called to them like home...like that was where they belonged.

"You think that is where we're actually from?" asked Lobomon. "Like alien subjects or something?"
Paonmon raised an eyebrow. [I]Boys.[/I] she thought. Too much Star Trek for their own good.
Still reflecting on their strange lives, neither noticed a steady bright orange star winging towards them.
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(BG decends from the clouds as he nears Paonmon and Lobomon, who don't notice him untill he lands)
Paonmon: Who are you?
BG: That's right. You've never seen me like this, have you? Hold on.
(BG turns into David)
David: There.
Paonmon: Oh. Hello, David.
David: Hello yourself. This whole thing is very unusual, isn't it?
Lobomon: It's certainly not what most people call normal.
David: It's strange. I've discovered this other world, and it... it feels like I belong there. You know, you should probably return to your human forms when you have no need of using your Digimon forms. It wastes energy to sustain them when you don't need them.
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Comis was traveling with a group of dolphins when he found out what David knew. He suddenly felt very tired and began to resurface. But he noticed he was going quite slower. He looked down at his tail fin to realize that it was no longer there, his legs and feet had returned. And then as tried to race back to the surface he completely changed back to his human form. This was bad, since he had to now rely on lungs. It seemed to be taking forever to break through the ocean top. By the time he finaly reached the top he had blacked out. He floated there, unconcious alone, and began to drift away from the shore.
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The shadowy figure continued prowiling around knowing that sooner or later he would into "them". As he rounded a corner he saw them. He quickly pulled back and got his cape ready.
SF: Look into the cape. Watch the colors and try to find your favorite.
"They" quicly fell into a trance and the Shadowy Figure revealed himself.
SF: I am Coaltmon. You are pathetic "humans" who can't seem to find yourselves. Go now and dress up like a girl and come to school tomorow just like it.
"They" walk off and Coaltmon once again is Simon.
Simon: This will definalty work. I wonder if anyone else is out and about today.
Simon looks at his digivice and sees the dots closely together.
Simon: What the heck? I think I will visit the others.
Simon then walks towards his bike and starts peddling towards his house.
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Paonmon was reluctant to let go of her powerful image, but David was right.
She shifted back to her human form in a dazzling array of lights.

"Well, tell us." she said to David. "What of this world?"
David shrugged. "Feels like home, once you've been there, it's hard to come out."
Amber agreed. "It calls to you."
"My theory is that our digimon counterparts are from this place." said David. "How they chose us is a big question."
"It's a feeling, you know." said Mia suddenly. "When I become Paonmon, it's like all my dreams are within reach."

Indeed, Paonmon was a very intellectual digimon forever on a quest for knowledge. Mia was more or less the same, with all her worries of doing better in school, getting into college."
Amber and David nodded.
"BurningGreymon is like my source of strength." said David. "Like some lost part of me."
"Same with Lobomon." Amber agreed. "But what I need to know is, where is the new signal coming from?"

"Yes." said Mia. "We already know the other Hybrids...could there be more?"
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[color=darkblue][size=1]"Kylala! WAIT!!"Kaede yelled running after her furry cat friend as she stopped to see Kylala looking through a bush.

"What?"Kaede asked.Suddenly she saw a black Lobomon with a black trenchcoat.

"Kylala.....what do you want me to do?"Kaede asked walking back to her tree.Suddenly Kylala grabbed the Device with her teeth and showed it to Kaede.

"Another hybrid!!!......"Kaede said."And these little blue dots must be others!! some are here in the Digital world....and others are in the real world........."Kaede said puzzled.

"I dunno Kylala.......this Lobomon seems mean....REAL mean....so mean he'll attack me and....*puts her finger at her throat and makes a slashing of the throat scene* he'll kill me!!"Kaede said to Kylala who was already at the Lobomon's feet.........

"Kylala!!!"Kaede whispered but Kylala ignored her and stared at the Lobomon.

"Huh?"The large black trenchcoat wearing Lobomon looked down to see the cream white cat at his feet eyes wide open as she let out a soft "Meow" to him and he stood there looking at the cat strangely..........................[/color][/size]
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David: I'd say it's likely. Mabey even more for ourselves.
Mia: What do you mean?
David: I've been doing research. We each have two forms currently. One is stronger, but the other uses less energy to hold. I think there's at least one more possible form for each of us. The potential's there, but we just don't have the energy.
Mia: What do you mean?
David; there appears to be a way to combine both forms to create a new one, but the first time requires a great deal of energy. We'll need some energy source to do it the first time. After that, we should be able to do it normally.
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Comis had been drifting for about an hour or so when he awoke. Just opening his eyes almost took all the energy he had left. He had no choice but to let the currents carry him. Another half-hour later he spotted land. He pulled enough energy to swim to the shore.
Kneeling on the sand Comis coughed some sea water and got up to look around. As he walked he woundered how far he was from home. He had never been in this area before. Comis stopped when he heard a beep.
"Waa..." He looked around franticly for the source of the sound. He looked down and realized that the divice around his neck had made it. He stared at the screen, he stared at the few red dots that were clustered together. He began to walk again and noticed that the dots got closer to the middle and beep louder. Comis broke into a run and entered a clearing where he saw the others.
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OOC: Let me clear some things up. Amber, Comis, David and Mia are in the lookout.
Adian(Lupaemon) is looking for someone/thing. Keade has met with him or he hasn?t seen her. Sakura, please don?t post such short posts next time. Try adding a couple more scentences, if you?re in a real hurry. Thank You. ^-^
Mia stared as Comis burst in.
He was very wet and had a puzzled expression. ?Why are you all in one place?? he asked.
Mia shrugged. ?We weren?t planning on anything. We just happened to find eachother.?

?Good.? Said Comis. ?I thought you were having a meeting without me.?
?As a matter of fact.? Said Mia. ?This had better be a meeting.?
?The new signal.? David said tersely. ?And it?s very elusive.?
Comis sat down on the sparse grass. ?I think I?ve seen it too.? He said. ?But why won?t it let us find it??
Mia shrugged. ?I?ve been seeing the signal near the new office building. Could the new hybrid be a worker??

Comis and Amber frowned.
?That disgusting place is destroying half our oceans with it?s ?experiments.?? Said Comis angrily.
?Not to mention the forests.? Said Amber. ?No one working in there could be hybrid...atleast not a good one.?
David suddenly stood. ?It could be a bad one!? he said. ?It?s mysterious in a bad sort of way.?
The group stared.
?I?m not talking off of TV shows.? Said David. ?Why would they come to this little town out of several hundreds and experiment on [I]our[/I] beaches and forests? I think it?s a cover up!?
Amber started to agree. ?Yeah, they could be looking for something...like the other hybrids we haven?t found.?

?Well, there?s only one way.? Said David, grinning. ?We have to check the place out.?
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Simon got home and parked his bike. He then walked to his backyard and changed to Coaltmon. He then started leaping through the trees to the lookout.
"have to check the place out" was all he heared when he arrived but it was enough. He decided to follow them when they left. They continued to talk but Coaltmon had no intrest as he fell asleep waiting for them to leave.
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Ah, I'm really sorry Kairi and Sakuramon ^_^; I completely missed your posts. I'll delete my other one and start again.

Right, here we go...
Lupaemon looked down at the small cat-like creature by his feet.

"What do you want?" he asked, watching it circle round his legs.

It started walking towards where Kaede was hiding. She froze as the black digimon marched up, still following the cat.

"Kylala.... don't..." she whispered fearfully as the black Lobomon knelt down to inspect what the cat was pointing at. In his digimon form, he was a good six feet tall, which pleased the boy inside.

"Hello?" he said quietly, hearing a noise. Being a wolf gave him extra good hearing.

Suddenly, a girl sprang up from the bush, smiling nervously. Lupaemon stepped back a bit, cautious.

"Who are you?"

"[i]Thanks a lot, Kylala...[/i]" Kaede thought. "Erm... my name's Kaede. And... you're a digimon, yes?"

"Almost." Lupaemon said slyly. He closed his eyes. Concentrating on the form he wanted to become, he felt himself becoming weaker and his form slowly chaning to it's 'normal self'. In front of Kaede stood a tall boy with light-blue hair and black clothes.

"I'm Aidian," he said with a quick smile and a wink.
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?So here we are.?
Mia, David, Amber and Comis stood outside a traditional glassy looking office building. It was almost dusk.
?Ok.? Said Amber. ?Quick look.? She said this looking at David.
David shrugged. ?Alright, we won?t live there forever!?

A security guard looked at them suspiciously as they hung around the main entrance.
?Any ideas?? whispered Amber.
Comis and Mia shrugged, looking at David.
?Umm..? David was at a loss. A computer genius who forgot to plan out some of the simplest things.
?You had better have a computer program that puts the guy to sleep.? Said Mia pointedly.
David looked at his laptop. The screen flashed a welcome as he opened it....and almost instantaneously, the guard slumped forward in a peaceful daze.
?Did I do that?? asked David, puzzled. He stared at his glowing computer screen.

?No.? Said Mia, scanning her digivice. ?It was another hybrid.?
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David: Let me see... got it! Signal detected!
Mia: Where?
David: It's in the building. I don't know where in there it is, though. We need to get in there. If I can find a map of this place, preferably on a computer, i can get it's exact location in there. From that, we can locate it with the building's security cameras, which it definately has. with a computer hooked up to the complex, I can control the cameras and much else. I can use the ccameras to see what it's doing. then we can confront it. Stay togeather and don't let anyone see you. I can erase us from security camera records, so that's no worry, but i can't do anything if a person sees us. So don't be seen. Let's move.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Boy I was SO lost.......
Kaede stared at the boy as he shrunk from a 6 foot monster to a normal boy.Kylala jumped onto Kaede's shoulder and let out a shrill "MEOW!!" as she then made her way to Kaede's head.

"S-s-s-so.......a-are y-y-y-you a digimon Aidian?"Kaede asked in a scared voice.

"Sort of.....see...well....it's hard to explain...I....am partly digimon I guess.......that's my hybrid form.....it's hard to understand....for you I guess......"Aidian began.

"You're one of the chosen huh?......you found this weird thing and suddenly you see yourself as a digimon huh!? so your're Lupaemon!! one of the legendary spirits!!!"Kaede began.

"Yeah...I guess..."Aidian began until Kaede interupted.


She suddenly pulled out her devise and noticed the darkblue dot was close to the black one......the chosen are in groups now but......"Kaede soon began to talk to herself although Aidian was trying to find out what she was talking about.

"Kaede.....what are you talking about?"Aidian asked.Kaede stopped and turned, her face was red with embarrasment.

"Sorry....I tend to....get weird....."Kaede said Kylala jumped from Kaede's head to Aidian's and fell asleep there.

"How do you know about the legendary Tesoromon?"Aidian asked and Kaede showed him her digivise...........[/color][/size]
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Mia, David, Amber and Comis started into the building. Comis had dried off, but he was still weak. As the group was walking along the halls the lights went out.
"What happened?" Mia asked. "OK, sound off."
"I am here." Declared Amber and David together.
"Comis?" Mia called out his name. "Comis?"

Comis woke up later to find himself in a strange room. The last memory he had was being dragged off by someone.
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OOC: it's Mia, not Mai.
David: Anyone bring a flashlight? (Silence) Thought so. I guess I'll have to pprovide some light. Excecute!
Spirit Evolution! David->Agunimon
Agunimon: Look for a computer using the light I provide.
Mia: Can't you use yours?
Agunimon: It's not connected to this complex's network. I need one that's connected to turn on the lights. Look for one now. pyro Darts! (Agunimon's attack provides breif flashes of light. he then becomes David again)
David: Anything?
Mia: I saw one. Follow me.
(She leads them into an office, and David sits down at the computer in the room)
David: Isolate light source... trace power flow route... assertain status of power folw... flow is off. Restore power flow... got it! (The lights turn on) Now I'll find Comis. (He takes out his laptop and runs a scan) I've got two hybrids in one area here, but I can't pinpoint their location in this area yet. Hang on. (He attaches his laptop to the computer in the office and transfers a map of the complex to his laptop, then disconects it. He loads the map on his laptop and runs another scan) Got it. Follow me.
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